March 9 Therapeutic Movement Class Review
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It's time to get your QI flowing

This newsletter is a general recap of the material we covered in today's class. Even if you were not present, the Doctor senses this would be pertinent to all participants, past and present. 


                  Raising the Arms
                  Opening the Chest
                  Painting a Rainbow
                  Separating the Clouds
                  Rolling the Arms in a Horse-riding Stance
                  Rowing a Boat in the Middle of a Lake
                  Carry Ball in Front of the Shoulders
                  Gazing at the Moon
                  Turning the Waist and Pushing with the Palm
                  Cloud Hands in a Horse-riding Stance
                  Scooping the Sea and Looking at the Horizon
                  Pushing the Waves
                  Flying Dove spreads its Wings
                  Punching in a Horse-riding Stance
                  Flying Wild Goose
                  Turn like a flying wheel
                  Stepping and Bouncing a Ball
                  Balancing the Chi to Close
Each movement to be repeated 6-9-18-36-81 times 
Click Here to follow a favored video
Concentrating on our glands and meridian pathways
Stimulating the natural energy flow of our bodies 
TAPPING THE THYMUS (Near our Heart chakra ANAHATA)
1. Using a loose fist, start by tapping the center of your chest, moving outwards
2. Stop and hover tap near the shoulder
3. Repeat 3-9 times and then switch sides
THYMUS: a lymphoid situated in the neck that produces T cells and is important for our immune systems. 
1. Starting at the thymus gland, going to the right with the left fist (and then to the left with the right fist), tap all the way down on the "red" side of the skin (side most exposed to the sun)
2. Tap down the arm, stopping at the joints or anywhere that feels stuck and needs extra tapping
3. Finish by tapping on the hand, (or with an open hand if that feels better)
Starting at the hand where the index and thumb join, make a loose fist and tap up the arm to the shoulder area.
Passing through the Large Intestine meridian (LI 4, LI 11, LI 15)

The key to this therapeutic movement is to EXHALE ON THE GOOD

While doing various exercises and moves, the stratagem is finding the side that feels most vulnerable- not necessarily painful.
Once this has been located and felt, concentrate on breathing out while doing the full motion (of the exercise) on the stronger side.
Repeat 3-15 times and then try the vulnerable side once more and explore the difference a move and breath makes

1. Putting both hands behind the neck, supporting the occiput (the back of the head/skull)
2. On exhalation, press the back of your head into your hands, while activating your shoulders, trying approach your shoulders together.
(Squeezing your rhomboids in)
3. Exhale and release the tension while feeling the Qi flow
Repeat 3-5 times
Medical GIGONG for Easing the Liver and Digestion
Medical Qigong for the liver
1. Hold hands in front of bellybutton like holding a small ball. Inhale through
 your nose and exhale through your mouth. Allow your mind to concentrate on your dantian
2. Slowly raise hands slightly above your third eye, and imagine energy coming into your 
3. Lower each hand to 
qimen, the lowest level of your ribs
4. With your palms on top of your 
qimen points, massage 6 circles in each direction. Leaving palms where they are, alternate bending toward the side, four times to each side
5. Lower your palms to your 
zhangmen point and massage 6 circles in each direction; the lowest point on your ribs in line with your arm pits
6. Overlap both hands on top of your 
dantian, and then bend your body forward and back, 4 times
7. Then separate your palms and begin moving down along the sides of your legs, following the Liver energy channel. Exhale as you bend your body and lower your palms to pass your 
ququan, taichong, xingjian points. End with your middle finger pointing at your dadun, but without touching. Stay there a few seconds, then bends your knees slightly to come up to a standing position
Repeat this easing liver sequence 3-10 times.
It may take a while to be able to work up to ten. The idea is to go slow and take it easy. Stop before over-doing it, your body is always communicating with you 
1. Calm and still the mind, slow down your thoughts to a point of single focus on the breath
2. Relax the body through deeper and fuller breaths
(Ujjaya / diaphragmatic breathing)
3. Qi (energy) or breath flows freely through the body to open meridians (energy pathways) and relax the muscles and nervous system of the body
4. Mind directs Qi, the mind sets the intention
(visualization is very powerful!)
5. Qi is absorbed when needed as meridians are cleared and opened
6. Qi is release, let go or directed following intention set by the mind
Peaceful, beautiful and flowing Qigong exercise that brings euphoric relaxed feelings and physically stimulating for prime health
All we have is our breath
&&What started the need for this newsletter, here is the comic book the Doctor referred to in class today, I wonder if they have any copies at Russels Books?
Thank you for your continued support. 
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments of concerns. 
And please join us one more time, next Thursday at 9am at the Vic West Community Centre
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