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Simple Superheroes #0 Released

Simple Superheroes Issue #0 released at the end of July. Many of you have already gotten your copies. If you haven't yet you can head over to the Compose Dream Games Marketplace and buy Simple Superheroes #0 right now. You'll get immediate access to the PDF. Just head to your downloads page after you place your order.

We'd love to see some reviews of Simple Superheroes #0 around the web, and on the Marketplace. If you happen to find one online, please respond and let us know. Maybe you could even write one!

Dungeon Unleashed!
I couldn't help myself. Phantasm 2016, Dave Arneson Game Day, and reading Champions of Zed, created a perfect storm that demanded to be Unleashed!

So I give you Dungeon Unleashed! an alpha hack of Simple Superheroes for classic dungeon crawling fantasy adventure. Grab the 5 page PDF and tell me what you think in the forum.

A Canadian RPG Marketplace
For years I have been unhappy with the options for Canadian Game Designers. So I have created the CDG Markeplace, and have been bringing on publishers and retailers.

You can read more about why here.

There are already games from 6 different game designers in the CDG Marketplace. And I hope you'll go browse their games, and support them.

I'll try to feature one other designers game in each newsletter.

Headspace - This Fight is Personal
By Mark Richardson of Green Hat Design, Headspace is $12.50 CAD for PDF, and $25 Print&PDF.

So go, take the fight to the corporations. Change your world.
Headspace is a Cyberpunk RPG about hyper-competent operatives fighting personal battles against the Corporations controlling the world.

In a strange twist of fate, Headspace came out the day before Simple Superheroes #0. Two Ottawa game designers releasing their first RPG a day apart . . . What are the chances?

Headspace is a "powered by the Apocalypse" engine game. All player's characters are operatives that share a "headspace" implant. A device that links their minds, and skills. You almost always "succeed" in Headspace, but that jack in your head linking you to your companions comes with some pretty hefty emotional baggage . . .
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