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February 2021


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Eric Jackson, The Sydcast: Finding Next-Gen FAANGs

How Eric Jackson has "Evolved into One of the Most Exciting Stock Pickers in the Country" on The Sydcast 

Sydney Finkelstein of The Sydcast spoke with Eric about his unique career path and how it has lead him to successfully predict several Next-Gen FAANGs. Syd wants to know how to find the next ones.

On February 21, 2021, Founder and President of EMJ Capital – Eric Jackson, was featured on The Sydcast with Sydney Finkelstein. Interested in Eric's story, Sydney mused on their shared beginnings at Columbia and how Eric's non-traditional approach to life and business has lead to success for EMJ Capital. 

Syd states: "Through Eric's insight, network and research approach, he has been able to identify several smaller tech companies with huge upside potential. His fund has returned about 150% to investors just in 2020." 

Syd delved into Eric's early insight and interest in companies like Alibaba
. Years ago, a tech executive paid attention to Eric's observations and became the first investor and catalyst for EMJ Capital. EMJ's consistent performance history portfolio includes Twilio, Roku, Shopify, and many others.

How to find Next-Gen FAANGS? Perseverance, tenacity, curiosity, research, network, knowledge, performance and vision are just some of the components of the equation. Eric's approach encompasses a lived experience. 


Listen to Eric's interesting and informative perspective on the Sydcast: How to Find the Next Google, Amazon, or Microsoft, With Investor Eric Jackson.

Eric on the State of Tech Stocks – Bloomberg BW

EMJ Capital's Eric Jackson spoke with Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec at Bloomberg Businessweek about the current and future state of Tech Stocks.

Despite days where everything in tech seems out of favour, EMJ Capital is off to a good start in 2021. Listen at 00:35:55.

Globe & Mail on EMJ Capital's Use of Big Data

Globe & Mail highlights EMJ's Eric Jackson for his success in identifying stock market trends early.

In 2020, Eric foresaw the Zoom wave and doubled his stake. The stock was up by 400% last year.

Now, the talk is on alternative data to gain insight into quickly changing markets and economies.
Read the Globe & Mail article by Tim Shufel - "Big data gives investors a big edge in fast markets".

EMJ Capital Advantage

EMJ Capital uses proprietary data science to help identify early trends for good longs and shorts.
A track record for identifying early growth winners: Twilio, Okta, Zoom, Roku, HelloFresh, & Delivery Hero.
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Founder and President of EMJ Capital Ltd. – concentrated long/short public market investing, based in Toronto.
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