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An e-newsletter from the Executive Committee
Chorleywood Residents' Association
August 2019

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Mike Stansfield, CRA
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CRA Activities
To keep residents informed of what their Executive Committee are working on, we plan to provide a review for you a few times through the year.  Our Executive Committee of volunteers has been recently been strengthened by co-opting some additional new members that has also helped to improve our balance of experience, gender and age so we are now up to full strength.  Each member contributes to the Team and has an assigned area of interest.
Full details of the Committee members, including short biographies and individual areas of responsibility can be found on Executive Committee page of our website.  Here you will also find a short introduction paper describing how the Committee operates.
As of now the following issues are actively being pursued;-
  • Post Office restoration
  • Neighbourhood and Local Plan
  • Chorleywood Parking Issues
  • Investigating frequent late night music heard on the Heronsgate side of Chorleywood
  • Traffic Problems in CW Bottom and Solesbridge Lane
  • Resident Representative recruitment
  • Considerably expanding the 100 Club
  • Increasing the number of residents donating annually
  • Collecting more email addresses to aid regular communication
  • Establishing stronger ties to local Councils
  • Helping to re-invigorate the village with local businesses
  • Maintaining the Memorial Garden
  • Find ways to use the station signal box for the community

Local Business Parking Permits

CRA has responded to the Parking Survey: Local Employee Permits consultation.   You can download and read our full Response via the website on the Documentation Page.
Last year, when the scheme was being formulated, we recommended to TRDC that permits should be transferable as many shop workers in Chorleywood are part-timers and, in recognition of their low earnings, that a monthly payment option should be offered. Both of these proposals have been rejected, so in order to provide evidence that would encourage the Officers to reconsider we conducted a survey among local businesses.
Business owners voted overwhelmingly for transferable permits and a monthly payment option. They also confirmed that shop workers are parking their vehicles in the shopping area but, as we suspected, the actual number on any given day is relatively low in relation to the potential number of spaces envisaged in the proposed scheme.
We believe that if affordable, transferable permits are made available more shop workers can be encouraged to use the Ferry car park and that the number of on street bays - and consequently roads affected - can be substantially reduced. There is the possibility to create on street bays in Chorleywood that do not affect any residents and these should be prioritised. We have, therefore, proposed to those responsible at TRDC that they work with CRA, local businesses and residents, all of whom have local knowledge, to devise a scheme which allays the concerns currently being voiced by residents in the affected roads.
We can only hope that they take up the offer.

Parking on the Kerb
Did you know that parking on the kerb was a contravention in Chorleywood?
One member of the CRA committee found out the hard way!   She relates the story  …
I was parked at the very top of Whitelands Avenue. I parked up on the kerb in order to get my children safely out of the car and not stick out into the road.  I left enough room for pedestrians and prams to pass on the pavement.  I received a penalty charge notice with £70 fine (50% discount if paid in 14 days).  Please don’t get me wrong, I am totally against selfish parking covering the pavement as I have frequently pushed my pram over several years around Chorleywood and been forced into oncoming traffic.  I also wholeheartedly believe in campaigning for the safety of wheelchair users, guide dogs, children on scooters and other pedestrians. 
The reason I am commenting is that I was completely unaware of this contravention and honestly believe that many residents are unaware too.  So be warned, if you see a sign which depicts a vehicle partly parked on a verge and  surrounded by a red circle it means parking in this way is prohibited and an offence incurring a penalty.
Interestingly, a recent article by the RAC reports that parking on the pavement could be banned across England, based on the upcoming findings of a new inquiry launched by a parliamentary committee.
RAC’s head of roads policy, Nicholas Lyes, reiterated the RAC’s support for a move to tackle inconsiderate pavement parking, but warned that the case for an outright ban is not so clear cut. He said:

“There is no doubt that selfish parking that blocks pavements can be a major hindrance and danger to pedestrians and vulnerable road users. “[However] there are instances, particularly on Britain’s many narrow residential streets, where drivers believe they are doing the right thing by putting a wheel or two on the kerb.”
Mr Lyes said motorists do this to ensure access for other vehicles, including emergency services, while also making sure they leave enough space for pedestrians, including wheelchair users and those with buggies.

