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New Year, New Author Goals! 

Can you believe it's 2020? (I'm still writing 2019 on everything.)
With the new year comes new goals, and one of my goals this year is to be more consistent with this newsletter, starting with this one! From now on, you can expect to get a newsletter from me four times a year. (Unless something wild happens!) The next one will release in April.
Every newsletter includes a (hidden) giveaway.
The winner of my last newsletter was Katrina D., who won a signed copy of Bad Bloods: November Rain. Congratulations, Katrina! 
Will you be the winner this time?
Good luck!

Cat Update

Unfortunately, Bogart ended up in the kitty hospital over the holidays. But he is feeling better now! Boo Boo, my nineteen-year-old, is stronger than ever. (I swear, he will live forever, and I am perfectly happy with that.) The two have been spending the winter cuddled in whatever blanket they can find (or sleeping on top of the vents, so that I can freeze). I love these little gremlins. Half my monsters are based on them.

SAT Update & Writing Tips

Do you see that little person standing at the front of that HUGE crowd?! That's me! In January, I had the utmost joy of teaching a writing class at The Story Center. It was a packed house! And I had a blast. If you're in Kansas City, I'd love to see you at my next class. This time, I'm talking about publishing.
Join me for Publishing Resources: Online and Beyond on April 20, 2020. I'll be teaching more in the summer, so keep an eye on my website's Events page

So what about my novels? I'm currently on sub with my agent. For those of you unfamiliar with publishing lingo, "on sub" means my agent is submitting my novel to various editors. We've had some bites! Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I am a believer that hard work is the main factor to getting published, but I also know luck is a factor. So is reader support! You all are such an important part of my writing life. Without you, I couldn't make this happen. Truly. You all are awesome! Which is why I want to hear from you. Today's giveaway is a signed copy of one of my books. To enter, I want to hear from you. Reply to this newsletter and tell me what you'd like to see more in my newsletter. How often do you want one? What would you like to see? What is most helpful to you? To help you out now, here's my writing tip for the day: Always - ALWAYS - be working on the next thing. No exceptions. Even if it's daydreaming about a new concept or writing a simple outline while you edit your WIP, that's better than nothing. For example, I may be on sub with my young adult sci-fi, but I'm not sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I am working on finalizing my next sci-fi for my agent. Monsters in SPAAAACEEE. 
To the left is my current revision. I color code all of my revisions. That way, I know exactly what I've changed from draft to draft. This revision is blue. It's a super simple way of seeing how much I've changed. Also, if I realize I want to keep something from draft 1 that I cut out during draft 2, then I can easily add it back in during draft 3. I'm a pretty visual person, so I love using outlines, graphs, and colors to get organized. Without organization, it's easy to get lost or overwhelmed during a revision. Find your method.

Exclusive Sneak Peek


Last newsletter, Took Me Yesterday was only a few days from officially releasing on Wattpad. Now it is out! Every Saturday, I release a new chapter, and I hope all of you have been enjoying the sequel. If you’ve never heard of the Tomo trilogy, check out book 1—Take Me Tomorrow—also on Wattpad. I’ve definitely enjoyed diving back into Sophia Gray’s world. But I also know a lot of you have been wondering one thing: Where the hell is Noah Tomery? Well, he’s in the sequel. Promise. In fact, I have a surprise for you! Below is an exclusive sneak peek at when you’ll see him next. Though, it might leave you with more questions than answers...
I came face-to-face with Noah right then. His green eyes and my gray ones. He looked the exact same as the day we met, down to the black T-shirt and sun-kissed skin. He even appeared worn out, like he hadn’t quite slept or ate enough, and instead of being angry, all I wanted to do was ask him what had happened to him. Tell him I didn’t mean what I had just said. Instead, I glared. 

“Where does this go?” I asked, hoisting up a box. 

He blinked, and I recalled the time I had pushed him into a wall and held a knife to his throat. He had blinked back then, too. Surprised, maybe a little exhilarated. But this time, he didn’t smirk. 

He pointed his thumb over his shoulder. “That room.”

I brushed past him, hearing him mumble to Broden as I entered the cramped space, but before I could care about what they discussed, I realized what I was carrying. 

The smaller boxes from the train. The ones carrying weapons.

And the room was full. 
EEP! What’s going to happen next? You’re going to have to keep reading to find out. But I’ll tell you this: Took Me Yesterday is much darker than Take Me Tomorrow. It really explores the nitty-gritty of the drug world, how it affects the young, why people chose what they do, what can happen with synthetic drug experimentation, etc. I also loved exploring St. Louis and Raleigh in this book. I really wanted to take Sophia Gray out of her comfort zone, and boy, does she have a lot to deal with. ;) 
Happy reading! 
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