Dear friends and fellow artists,
This morning I stumbled into this meme in my Facebook memories and was remembered of the year I purposely decided to put myself out of my comfort zone and how that year felt amazingly rewarding. For sure I failed a thousand time but every time a lightbulb will clicked in my head it was exhilarating because I persevered and could push myself to the next level.

I was talking with my bestie yesterday and we both mention how we had so many projects in our head and the best way to get through them was to write them down and just jump. I want the year to come to be that to me again. 2020 has been challenging on so many levels to so many, we lost so much, some more than others and we need to acknowledge it my hope is to be one of many guiding lights in your life, inspiring you to create and learn something new that would light up the next level for you as well.

Before I go clean the apartment, a simple reminder that all online classes are 40% off in the shop until December 31st. Promo code: winter. I’m not planning another big sale before spring. I’ll be in exploring mode, creating new content for the site and the facebook group. Come join us if you haven’t already

I wish you peace, health, love and creativity for the year to come

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