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June 2021

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Mike Stansfield, CRA
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Chorleywood’s new Community Champion 👏👏👏
We were delighted to hear that Vanessa Rousseau has been named Chorleywood Parish Council’s new Community Champion for 2021!  

We nominated Vanessa for her fantastic inspiration and very hard work in creating and co-ordinating CCSG since the Covid crisis struck in March 2020.  It’s a richly-deserved accolade for her and the CCSG team, for their dedication and support for the whole Chorleywood community.
Photo showing Vanessa receiving the 2021 Community Champion award from Yvonne Merritt, Clerk to Chorleywood Parish Council.  

Local Plan Consultation

As covered in the Planning Update last week, the Local Plan is now out for consultation. This is the first formal consultation on the plan (known as a Regulation 18 Consultation) and, though there are later consultations on the plan, this is probably the best chance for the public to effect change in the plan. This consultation will run until 23rd July.

Chorleywood Residents’ Association, along with Residents’ Associations across the district, believes the Local Plan contains plans for significantly too much housing resulting in unnecessary damage to our environment and, in particular, Green Belt. Independent analysis shows that the Three Rivers district needs approximately 4,800 new homes over the fifteen-year period of the plan to provide sufficient homes for local residents including ensuring that there are enough homes to bring the proportion of the population in all age groups who are householders back to at least that seen at the start of this century. The plan put forward for consultation contains approximately double this amount, resulting in more land being handed over to development than necessary and, potentially, new homes being built without an obvious demand.

Reflecting this, Residents Associations across Three Rivers are preparing a petition requesting that the current Local Plan be withdrawn and new version delivering just the required level of housing and with much less damage to our environment be provided. As soon as the link to this petition is available we will provide details to residents.

The more support we can gather for this petition, the more likely Three Rivers District Council will listen to our voices and protect our environment.

There are a series of sites proposed around Chorleywood and your association is carrying out an analysis of these. You can find the initial analysis of the sites the New Local Plan page of our website. We’ll continue to develop this through the consultation.

A map showing the selected sites can be found here or clicking the map to the right.

Note that many of the original potential sites around Chorleywood are not currently included in this version of the Local Plan. Whilst this is probably good news, it is important to understand that the plan can still change before finalisation and it is possible that these sites could be added back in at a later date, particularly if the Council or Examiner decide to increase the number of new homes the plan will deliver. This reinforces the need to ensure that the council only provide for the houses the district needs rather than an arbitrary centrally set target.

Whatever your feelings about this plan we strongly recommend that you make your views known to the council – this is your best opportunity to influence what will happen in our district over the next 15+ years.

How to respond:

The council’s preferred way for you to respond to is through the online consultation portal. The consultation portal for Part 1 and Part 2 of the consultation can be accessed using the links below: Alternatively, you can respond to the Local Plan Regulation 18 Preferred Policy Options and Sites for Potential Allocation Consultation by:
  • Email to: or
  • Writing to: Economic & Sustainable Development , Three Rivers District Council, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RL.

TRDC parking survey

Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) are consulting every address in central Chorleywood until 19th July 2021 to gain their views on parking in their roads.  There have been requests from many streets, prompting this consultation. Two small areas in parts of Quickley Lane and Chorleywood Bottom will have received slightly modified surveys (Areas 3 & 4) because people in these areas have asked for specific changes in previous consultations. Area 2 refers to roads which are already permit parking zones and Area 1 refers to everyone outside of these 3 areas.

Your letter will confirm which area you are in and then you can complete all the surveys online at However, please note that the link shown in your letter, will take you directly to the correct surveys for your address.  

This is the first stage in a minimum of a three stage consultation and TRDC have assured us that they will very much work to what residents’ request.  Please note what they say “If we don’t see clear support for new or changed parking restrictions in a street then it is unlikely that any scheme will be taken forward there.  Parking improvements will be delivered where there is support for them, subject to agreement from the relevant committee (the Infrastructure, Housing and Economic Development Committee) which will consider the results of our surveys). We will also review the layout and effectiveness of existing Permit Parking Zones (also known as ‘PPZs’ or 'CPZ').

After this first stage, the results will be announced to councillors in the Autumn.  The second stage will show all residents the proposed ideas concluded from requests made in the initial consultation. Everyone will be asked for feedback on these proposals and then this feedback will be fed back into further informal consultations.

The area they are consulting on is shown on the plan below, which also shows which of the four slightly different surveys has been sent to each street.  (Click for full size map)

North Hill danger
If you’ve driven along North Hill between Chorleywood and Sarratt lately, you may well have met large lorries coming straight towards you on this narrow lane.  Cars have to dive into the hedges, and many times have been scratched or more seriously damaged as the lorries force their way past.  

Thanks to a frightening collection of dash cam images collected by a local resident, showing just how often this is happening, HCC will be taking measures before long to restrict the use of the North Hill / Church Lane route. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes will only be able to use it for access.  HCC Cllr Phil Williams is supporting the action from his locality budget.  

Chorleywood Common Litter Pick Day 
On Saturday 12th June, the CRA and Chorleywood Parish Council organised a litter pick day on the Common as part of the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign. We were joined by over 30 volunteers of all ages and it was heartening to see many young children enthusiastically joining in with their parents.

