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Gordon Veterinary Hospital
19 Ryde Rd, Pymble, NSW, 2073
Phone: 02 94983000
Taronga Zookeeper Turns Vet Nurse To Help Local Pets
We are all delighted that Janie has decided to join the team at Gordon Vet Hospital after leaving Taronga Zoo where she worked as a zookeeper. Her care for cats, dogs and rabbits as well as her outstanding knowledge of local wildlife makes her a great addition to the team!

Dog Owners Anonymous
OK, it's confession time. Does your dog hump other dogs in public? Do they greet other dogs at the park with a concentrated bottom sniff? Or does you little dog seem to have "Small Dog syndrome"? Dogs and cats enrich our lives in so many ways, however they are also a regular source of unease for their owners when they exhibit behaviours that don't quite fit in with our social graces. Keep reading to find out why they do these quirky things, and what you can do to help manage it.
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Tooli's Eye Emergency
Tooli's family noticed that one eye had a pupil that was a different colour. Luckily they got Tooli into us in time to save her vision in that eye!

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  • Welcome to the team Janie!
  • Dog Owners Anonymous
  • Tooli's Eye Emergency

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