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Writing News and Library Life! 

Hey, all! Can you believe I haven’t sent one of these out since last July?! Between working full time at the library and continuing my editing services (not to mention finding time to write), it’s easy to let this newsletter slip my mind. But I’m here today with a couple of updates I’m really excited about, especially in regards to a certain writing contest and my first YA historical fantasy!

Here’s to 2019! 

Take Me Tomorrow on Wattpad
I wanted to start here, because so many of you have asked me when TAKE ME TOMORROW would be republished over the years. For those of who you don’t know, Take Me Tomorrow is a young adult dystopian Breaking Bad set in the near-future in Kansas City. It has enemies-to-lovers, a corrupt city with sci-fi elements, and one strong-headed heroine. Originally, it was published in 2014 by AEC Stellar Publishing, but it was taken off the market less than three months later when the publisher shuddered its doors. (insert author tears here) Ever since, I’ve struggled to find it a new home, mainly because it was previously published and publishers aren’t super keen on previously published works.  
Still, I continuously submitted it, got super super close a couple of times, and even wrote the sequel. But I just never got a deal, and that’s okay. Sometimes things don’t work out how you would hope. But I never stopped receiving messages, and eventually, I realized why not just share it myself? So I went back to the original home of TAKE ME TOMORROW: Wattpad. Don't know that story? Check out From Wattpad to Publication.
For die-hard fans, you'll be excited to know that there are new sections and information scattered throughout the book. I hope you enjoy the new material! Right now, I am uploading a new chapter every Saturday, with the exception of the first Saturday of the month. (Those days you'll get blog posts, but there's more about that below!) So, if you're excited about reading TAKE ME TOMORROW, head on over to Wattpad by clicking here. You can now read chapters 1-9. Please show your support by voting on the chapters, a.k.a. clicking the star button. It helps new readers find it. Even better? Once I'm done posting TAKE ME TOMORROW, I'll be posting the never-before-released sequel, TOOK ME TO YESTERDAY. I know it's been a long wait, but I hope it's been worth it!  
A SAT Update

Last year was crazy. Not only did I start a new job as a Youth Librarian for the Mid-Continent Public Library last February, I was then promoted to Branch Programmer last November, which basically means I’m in charge of marketing and understanding our demographics so that we can focus on the most effective programs for our community. I also had to move, which wasn’t so exciting, but I love my new place, and I'm settled in now.
All in all, 2018 was nearly an impossible year to write, and it was hard. I’m hoping 2019 will be better. Between my health improving and adjusting to my new 8-5, I remain hopeful. I write during my lunch breaks. I'm actually writing this on my lunch break right now!

So what else have I been up to? I was lucky enough to be a featured author at the Local Author Fair here in Kansas City, Missouri back in November, and it was a blast! I've also been revising my first historical fantasy, writing my next sci-fi book, and outlining a cyberpunk YA. Read an exclusive excerpt from my YA historical fantasy book below!  

Blogging and Limited Editing Services

As many of you know, I've been blogging regularly since 2012. (I used to blog every other day!) But over the years, between increasing work responsibilities and writing goals, I've had to cut back on blogging. I love, love, love blogging, don't get me wrong, but last year I barely blogged at all. And that made me sad. So this year I am bringing back blog posts. I'll post one new writing-related blog post every first Saturday of the month. You can already read my January post Is It Possible To Read too Much as a Writer?, and this Saturday I'm blogging about my average day as a writer. I hope you enjoy the posts! Due to my full-time job at the library, I am also cutting back on my services. If you've already spoken with me about a future editing date, that still stands, don't worry. I'm still editing part time (about 15-20 hours per week), but I will be a bit more picky about taking on new projects and clients at this time. There is a note on my website's Services page, so keep an eye out there, or send me a message anyway. I'm always happy to discuss options.

Exclusive Preview


(Okay, so sort of exclusive. This excerpt actually won Authoress Secret Agent contest on January 28! Check it out
here. I hope you enjoy the excerpt as much as the secret agent did!

Gaythelos had two different colored eyes—one blue, one green—and he used them to domineer the Middle Sea.

His right eye, the green one, watched the waves and interpreted the nautical map hidden in the stars. His blue eye allowed him to see what normally wasn’tvisible: the spear-barring sea sorceress, who had blackened teeth and even darker eyes; the twelve-headed serpent, who fed on sailors’ flesh; the scale-covered míol mór, a whale who sang only when it watched people drown.

From a young age, Gaythelos realized his green gaze saw the human world, while his blue exposed the Otherworld. A realmfilled with gods and monsters. Gaythelos stood in both, as did the sea. Whether the waves encouraged ship-splintering storms or the demons who enjoyed the destruction, Gaythelos saw the ocean for what it was and the ocean saw him back, which was why it left him alone. Most monsters wanted unsuspecting victims, not soldiers ready to fight, and Gaythelos made sure to train all of his followers in combat, navigation, and barter.Some might have called them an army. Gaythelos preferred to ignore titles, including his own: Attica’s prince, son of Cecrops, child of Zeus. Much good that did him.

How many times had he been exiled now? Four? Five?

The first time it had happened, he was eight. Barely old enough to realize what, exactly, being a bastard prince meant to an already contentious throne. The second time, he was more prepared. The third, he realized preparation was futile.

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