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My Querying Journey Giveaway

Hey <<First Name>>!  

Welcome to my second quarterly newsletter. Last time you heard from me, it was February and I was just about to set off on my querying journey. Now I have some fun (and exclusive) insight to share. I'll also talk about what books I'm reading, upcoming events, and share a sneak peek at my novel-in-verse. Did I mention we got another cat??? You'll get to meet him, too!

As always, each newsletter includes a hidden giveaway. (The last winner was Karen C., who who a gift card to any bookstore.) You'll find another bookstore gift card giveaway in this newsletter. But you'll have to read on to enter.

Blogging News

This season, it was all about publishing. I talked about how to query, when to query, writing the one-line pitch, and more. Check out my top four blog posts below. Other than that, I was also quoted in the Slate article LOSER: When you fail at Wordle for the first time, it may affect you more than you think. Absolutely hilarious. Such a good time.

I share writing and publishing tips every first and third Monday on my blog at Catch up by clicking one below!

SAT Update & Writing Tips

Since February, we've welcomed a new cat to our family. His name is Valentine (since we got him on Valentine's Day), and he's a super hyper kitten we met in a cat café. (Yes, he is missing an eye. No, we didn't name him after a pirate, though we were tempted.) He loves hair ties and windowpanes.

In writing news, I started querying my middle grade novel-in-verse about an 11-year-old girl who loses her mom to the opioid crisis. For those of you who are new here, it's a very personal story, as it's based on my childhood. It took a lot of me to finally write it, but I desperately believe in getting more stories out there for kids who are facing addiction in their families, especially loss caused by addiction. 

As of today, I've had four full requests from my first round (and one of those agents may represent Twilight and The Fault in Our Stars!) Honestly, though, all of the agents are amazingly talented folks that I would be thrilled to work with. I recently sent out my second round of letters, too, so I'm hoping to connect with even more agents. That said, I realize there's a chance my book will never make it - or that I could be doing something wrong - which is why I still attended a SCBWI webinar about novels in verse. The author who taught it was kind enough to chat with me, offer me some advice and resources, and he took a look at one of my poems. I made a couple edits after that discussion, too! 

This brings me to my extra writing tip for this newsletter. Never stop learning or putting yourself out there. If I had done so, I would've missed out on a fabulous learning opportunity that has helped me approach my writing in a brand-new way. 

Who knows? Maybe those edits will make all the difference.

Upcoming Events!

If you're in Kansas City, I'll be speaking at the Midwest Romance Writers meetup on Thursday, June 9. If you're looking for something virtual, I'm teaching Starting a Writing Project again for The Story Center at Mid-Continent Public Library on Monday, June 13. It's free and virtual. You can find more information and register here.

What I've Been Reading and Loving

I have been back in fantasy land as of late, particularly if there's a good romance involved. After reading Scarlett St. Clair's A TOUCH OF DARKNESS, I couldn't resist her latest. I also couldn't help myself from picking up CRAVE by Tracy Wolfe. What can I say? Everyone was checking out the latest release in the series at the library I work at, and I immediately put book 1 on hold. It's a more modern TWILIGHT, if Bella went to Alaska where all the monsters live. Swoon. DARK AND SHALLOW LIES is a lesson in atmosphere. So incredible. And A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR is pure perfection.

I'd love to hear about the books you're reading! To enter this month's giveaway, reply to this email with a book you've recently discovered and loved. One reader will get a $10 gift card to any local bookstore.

You can always follow what I'm reading on Goodreads.

Exclusive Sneak Peek

I recently got lawn furniture, so that I can write outside, and it is just lovely! It definitely makes writing sad stories happier and, as promised, I wanted to share a sneak peek at the novel-in-verse I am querying. Since Mother's Day is coming up, I thought it appropriate to share the poem about experiencing Mother's Day the same year my mom died.
Holidays are hard. Anniversaries, too. But I've always found the hardest times to be the ones that you least expect. And sometimes, happiness can creep its way in, too.


On Mother’s Day,

Moms from the neighborhood organize meals.

Strawberries in tuxedos of white and dark chocolate, 

three little buttons on each.

They are sweet, and disappear fast. 

My dad licks what’s left off his fingers, 

and I laugh until the casserole grows cold. 

We still eat it in heaping scoops. 

Mushrooms and potatoes, green beans and soup. 

Buttered biscuits and cranberry sauce. Something called rice pilaf. 

It is Thanksgiving in May. 

My belly is full, and I eat even more. 

We lick our plates when nothing is left, 

and the dishes sit in the sink, unclean. 

The above poem is actually based on a true story! Our neighborhood truly did surprise my dad, brother, and I with a HUGE feast after my mom died. In fact, a couple moms organized a schedule so that someone brought us a homecooked meal every Friday for a few weeks. I just adjusted the poem so that it happened on Mother's Day in the book. I remember those meals fondly, and everyone's kindness has stayed with me my whole life. 

I hope you all enjoyed my second quarterly newsletter of 2022. Maybe I'll have even more fun news and giveaways next time.

See you all again in August 2022!
Thank you for your continuous support.

*Grabby Hands*

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