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Summer Reads & Giveaway

Hello! Hello! Since my last newsletter, much has happened. I wrote an article for my local chapter of SCBWI. I was also the local author of the month for June! That was super fun. I absolutely love SCBWI, and I encourage you all to check them out if you are interesting in writing or illustrating children's books. But more news and tips are below!
Every newsletter includes a (hidden) giveaway.
The winner of my last newsletter was Sierra D., who won a $10 gift card to a local bookstore.This time I'm giving away any eBook by a Black author.
Will you be the winner this time?
Good luck!

Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award

Recently, I was called into the office for a meeting, only to find a parade! I was awarded the Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award by Mid-Continent Public Library for my dedication to The Story Center, including virtual programming and more. I am SUPER honored, and I'm just proud to share this. It meant a lot to me, and I am so grateful to work in storytelling with storytellers all day. Never give up on your dreams. <3 

SAT Update & Writing Tips

Right now, this newsletter is quarterly. Last time we spoke, it was April. Since then, I've had a birthday, and I turned 29! I also took my first vacation in years. Considering the whole world, it ended up being a staycation, and I wrote about how you can have a fun staycation on my blog. I definitely read a lot, and right now, I encourage everyone to read more books by Black authors. My recent favorite was A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow. If you respond to this newsletter and tell me what book you've loved by a Black author and/or which one you want to read, you'll be entered to win any 
eBook by a Black author of your choice. If you're unsure, I can always recommend one based on other books you've loved! So please let me know if you need a recommendation! I'm always happy to help. 

Other than reading, I've also done some writing.
I recently finished my revision on my first adult science fiction book, and it's currently in my agent's hands. (Let's hope she doesn't totally hate it. *insert nervous laughing here*) In the meantime, I'm playing around with five (yes, FIVE) different manuscript ideas as potentials for my next WIP. I have monsters and storms and glowing plants and ghosts and so much more. It's so hard to choose! But it must be done. How do you choose what to work on next? I always recommend playing around with the ideas until you land on one. For instance, I love to make Pinterest boards and start working on a screenplay of dialogue and scenes. Eventually one book will demand more attention than the others. When that happens, I might start sending out ideas to betas or my agent and ask them which of the ideas they want to see more of the most. That way, I can see if my feelings align with my readers. In fact, I've already sent pages from three of the five to betas to get initial reaction feedback, and it's really insightful! Next, I'll probably narrow five down to two or three, then ask my agent what she recommends based on the current market. But that's just my strategy! Everyone's can be different, and it can change from project to project, so keep an open mind. And just enjoy. :) If you're thinking about starting a new writing project soon, I have a free online opportunity below!

Virtual Event

Starting a Writing Project
Monday, July 27 at 6:30 PM (CDT)

I'll be teaching this virtual event via ZOOM for The Story Center. Want to know how you can start your writing project? Unsure about setting goals or how to get the words down? Then, join me for this interactive workshop!
My program is 100% free and open to anyone in the world. Register here.

Exclusive Sneak Peek

Out of all the new ideas I've been considering for my next WIP, the one I've done the most on so far is a monster academy murder mystery. To the right is my mood board, which are so much fun to make. They definitely get you inspired! I always suggest building a Pinterest board of various characters, rooms, feelings, etc. It always helps me get in the headspace to write. Without further ado, here is your exclusive sneak peek:

Death lingered in the library, not entirely unusual, but certainly unexpected.

This early in the morning, he preferred to smell freshly roasted coffee, perhaps a freshly baked scone. Not the latest scent brought in by his next assignment. And yet, here he stood in the library, recalling the moment his father taught him how every deathkeeper experienced a passing differently. Some heard voices; others had visions. Kallon Blackmoor, the last of the Blackmoor deathkeepers, was lucky enough to smell each spirit; this one redolent of sun-warmed cypress, jasmine, and bergamot. No matter how close he pressed his nose to his coffee, citrus bit through uninvited. Untimely. A smog. 

A murder, then.  

Frustrated, he tossed his cup into the nearest trashcan, flinching at the splash. He should’ve dumped it first.

“Apologies,” he muttered to the head librarian, the only staff member willing to glare at him. No matter.

If he didn’t find the source of the cypress-jasmine-bergamot soul—and soon—he’d doom them to eternal wandering, or worse, risk the chance of the spirit leaking over to the human realm and wreaking havoc. Even worse if they became a ghoul.

No pressure.

With the last warning bell ringing slow and long, Kallon made his way to homeroom on time. The last of his classmates poured in after him, uniforms pressed, hair coiffed, gossip loud and fast. 

“Didn’t you hear?” a lanky girl with long white hair whispered to her table. “Petrigrue is missing.”

“I heard the board is reviewing her status.”

“I heard she got caught eating a myth.”

“No, it was a legend.” 

“A brood.”

 The gossip continued as Kallon crossed the room to his seat by the window. Usually, at the beginning of the semester, students would stare at him, and he would gaze out the window. 

That’s the deathkeeper. 

The one who—? 

Yes, that one.

Soon, they’d stop staring, and he could stop looking at the treeline that had been mere saplings in his childhood. Today, though, no one paid any attention to him at all. 

The gossip focused elsewhere would’ve been refreshing if not for the topic. 

Headmistress Petrigrue was missing, and Kallon had just remembered how her morning tea clung to her clothes—and what it smelled like.


Could it be?

This book has been super fun to work on so far! I mean, who doesn't enjoy a grim reaper with a heart of gold? I know I'm a sucker for Kallon, and I hope to spend more time with him and the other monsterous characters that have been rolling about in my head for a while now. Anywho, until I can release another book, any and all support helps little authors like me find an editor who can convince a publisher to take a risk on my work. Please keep reading, sharing, and spreading the word!
Without you, my books wouldn't exist. 

P.S. If you like swoony men with dark secrets, might I suggest Eric Welborn from The Timely Death Trilogy? You can check out the entire trilogy below, starting with Minutes Before Sunset!

*Grabby Hands*

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