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№2, 15 July 2015   
Minsk Agreements: Can't Be Forgotten or Can't Be Implemented?
The authors analyse why the Minsk model has hit a dead end and why its adjustment or revision may become one of the main issues on the daily agenda for debate.  
Ukraine – NATO: Diagnosing the Partnership
The study contains articles which cover important topics in today’s Ukraine – NATO relations: How did the Ukrainian issue reshape the NATO? Are occupied territories an obstacle to the integration? What does the public have to say on the issue?
Citizenship, Land and Nationalization of Property in Occupied Crimea: Rights Deficit
The Report studies problems faced by Crimean population after the Russian annexation: forced renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship, nationalization of Ukrainian public and private property by occupation authorities and land property problems.
Events in Ukraine (reports):
08.07.2015. Odesa, Association for Community Self-Organization Assistance, Debate: “Local Government Reform: How Not to Harm the Community”
05.07.2015. Sloviansk, Centre UA, ICPS Forum: "Donbas - Ukraine: agenda"
                                  Upcoming events:
30.09.-02.10.2015. Odesa, Mechnikov National University, 5th International Research and Methodology Conference: "Educational Assessment 2015: Reforming Standardized External Testing – Methodology, Model and Core Elements" (Deadline for abstracts 15 July!)
One Year on from the Annexation of Crimea
Head of Moscow KAS Office reflects on how did the occupation of Crimea and conflict in Ukraine impact Russia: How did the attitude of the Russian citizens to the West change? What is an impact on the economy and political system?
Six Recommendations to Strengthen the Ukraine-NATO Partnership
The policy brief presents six recommendations to strengthen the NATO-Ukraine Partnership, among them: delivery of modern weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, development of a clear policy to deal with Russia etc.
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Anti-corruption in Moldova and Ukraine: A V4 Handbook of Best Practices
The handbook offers case studies from the Visegrad countries’ anti-corruption policy and proposes solutions on how Moldova and Ukraine can best capitalise on the EU’s expertise, financial assistance and political momentum in anti-corruption reforms.

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Hopes, Fears and Dreams: The Views of Ukraine’s Next Generation
The report is based on a survey of 1200 16-35 year olds across Ukraine, to capture and assess the attitudes of young Ukrainian people towards the future economic, social, cultural and political development of their country.
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Events in Brussels and the EU (reports):
8.07.2015. Brussels, Carnegie conference: "Bridging the Gaps in EU Foreign Policy"
Upcoming events: 
17.07.2015. Washington, Atlantic Council event: "Solving the MH17 Puzzle: What Do We Know One Year Later?"
24.07.2015. Washington, Wilson Center event: "Ukraine’s Decommunization Laws: Legislating the Past?"
Pursuing reforms: Launch of the Communication System of the Office
On the 2 July 2015, Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels has launched the Communication System. The System is designed to increase cooperation and facilitate communication between those who demand and make reforms inside Ukraine with those who demand and push for reforms from outside Ukraine.
  The Office is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation 
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