December 2016 Monthly Newsletter
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Merry Christmas from the  RLI Team!

Merry Christmas from the Restoring Lives Team

A Christmas Prayer
Declaring and Releasing God’s Blessings
and Favor over You

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,  We confess, declare and release the life-giving word of God and ALL of His blessings over your life, your health, your family, your finances and your destiny.

We declare that the blessings and favor of God will overtake you, because you hear and obey the voice of your Lord. We declare that you are prospering in ALL that you do, and that you have great favor with both God our Father and all men.

We declare that this year you will see increase of God’s blessings and favor over every area of your life.

We declare that your soul and health are prospering because you protect and nurture your soul, spirit and body with God’s word, love and truths.  

We declare that the love of God is being shed abroad in your heart daily, by the Holy Spirit Himself indwelling in your inner-most being. That each day you are not only growing in God’s love, but also profoundly experiencing His love (for yourself), so that you will be filled and overflowing with the richness of God’s Presence.
We declare that you have been given the keys to God’s kingdom and that the rivers of living water continuously flow into you, bringing forth Godly wisdom, knowledge, discernment and revelation.

In the Name of Jesus the Christ, we release God’s blessings where there are curses, God’s mercy against all forms of judgment, and God's love against fear, anger and offence.

We release the God’s Holy Spirit of truth to guide and lead you in ALL God’s kingdom truths where there has been deception.

We release God’s peace, soundness of mind and unity against all discord and division.

We release perfect health where there has been infirmity and sickness, and abundance where there is lack.

We release the Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace and Joy of the Holy Spirit against the kingdom of this world and darkness.

We ask Father God to release and commission His angels to harken to the voice of God’s Word to be sent as ministering spirits to you and your family.

We declare that 2017 will be the year of profound Kingdom breakthroughs, blessings and favor in every area of your life and family!

Much Love and an overflow of God’s Goodness throughout 2017!

Pastors Bryn and Michael Kelly

December Updates and Events

The Reach Benefit Dinner on November 11, 2016 was a great success!  Our keynote speaker, best-selling author Dr. Caroline Leaf was both thought-provoking and inspiring!  Over 500 people attended and enjoyed celebrating what God has done through Restoring Lives International over the past year. Old friendships were rekindled and new friends were made.  What a great time of fellowship in God's kingdom! Click here to go to our Facebook page to view many more pictures!
On November 12, 2016 RLI hosted a "Switch on Your Brain" Workshop with Dr. Caroline Leaf.  Almost 400 people attended to hear Dr. Leaf speak on the science of thought. Dr. Leaf explained how to line up our thoughts with God's word to physically changes our brains for the better!  
On October 28-29, 2016 Restoring Lives International hosted Dr. Mike Hutchings from Global Awakening Ministries for a seminar on Healing PTSD and Trauma.  About 200 people were in attendance. Not only did we receive training, but many also received personal ministry. We thank Dr. Hutchings for his dedication to bring hope and freedom to veterans and others who suffer from this debilitating condition.  

Upcoming Events
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Apologetics:  Defending Your Faith  Monday Nights, Jan. 16 - Mar. 13, 2017  RLI Center, Sharonville, OH
Healing & Deliverance Ministry Training - Feb. 22 -25, 2017  RLI Center Sharonville, OH
Father's Love Training  - Feb. 23, 2017 - RLI Center, Sharonville, OH
Restoring Your Life Conference - Mar. 31 - April 8, 2017 New Life Vineyard, Hamilton, OH

Did you miss our annual Reach Benefit Fundraising Dinner?  It's not too late to financially help Restoring Lives International continue our life-giving work.  Through our ministry we are blessed to see God change lives, heal relationships, restore bodies, and strengthen spirits!   Thank you for your part in this mighty Kingdom work!
Year End Giving
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