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Keep Calm and Read For Free 

Hey all, what weird times we live in, right? I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I know I am doing best. My quarantine plans definitely included stacking up my TBR as much as humanly possible. I recently finished Salvation Day by Kaci Wallace and I absolutely loved it. If you love space thrillers, I highly recommend it. You will be so freaked out. And the ending is really fitting. If you're looking for more books, my publisher has put all their books up for sale on Smashwords. On top of that, I'm currently participating in YASH (the spring Young Adult Scavenger Hunt), and that blog hop includes even more fabulous giveaways. Not to mention our little tradition right here:
Every newsletter includes a (hidden) giveaway.
The winner of my last newsletter was Leah E., who won a signed copy of Bad Bloods: July Thunder. Congratulations, Leah! 
This time I'm giving away a $10 e-giftcard to any bookstore or an ebook/downloadable audiobook of any of my novels.
Will you be the winner this time?
Good luck!

Smashwords Sale!

From 3/20-4/20, all Clean Teen Publishing books have a 60% discount as part of the Authors Give Back sale on Smashwords. Did I mention book 1 & 2 in both of my series are now free? Stay inside and read. 💜 Here is a link to my profile.


YASH (Young Adult Scavenger Hunt) is going on right now, and I am on the Purple Team. If you don't know what YASH is, it's a blog hop featuring dozens of author and book giveaways. There's also exclusive content scattered throughout. This time, you'll get to see a mood board that inspired Bad Bloods: July Thunder. Though, there is a slight change this year. Due to COVID-19, we're featuring eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. I'm hosting an additional giveaway there, so check out my blog post here. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! You might win prizes. You might also discover your next favorite read! We could all use more books, right?

SAT Update & Writing Tips

Life has certainly been strange. As some of you know, I'm the Program Manager of The Story Center in Kansas City. Seeing all of our April programming canceled over night was gut-wrenching, to say the least. I'm also an author, who had events canceled. I know it was the right thing to do, but boy, am I shook. Now I'm trying to focus on work at home while also finding time to write, and well, LIFE.
Oddly, I've done better in isolation than I had been doing when life was normal. I think it put a lot of things in perspective. I mean, I put a ridiculous amount of work into dozens of programs that just went POOF. How could I not put life into perspective? Mostly, I put my need for perfectionism into perspective. I'm one of those authors that will spend a stupid amount of time obsessing over the wording of a single paragraph or chapter instead of moving forward. I've also been too focused on revising, revising, revising. So, with the world melting down, I sat down at my desk and did whatever the hell I wanted. I wrote in a brand-new shiny WIP, let go of the idea of it making sense, and just had fun. I wrote 11,000 words in two days. More than I've been able to get down in a long time. I found my love for creating again.

So what am I trying to say? I'm suggesting having fun. Write that book you've always wanted to write but didn't think the market would want. Write sloppy. Write like you'll never show it to anyone but yourself. Or don't. If you can't write right now, that's perfectly okay! Me, on the other hand? I'm an extremely anxious person. Sitting around and relaxing just isn't meant for me. I NEED something to do, something productive to focus on, and my writing gives me a place to explore all my twisted up emotions. Writing is where my mind calms. Reading, too!

If you're like me and need to concentrate, let your focus guide you. Ex/ I sat down the other day, but wasn't feeling super creative, so I tackled my website. I added a long-needed FAQ page, where readers can write in their questions. This brings me to today's hidden giveaway. What questions do you want to see answered on the FAQ page? Respond to this email with your question, then get TWO extra entries if you comment your question on the page. I'll be sure to answer! And you'll be entered to win a $10 e-giftcard to any bookstore or any ebook/audiobook of my novels. 

So what about my novels? Last month, I turned in 30k words of revisions into my agent, and she approved them. Now I just have to finish the novel... I have 70k to go. Wish me luck. You might also get to see a little sneak peek of that novel below. But before that, I have some exciting news about my upcoming events. 

I know many of you were planning on joining me for Publishing Resources: Online and Beyond on April 20, 2020. It was canceled, but there's been a slight change. And by slight, I mean it's back on! See Story Center info below. ⬇️

Virtual Programs

The Story Center staff is putting in a lot of time to bring everyone virtual programming. These programs are open to all, so those of you who wanted to come to my programs but live too far away, now's your chance! Join The Story Center on Facebook, where we'll be releasing more information soon! And yes, this includes my programs.
My program on April 20 is happening in the virtual space! Follow it here.

Exclusive Sneak Peek

Last newsletter, I showed you how I color code my revisions with this image, so this month, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of my MONSTERS....IN SPACE book. I'm working really hard to finish this piece. (Honestly, I don't think I've revised a book so much in my life. It's personal, at this point.) It was also my first panster novel. I'll have to reevaluate if I ever try that again. So...without further ado, take a peek:

Pressed up against the northern corner of the ceiling, the monster waited, knees bent at awkward, rigid angles, hands splayed out at his sides. Steely bones protruded from graying skin, as if he clung to the walls with all his might. He tried to scramble deeper into the wooden walls as Mireille stared.

How was this the same man who sacrificed everything for her? The same man who gave her an identity? A new chance at life? 

His once pepper-colored hair was now stark-white and, even though he’d had the same crop cut his whole life, his hair now fell to his shoulders in mangled strings. His horns had grown considerably, too. The black, charred bars used to be tiny stubs hidden beneath his hair; now they scraped against the ceiling, the sound like chalk. When he tilted his head to the right, watching her watching him, bits of horn chipped off and fluttered to the ground. 

“Why don’t you come on down, Konrad, and we’ll have a little chat?” she asked sweetly.

She hoped hearing his name would entice him, but he hissed.

All four of his fangs—two on top, two on bottom—caught the mistlight and reflected, momentarily blinding her.

Squinting was her first mistake.

Konrad launched off the ceiling, straight at her.

YIKES! What’s going to happen next? I hope you get a chance to see this monster book out in the world one day. Until then, please keep sharing my work, blog posts, tweets, etc. Any and all support helps little authors like me find an editor who can convince a publisher to take a risk on my work.
Without you, my books wouldn't exist. 

*Grabby Hands*

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