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Roxy's False Joint Usually we see hip dislocations following car accidents, but for little Roxy the 13 ½ year old Cocker Spaniel, all it took was falling down a couple of stairs on the weekend. She is a stoic little dog, however was unable to bear weight on her leg, so was brought straight in to see us. Click below to read all about Roxy's condition and the surgery that helped her walk again.

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A Recent Parvovirus Case

Despite a highly effective vaccine which covers all the current strains of canine parvovirus, there are still regularly cases of parvovirus in unvaccinated animals  in Sydney, and there was a puppy infected locally in the past couple of weeks. Parvovirus is shed in extremely large numbers in the faeces of infected dogs, and can survive months in the environment. Only a tiny amount of this infected faeces needs to enter the body of an unvaccinated dog via ingesting it or even grooming it off their body.

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Welcome to the team Nurse Sallie

Sallie started at Gordon Vet after a long career in veterinary and human nursing. Sallie uses her experience in both industries to provide top level care and education for her coworkers. She really enjoys a challenge at work and is working towards making Gordon Vet Hospital as close to waste free as possible!

When she’s not at work, Sallie takes care of her two beautiful children - Hayden and Mia and all her lovely pets - Chloe the dog and Lucy and Molly her cats. Sallie loves spending time on the beach where lives, knitting and environmental causes.

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