Parking in Chorleywood
When shopping in Chorleywood many residents have noticed how on a number of occasions cars are parked taking the equivalent of two parking spaces. Until we have marked parking bays for which we are campaigning, we ask shoppers to be careful to avoid taking two parking spaces denying space for other shoppers especially at busy times.

Loud Late Night Music 
We have recently received a few complaints from Chorleywood and Heronsgate residents with regards to hearing loud music at midnight on several occasions. One resident in Little Hill, Chorleywood described the music as ‘thumping’. The reported sound was heard on a number of occasions, including at midnight on Wednesday 7th August and late at night of Sunday 18th August. It seemed to be coming from Chalfont direction.

We got in touch with Newlands Manor to find out if there were any big events booked on the same night. It was confirmed that there were wedding events on both of these evenings but that the 18th August event should have been finished around 9pm. 
Have you been affected by the same noise? If so, please get in touch with the CRA team at and we will do our best to investigate further.

Nitrous Oxide Canisters
We have covered this topic in the past but sadly the issue has not gone away. Commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ or ‘hippy crack’ this is the second most commonly used recreational drug to cannabis amongst 16-24 year olds.  Alarmingly, there have been several recent reports of disused Nitrous Oxide canisters left lying around in several locations in Chorleywood, including the Common, Long Lane and at the back of St Andrews Church.
The Royal College of Nursing covered the risks associated with nitrous oxide in a recent BBC news report. Problems can include breathing difficulties, dangerously-increased heart rate and burns as well as death in some cases. They also reported that Parents and children were unaware of these risks. 
TRDC have set up a liaison team to counter the menace of this commonly used recreational drug.  If you see any suspicious behaviour or piles of empty canisters you can report this directly to the local Police non-emergency number 101 or the TRDC Community Safety Intervention Officer, Michelle Wright, on 01923 727354 / 07580 999131 or by email

Chorleywood Post office
On 2nd August 2019 CRA submitted a Freedom of Information (FIO) request to Post Office Limited, asking that we be told what is going on that is preventing progress towards a solution to this unsatisfactory situation. 
This was acknowledged on the 3rd August and passed to the Information Rights team of Post Office Limited who we are told will be in contact shortly.  In their reply, they once again acknowledged that they fully appreciate the inconvenience that the current temporary closure of the branch is causing to the local community and our customers in the area.  They again hoped to be able to provide an update in the near future.
CRA will continue to remind Post Office Limited of this issue and work to get to the Post Office restored as soon as possible.
Chorleywood Residents may be interested in the re-opening of a Post Office that was previously on Tudor Parade.  It is going to be relocated to the Welcome Convenience Store, 5-6 Moneyhill Parade, Rickmansworth WD3 7BQ and will open there at 13:00 on Wednesday 11th September.  You can read more about this on the Post Office website and also see a copy of the communication about the Chorleywood Post Office from March 2019 on their consultation hub which includes the Post Office’s “Principles of Community Engagement on changes to the Post Office network”.

Swillet Playground
Several parents have asked for an update on the refurbishment plans. CRA have been told that the planning application will be tabled for the September planning meeting.

Litter Picking
Local resident Bill Griffiths has started a scheme recruiting a volunteer litter picker (or pickers) for every road in the parish. Three Rivers has given the go-ahead for this but they have no involvement in its running.  The scheme is intended to be low key – volunteers walk their road as often as they deem it necessary , collect the bits of rubbish and then dispose of them in their appropriate household wheelie bin.
The following roads are currently vacant:
North Road , Chorleywood Bottom , Clements Road , Hubbards Road , Capell Ave , Furze View , Rendlesham Way , Haddon Road , Farm Road , Brushwood Drive , Orchard Drive and Close , Greenbury Close , Colleyland , Station Approach and Green Street.
So if you would like to volunteer for one of them please contact Bill directly at or 'phone him on 282507

Chorleywood Common
The Rangers have now replaced all of the open top bins on Chorleywood Common with dual Recycling and General Waste closed top bins. This doubles the amount of waste receptacles on the Common, allowing visitors to recycle responsibly and prevents animal removal, keeping your Common greener and cleaner!   
Keep up to date with what’s happening at Chorleywood Common on their website or Facebook including the programme of ranger walks which are the last Thursday of every month between 10am and 12:30pm.

