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29 Days of Summer Sale!

For July only, you can read the entire Bad Bloods series for under $10! But that's not all. In today's update, you can enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card, read an exclusive excerpt from one of my unpublished manuscripts, see a sneak peek of an upcoming blog series, and help me participate in a contest.

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So, what have I been up to?

Recently, I went through a MAJOR reading slump, but my favorite YA books I've read this year are Scythe by Neal Shusterman, The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron, and My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows. Check those out!

In other news, Bad Bloods is getting an audio book! I've already heard some auditions, and they're amazing. I'll keep everyone updated as I get more info. 

I know many of you are waiting on Take Me Tomorrow news, and I recently spoke with my publisher about the Tomo trilogy. I hope I can share more news with you soon. Until then...

I'm writing like crazy. I have a YA fantasy with a badass marital artist who is struggling with her narcolepsy and the dreamscape she visits. (Guess what? You can read an excerpt below.) I also finished a YA sci-fi-fantasy blend about a botanist who enters the first immersive reality video game. (I'm absolutely in love with this book.) Both of these books have monsters and romance, but mainly monsters. ;) 

I'm working on my first YA historical right now as well. I'm about halfway through, but I'm currently on break while I work on some revisions. I'm also participating in some writing contests, so if you want to help me out, check out #SFFPit below. 

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How can you help?

If you're on Twitter, I'm participating in #SFFPit this Thursday, June 22, between 8 AM-6 PM (EST). Basically, I'm tweeting out pitches for my YA SFF manuscripts, and I can use your support at @AuthorSAT
Please retweet if you can.
As a special thank you, look below.
Exclusive Excerpt

As a special thank you for helping me out during #SFFPit, here's an exclusive excerpt from my unpublished YA fantasy about a martial artist struggling with her narcolepsy and the dreamscape she drags her friends and family into. For those of you who don't know, I have narcolepsy, so this book is really important to me. I want to show what it can be like to live with narcolepsy, including breaking some of those stigmas and misconceptions about the sleep disorder, while showcasing a badass martial artist (and monsters). 
Chapter One

Every line of her body was solid, down to the unusually deep curve between her jutting ribcage and her scrawny hips. When she moved up my bed, her bones cracked, and when I moved back against my headboard, she crawled halfway up my torso. Nose-to-nose, she smelled like rain, and water dripped off her hair onto my sternum. This woman had horns. Three horns as black as night and as difficult to decipher from the shadows as her inky, stringy hair.

I told myself what I always told myself, what my mother told me, what my doctor promised me, what my father used to say.

She was not real.

But she grinned when our eyes met, and that’s when I felt it.

Her fingers weren’t fingers at all—but claws made of bone—and the sharpened edge of one scraped a line right across my bicep. Blood trickled out. Blood, that shouldn’t have been affected by my narcolepsy’s imagination.

I fought back and screamed.

My mother burst into my bedroom on cue, as if she’d been anticipating another one of my midnight episodes, and as much as I wanted to tell her that I was fine now—that I understood my diagnosis—I secretly loved what happened every time she came. The hypnopompic hallucination disappeared, a side effect of my narcolepsy. A reoccurring, paralyzing side effect. They happened between sleep and wakefulness, and lasted anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. In public, I referred to them as nightmares, because people tended to shy away from anyone who had hallucinations, but they were nothing like nightmares. Hypnopompic hallucinations were alive when I was awake, and though I was awake, I could never move away. Not even from a woman with horns. She wasn’t my first, and she wouldn’t be my last. 
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On the blog...
I asked and you answered. 

Most of you wanted to hear more about my editing process, so this month, you can expect a series of blog posts that get into detail about editing, including tips, sneak peeks, and more. The first post releases this Monday here.
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