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Gordon Veterinary Hospital
19 Ryde Rd, Pymble, NSW, 2073
Phone: 02 94983000
The GVH Family is Rapidly Expanding 
You will all be happy to hear that Dr Gen has had her baby, Calvin, and he and a very proud mum are doing exceptionally well! We also have some more amazing news to share - nurse Hollie and her husband Mark are expecting in May! We are all so happy for both families.


Ralph's Red Eye 
Ralph's owner was very concerned that he had picked up a leech that had attached itself to his eye. The reality was that Ralph had a condition commonly called "Cherry Eye" and needed surgery.

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Summer Sounds and Your Furry Friends
Fireworks and thunderstorms are common occurrences in the summer months. Unfortunately many of the four legged members of our families find these sound and light shows terrifying, and can suffer considerably.

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  • The GVH Family is Rapidly Expanding!
  • Ralph's Red Eye
  • Summer sounds and your furry friends

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