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The question on everyone's lips at all my styling consultation is….  
"How do I make my space feel like a home".

Layout is key, but once you have decided on the sofa, the TV PLACEMENT (key issue for the man of the household) and the overall layout then what do you do?


Smaller living spaces require keeping a place minimalist in design and many homes end up with a sterile environment rather than a calm and inviting space. 
Keeping a place uncluttered makes it looks larger BUT there needs to be focal points - the whole point of keeping a place minimalist is to highlight the things we love the most..


I favour going simple with the furniture and adding personality through larger pieces such as black and white photography, pieces of artwork or mirror on the walls. 


Texture is a term often used by designers, but easier said than done! How do we add texture? Baskets, throw pillows, rugs, throws and adding life in the room via branches, plants, wood. This becomes especially important if you prefer not to have too many colour tones in the room, mixing different textures makes the finishes interesting.


Another way to make a room feel warm is lighting. The majority of homes I see rely on overhead recessed lights that are outdated and make the room  poorly  lit. It is essential to add floor lights, ceiling lights , lamps to give the room perspective, and add texture via marble, ceramics, brass or nickel bases.



Storage is key for all homes to contain the clutter whilst they can also be used to create feature walls. This is a great option particularly if your renting. 



If space is limited spend $$ on a console with cupboards and/or a built in TV unit with surround shelving and drawers. Even if you are in a rental it is the best investment as you build to size and you can move it with you. I have had my custom TV unit for 10 years and it has survived 4 moves.


Alternatively purchase a living room console, which has a height of 80 to 90cm.
 A TV console is usually very low and creates a lot of empty wall space.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any of these ideas.

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