It was obvious to see how passionate everyone was about protecting our wonderful Common, and many sacks were collected sadly containing items ranging from pizza boxes, beer bottles and dog waste bags – which do not biodegrade as some dog owners’ seem to think!!
Thank you to everyone who volunteered and to Daniel and Mark our Common Rangers for helping out on their day off.  Such was the success that we are looking to organise another event in September.  For anyone wishing to volunteer please email 

For residents wishing to learn more about our wonderful common, you will find various information and updates on the Friends of Chorleywood Common (FOCC) website, and in their most recent newsletter.

Water, Sewage and the Chess

Can you cut your home water consumption by 10L per person per day?  Affinity Water, who supply our tap water, say demand is outstripping supply. We need to reduce our water consumption by at least 10L per person per day, which would bring us down to national consumption rates. Information is available at  What's going on? - Save Our Streams | Waste Less Water | Save Money

Meanwhile Thames Water, who run the Chesham sewage works, seem to be making slow progress with their improvement programme.  The sewage discharges still happen too often, when capacity runs out. 

The CRA have again lobbied Gagan Mohindra MP to renew pressure on Thames Water, and the Environment Agency, to act faster.  There is no further news at the moment re the government’s stated intention to address the provisions of Philip Dunne MP’s Private Member’s Bill in an upcoming DEFRA Bill.

Chorleywood Signal Box

The Friends of Chorleywood Signal Box (FofCSB) have made much progress with TfL who have agreed to rent the box to the Association for a peppercorn rent subject to the cost of restoration of the inside being met.  Fund raising to do this is progressing well through grants and a JustGiving appeal but more is needed before work can start.  All donations are very welcome and you can also support the FofCSB by becoming a Member
The plan is to use the upper part of the box as an education centre with displays regarding the coming of the Metropolitan Railway to Chorley Wood (as it was then) and how the arrival of the line affected the locality.  Then to extend to the under croft where there will be a 00 gauge layout of the line as it was in about the 1940s with trains running into the goods yard and shunting.
You can find out more about the FofCSB and also about the history of the Signal Box and the railway through Chorleywood on the website
1937 coloured photo of a G-class 0-6-4 freight engine, shunting on the parallel tracks behind Chorleywood station and signal box

Wildlife walks on Chorleywood Common

For those of you who would like to learn and find hidden gems on the Common, our wonderful common rangers host wildflower and wildlife walks on the last Thursday of each month from 10am – 12noon.  The more the merrier, so please just feel to turn up, the meeting point is next to the cricket pavilion, but for further details, please call 01923 285594. 

Apply for coronavirus Restart Grant by 30th June

Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) have been given substantial funds by the Government to give grants to help businesses that have been impacted from the Covid lockdowns.  TRDC still have a considerable sum left, which they need to allocate before the end of June 2021, so please apply promptly. 

The grant was originally called the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) and now called the Restart Grant. TRDC are very eager to distribute these funds and help as many businesses as possible, since if they use up the full amount, the Government will give further funds.

To apply for a grant, please use this link.

Quick Links
  • Community Comes Together For Postponed Music Quiz Night Under The Stars. This music quiz in aid of Mission EmployAble has been postponed from July 16 to Friday July 30 because of lockdown.  Team tickets are still available via this link.
  • Flower Festival at Holy Cross Church, Sarratt.  Saturday 26th June 10am - 5pm and Sunday 27th June 11.15am to 5pm.
  • If you spot a swarm of bees (not wasps) then please call the bee keeper on Whitelands Avenue on 07831 407746 to let him know so that we can help protect this essential species.
  • If you see or hear low flying, screaming swifts around rooftops please email the Three Rivers Swifts group at, with the postcode, number of swifts and what they were doing. This will be added to the Three Rivers survey and sent to the RSPB and swift tracker.  
  • HertsHelp is a network of community organisations in Hertfordshire working together. If you are a family in need of support with food and other essentials, call 0300 123 4044 or email
  • If you need someone to talk to, Samaritans provides confidential, non-judgemental emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those that could lead to suicide. You can phone, email, write a letter or in most cases talk to someone face to face. Telephone: 116 123 (24 hours a day, free to call)
  • Shout 85258 is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope.   Text: 85258

Staying Safe

One of the best ways of staying informed is by signing up for the excellent OWL emails from Herts Police.  Sign up directly at  Recent notifications include:
  • Fraudsters can now clone numbers used by legitimate organisations, your local bank, HMRC, local police station, to make it look like that organisation’s genuine number is calling you.  The fraudster claims to be from that organisation and tries to convince you to do what they say.  This means you cannot rely on your Caller ID display to tell you who is calling you.
  • Residents have been contacted by the fraudsters claiming to be Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) . The victims were told there were outstanding National Insurance debts or unpaid taxes in their names and the fraudsters asked the victims to make bank transfers as payment.  The calling number can be spoofed to make it appear that it is a genuine number. 
  • Beware of unsolicited calls from an "insurance company” saying the warranty on your fridge, cooker etc has run out, and they can renew it over the phone. This is one of the latest scams, and it’s a fraud
Remember that a bank will NEVER contact you to ask you to move money to another account. 

Visit or for advice on avoiding scams.

Remember the NHS will NEVER ask for Payment - all vaccines are FREE ; or ask for your Bank details ;  or arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine ;  and will not ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents.  See COVID vaccine scam guidelines (PDF 647 KB) for more guidance.

Visit our website to view recent CRA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes and find out the many ways that you can support CRA.

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