During the last months we have organised a series of events with very positive outcomes and outputs that we will like to share with you.

Lisbon Conference


The slim but remarkable volume: Open the Social Sciences: Report of the Gulbenkian Commission on the Restructuring of the Social Sciences was published in 1996. 20 years have passed, and it is an opportune time to revisit the themes and suggestions of the Report. Many of them are still very timely, awaiting further examination and debate. On the other hand, some things have changed in the social sciences and their various boundary conditions.

Reconsidering the Report and its messages collectively Lisbon conference provided an opportunity to address the challenges in a way that is respectful for historical continuity and generative of novel and updated insights.

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Barcelona Training School on Urban Research


Organised around a common framework of sustainable urban research and problem solving based on the interplay of five key competences:  System thinking competence, anticipatory competence, normative competence, strategic competence and interpersonal competence,  Barcelona Training School provided methodological foundations and experience in designing and implementing inter/ transdisciplinary urban research.

Barcelona Training School was linked to the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona (CCCB) events focusing on Climate Change.  Thus, the training school also addressed questions as:
  • How academic institutions translate to the citizens the need for behavioural change regarding to Climate Change? –communication/educational challenge.
  • How scientific research is influenced by social values and preferences and is able to integrate citizens’ knowledge? –knowledge creation challenge.
  • How cultural institutions could contribute towards the process of involving citizens, artists and scientists, as well as practitioners and politicians, in co-creation processes related to both knowledge and political action?  -political challenge.
Soon we will share the vídeos of the lectures


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Trainees feedback on BCN Training School


Intense, playful, thought provoking, reflective, challenging, rapid, sparks of humour, puzzling, stimulating are among the adjectives used to describe our 1st Intrepid Training School.

Check Trainees’ blog on Barcelona Training School

MC&WG Meetings


In our Network’s last meeting in Barcelona, 17th February 2017, we held our Management Committee meeting and approved a preliminary work programme and budget for our 3rd year (2017-18), which will  need to be submitted and approved by the COST Office.

The following day (18th February), Working Group 2 had a preliminary ‘brainstorm’ session aimed at scoping some of the broad contextual issues linked to this Initiative. We started by discussing the role of academia and universities in producing knowledge for sustainable futures. We ended up with what looks like two possible narratives of the future, one more likely to lead to dystopian conditions, the other aspiring to more utopian ones. 

We felt that INTREPID should take a purposive stance in relation to the topic, by asking what Academia and Universities can do to promote knowledge for a sustainable development-oriented mindset and future. To do this, we could link to UNESCO's agenda for Education for SD, and we could also link to SDGs agendas and - for urban issues - to the work by UN Habitat. But we may also consider these frameworks too conservative and explore other paths.

4th Action Workshop 'INTREPID', on the 24th March 2017, to reflect on “The Future of Academia and Universities: as if ID and TD Mattered” (INTREPID Futures Initiative)


Based on the preliminary  ideas  from the Working Group 2 meeting in barcelona (18th February), we ran a one-day workshop in London, at Westminister University, organised by Olivia Bina, GiulioVerdini, Andy Inch and Marta Varanda. The results of the discussion, which aim to shape our INTREPID Futures Initiative, will be disseminated in our next newsletter.

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Transformative Knowledge for an era of Planetary Urbanization? Questioning the role of social sciences and humanities from an interdisciplinary perspective


This AESOP workshop will take place in Lisbon, 10 July 2017. This seminar aims to bring together a group of particularly early and mid-career scholars to discuss the kinds of transformative knowledge, pedagogy and practice required to achieve sustainable development in an era of planetary urbanization. We invite scholars from (and beyond) all areas of urban studies and SSH linked to urban issues, including, but not limited to, planning, architecture, urban design, urban geography; and economics, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, comparative literature, cultural studies, to participate.

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Experiments in collaboration: rethinking the human sciences in (or for?) an interdisciplinary age (CfP, Science in Public, Sheffield, 10–12 July 2017). Felicity Callard was a keynote speaker at our Lisbon Conference and she is now co-organising this exciting open panel.

Summer School: Concepts and tools to engage in knowledge co-production and public participation (19th – 23st June 2017 | ISEG – Lisbon, Portugal). Our vice-chair Marta Varanda is one of the trainers.

International Transdisciplinarity Conference in 2017 Transdisciplinary Research and Education — Intercultural Endeavours 11-15 September, 2017 | Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. Intrepid Cost Action is a partner organisation of this event

Energy Research & Social Science special Section on Enhancing the policy impact of energy research  published in the April 2017 (Vol 26).  It should be relevant for those of us concerned not only with advancing research for climate and energy sustainability, but also those trying to manage or promote interdisciplinary research, or design academic research for maximum policy (and social) impact.
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