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Gordon Veterinary Hospital
19 Ryde Rd, Pymble, NSW, 2073
Phone: 02 94983000
Joey Wins the Photojournalism Prize!Joey won the photojournalism award! This is awarded “for best photos of a day in the life of a clinic cat”. He is ecstatic about the win, has told all his friends and has mentioned quietly that he couldn’t have done it without Nurse Janie.

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Taking care of your pet's teeth

It’s Dental Month at Gordon Vet Hospital!

Dental health is often overlooked but could be the cause of your pet’s bad breath, difficulty eating or unnoticed pain. Dental disease is also a factor in the development of kidney disease and heart disease for a lot of our furry friends!

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Bailey's near fatal run in with snailsAngiostrongylus cantonensis or “rat lung worm” is a parasite who’s normal host is the rat but it causes a devastating paralysis if it happens makes it’s way into other hosts such as puppies or even people.

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