Learning to Live with Climate Change - Chorleywood and District RSPB
Dr. Oliver Watts will be the speaker at the first meeting on Thursday 19th September. His subject will be Climate Change. Dr Watts is the Senior Climate Change Officer at The RSPB.  He leads their adaptation policy, to help nature and the natural environment, meet the challenges of climate change.  Dr Watts will cover the science behind the problem, greenhouse gas emissions, recent climate trends, and future projections.  Also wildlife's current and future responses.
Everyone is welcome to come and hear the these public talks. There is no need to book, but for more information, phone 01923 897885 or see
Thursday 19th September 2019 at 8.00pm.  Cost: £3.50 non members
The venue is The Florence Brown Hall, Hillside Road, Chorleywood, WD3 5AP This is next to Chorleywood Free Church.  Please note that this is a new venue.

Pensioners’ Forum – Friday 8th November
The next Pensioners’ Forum will be held on Friday 8 November 2019, from 1.30pm for registration and refreshments to 4pm, in the Penn Chamber at Three Rivers House, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RL.
This will be a Remembrance Day event and the agenda includes:
  • The Lord Lieutenant, Robert Voss CBE or a Deputy Lieutenant
  • Music by Time and Lesley Brooks
  • Not just a list of Names by Roger Yapp
  • Remembrance Thoughts (all of you can be involved in this)
There is one hour of free parking, £1.00 for a second hour, £2.50 for three hours and £4.00 for four hours, the machines only accept payment cards:

Three Rivers Citizens Advice
In addition to the three Citizens Advice offices (Abbots Langley,  Rickmansworth, and  South Oxhey) there is also a drop in service at Chorleywood Library, Lower Road, Chorleywood on the First Thursday of the month.  It is between 10 am and 12 noon for drop in advice, so no appointment needed. This is funded by Chorleywood Parish Council.  Visit for more information, including other ways to get help. 

Watch out for a new mobile phone delivery scam
The BBC recently reported on a new type of scam to watch out for.  It involves an unexpected delivery of a top of the range phone, in a correctly addressed package and in your name.  This is shortly followed by a knock on the door and a courier asking for the phone back as it was delivered by mistake.  If you hand it over, it could prove to be an expensive mistake.  You can read the article here.   

Chorleywood Orchestra and Chorleywood Music Day
Chorleywood Orchestra currently has over 30 members and welcomes orchestral instrumentalists of all ages from around grade 6 to play in the orchestra, including those who’ve not played for some time.
The orchestra meets each Tuesday evening at 7:45pm in term time at The Russell School, 27 Brushwood Drive, Chorleywood, WD3 5RS always including a break for tea and cakes. If you’d like to come along, please get in touch.
Chorleywood Music Day is on Sunday 29th September starting at 12:30pm until 5pm also at the Russell School.  There are many activities to enjoy including a chance to try an instrument with free drop-in sessions between 11am and 1pm.  All welcome.  Visit for more information and to book.

Sunrise of Chorleywood

On Saturday 14th September at 3pm, George Lockwood will be presenting a talk about Perennials in the Royal Gardens, a must for all the gardening enthusiasts.  Call concierge if you would like to be part of this talk.

Regular events at Sunrise of Chorleywood include:

  • 1st Monday every month at 10:30am - Memory Café by Watford and Three Rivers Trust
  • Tuesdays at 2:30pm - Poetry Session
  • Wednesdays at 10:45am - Keep fit with Grace
  • Thursdays at 11:30am - Zumba & Yoga
  • Thursdays at 3pm - Creative Writing Sessions
  • Fridays at 2:30pm - Memory Café by Hertwise 

See the website for more details, and call the concierge desk on 01923 603660 to book your place.

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Supporting CRA
There are many ways that you can support your Residents’ Association including donations, business sponsorship, becoming a resident representative, joining the committee or subscribing to the 100 club with a chance to win prizes each month . 
Click to support CRAYou will find details on the Support Us page of the website, but to make it even easier we have introduced a new button to the website. 

Just click the button, provide a few basic details, and a member of the Executive Committee will contact you at your convenience to discuss the options with you. 

Please note that the Rules of the 100 Club have been tidied up for clarity and the updated version is now on the website on the 100 Club page. There is no change to the essence in the previous rules.

You can access recent CRA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, and other files of interest, by visiting our website Documentation page.

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