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12 Toxins That May Affect Your Pet With the festive season right around the corner it is important to know if what you assumed were harmless food items are affecting your pet in a negative way. Did you know that macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs and there are some tick preventatives that are fatal for cats?

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Nova the Wonder Dog Recently, Nova’s housemate, who is a black and white papillon, was suffering from a troublesome ulcer on the cornea in his eye. It wasn’t healing as quickly as we would have liked, so we needed to pull out one of our big guns. Believe it or not, they are eye drops that we make from a dog’s own blood.

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Happy birthday to not-so-blind Bodi

Soon it will be Bodi’s 17th birthday, and despite becoming acutely blind a few months ago, we won’t be surprised if he can see the candles on his birthday cake! Click below to learn all about 

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