COFA Council Meeting Notes--September 27th, 2016
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Here's the notes from last nights meeting--sign up to help with the Fall Festival using the link below:

COFA Council Meeting Notes-9/27/16

Taken by Secretary Dayoon Lee

  1. Fall Festival → Showcase

  2. Part of Teams (publicity, designers, etc) - connect with directors/assistant directors

(get in touch with the directors)

3. Look into the shared doc with people’s contacts


9/27 Meeting:

  1. New T-shirt designs by Sophia Jang-Order forms coming soon

  2. Jog-A-Thon - possibilities for fundraising

  3. Council Meeting Snack sign-up list → accessible to everyone


FALL FEST Support Sign Up:


Fall Festival:

  • Input on what should be offered

    1. Food - people from various places given the opportunity to fundraise

    2. Ideas on what kind of food you’d like to sell

    3. **donations for food (box of water/soda, pack of chips, etc)

    4. Google doc with all the sign-ups for food (HELP!!)

    1. Entertainment - talked to everyone except Mrs. Ting(?) [still a maybe]

    2. Confirm with orchestra and color guard

    3. Find someone with oculus :DD

    4. Perhaps a movie (?) → a short for the fall fest? (a month to put everything together) [LBC? Everyone who’s interested in making a video]

    1. Games - any suggestions??

    1. Themes - vote on the theme (American Horror Story [Freak Show, Asylum])

    1. Publicity - facebook post, posters (digital/hard-copy), announcements, video promo (photography)

    2. Soliciting MCs

    3. Help with music!!: Musical— soundtracks; singers/soloists

    4. Digital poster (Oct 7)

    1. Gift Cards - target, starbucks, etc. ASK THEM FOR DONATIONSNSNSSS (“I’m from SHHS, and we would like to publicize for the Fall Fest”—they’ll give you about $5 each)

If the sign ups need more space—add more. We always need donations!!

OUT OF THE BOX STUFF: Feel free to always give input. Please add different ideas to get more people to come and be interested in doing new things. **Publicize more, different fun events (oculus??)


** The fall event crew needs one more meeting this month. (not really the entire council though)

This includes anyone who wants to be an assistant for the fall fest.

Tuesday, Oct. 11 (afterschool, an hour)


• Jog-A-Thon:

  • Oct 22nd (8:30-12:00)

  • We get to keep 75% unless we get one donation of $250 (someone from “higher up” [corporates]), then we’ll get 100%

  • Encourage people to give flat rate donations

  • Remind people their donations are tax deductible

  • Free food and drinks and a free t-shirt

  • If you’re doing it for a different club

  • Snacks!! Sign up :))



  • Sign up for the COFA T-shirts / windbreakers

  • More information would be emailed

  • Not votes, but whether if you’ll get it

  • The more people buy, the cheaper it is

  • Link to design made by Sophia Jang


**Membership People: explain what COFA is, really publicize and build awareness not only amongst the COFA members themselves, but other people as well


**Let Yechan know if anyone’s interested in acting for the promo video his team will be making (ask theater students)


The Southern California Calligraphy Society will be putting on 4 workshops during the fall. Here are the dates and session descriptions:
Sessions will be held in room 137 and begin at 3:15p
These count as COFA events

Session 1 - Introduction to Pointed Brush--October 17th
  Demonstration of the different types of pointed brushes.
  Demonstration of how to hold the brush to create thick and thin lines.
  Demonstration of letters a - l with a pointed brush. (Handouts and Practice)

Session 2 - Minuscule lettering with Pointed Brush--November 14th
  Minuscule strokes and warm up.
  Demonstration of letters m - z with a pointed brush. (Handouts and Practice)

Session 3 - Majuscule lettering with Pointed Brush--December 5th
  Majuscule strokes and warmup.
  Demonstration of letters A - L with a pointed brush. (Handouts and Practice)

Session 4 - Majuscule lettering with Pointed Brush--January 9th
  Majuscule strokes and warmup.
  Demonstration of letters M - Z with a pointed brush. (Handouts and Practice)

Calligraphy Sessions Sign up use this link


I am working with the the Orange County Philharmonic Society to get tickets to one or two of their events, 1 this fall and 1 early next year. Currently they have some tickets for next week's performance by Esa-Pekka Salonen and the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Segerstrom center on Tuesday, Oct. 4th at 8pm. Let me know right away if you are interested--it's free. 


Check events page for all our upcoming events.

Brian Wall
COFA Director

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