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Welcome to the World of SAT!

If you're receiving this, you recently signed up for my newsletter through the Wrath and the Dawn: $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. My name is Shannon A. Thompson - SAT - and I'm a young adult science fiction/fantasy author, signed with Clean Teen Publishing. I hope you'll stick around to learn more about my books and my writing tips. In fact, I have two FREE books for you (and more)! If you're a reader, skip to the additional info below. If you're writer, I host a website that features writing tips every Monday. (More info is also below.) But if you want to know about me, I'm a cat lady of three gremlins, a coffee addict, and KDrama fan. I send out a newsletter once a month (and only if something is happening), but if you want to chat more than that, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wordpress. Feel free to connect.
I hope you enjoy the freebies and other information below. 
Thanks for the chat, 
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If you love paranormal romance...

The Timely Death trilogy is where you should start. Why? Well, for one, it's a complete series, and, despite being a paranormal romance, there are NO vampires or werewolves. (WHAT?!) You heard me.
The Timely Death trilogy has all new creatures and myths, and it takes places in Kansas, which is where I grew up. It's lightly based off of the black-eyed children. (Don't blame me for nightmares when you Google it.) 

Minutes Before Sunset, book 1, is currently FREE. 

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Seconds Before Sunrise: book 2:

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Death Before Daylight: book 3:

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If you love dark fantasy...

the Bad Bloods series is where you should start.
Bad Bloods in 35 words or less: 17-year-old Serena is the only bad blood to escape execution. Now symbolized for an election, she must prove her people are human despite hindering abilities before everyone is killed and a city is destroyed. On a side note, the Bad Bloods series is a generational duology series, meaning every two books are told by new characters and follow a new political issue. November Rain and November Snow follow an election, and they are told by Daniel and Serena, while July Thunder and July Lightning are told by Violet and Caleb, and show the repercussions of the first duology.  
You're also in luck! The Bad Bloods series is having a summer sale! 
You can read the entire series for under $10 this month only.
November Rain (#1) is FREE
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November Snow (#2)
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July Thunder (#3) 
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July Lightning (#4)
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Bad Bloods Audio Book

Due to popular demand, (can I say that?), Bad Bloods is getting an audio book!
This is my first audio book, so it's safe to say I'm losing my mind due to excitement.

Listen to a preview here.
On the blog...
I share writing tips every Monday! 

This month, you can expect a series of blog posts that get into detail about editing, including tips, sneak peeks, and more. The first post is here. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask, too! I'm here to help!

But...Seriously, WHO ARE YOU?

My name really is Shannon A. Thompson, though I tend to avoid telling people my middle name is Ashlee. (Yes, like Ashlee Simpson.) I write science fiction, fantasy, and everything in between, and I've been writing ever since I could remember. My story gets a little sad though. When I was eleven, my mother suddenly passed away, and that's when I decided to chase my dreams. My first book was published when I was 16 in 2007, and...eek! I just turned 26 last week. I also found out I am going to be an aunt! (Best birthday ever, #amIright?) 

As for a day job...Well, I work the nightshift for the publishing industry. I'm a publicity and marketing associate, and I work as a freelance editor, too. You can read about my services here. I'm basically a publishing vampire.

I am an avid reader, but recently, I went through a MAJOR reading slump. That being said, my favorite YA books I've read this year are Scythe by Neal Shusterman, The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron, and My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows. If you ever have suggestions, send them my way! I love to talk books.

Aside from my slight obsession with my cats, coffee, and KDramas, I also love true crime podcasts and Sailor Moon. I currently live in Kansas City, Missouri, but I've moved 15 times in my life! I've lived in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Georgia, Kansas, and Missouri. Who knows where I'll end up next?

If you're the type who needs a video to break the ice, here's a video of me making a fool of myself during my latest book release from my YouTube Channel, Coffee & Cats

Until next time...

I rarely make videos...because of this reason, but I try! (Promise.)
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