Inspire Acupuncture - November Newsletter - The Immune System, Clinic Closure/Holidays
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ATTENTION: Clinic Closure Nov 25th to December 9th 2015
During our absence Miss Sarah Smith will be our locum, and will accept patients in our location on Thursdays and Fridays. She will be at the clinic Nov 26,27 and Dec 3,4. Please book via telephone for appointments on these dates.

Please Note: Credit Card transactions will have 3.5% added to the bill.

"The Human Bladder; Holy Grail of Healthy Stem Cells and Cellular Memory"

Last year, when attending a Kiiko Sensei seminar, we learned about a point called “below Ren3”. This point is in the same location as Ren3 (the bladder “alarm” point) just slightly deeper. It was described in the "Classics" as a special point that when needed, with skill, can awaken the body’s ability to regenerate tissue. It so happens that science recently discovered that the urachus, the bladder fascia that attaches to the abdominal wall, has very powerful steam cells. The scientists concocted "pixy dust" from pigs urachus. This funny named remedy has been shown to allow the body to regenerate lost digits to a degree never seen before by scientists. It has been used on soldiers in the Middle East to astonishing effect. Interestingly Daniel Keown the author of “Spark in the Machine” shows in his studies of embryology and Chinese embryology how the human bladder is created before the kidneys and how it connects to the brain and spine (see following videos). To make things even more interesting, the Dr. who invented cancer remedy: Dr Burzynski from Texas, found antineoplastins - the switch for turning off over 100 cancer genes by isolating them from human urine.
The Bladder Channel and Embryology - Dr.Daniel Keown M.B. Ch.B., Lic. Ac

WPTV News from Florida - September 17th 2013
Burzynski Documentary: Cancer Is Serious Business - by Eric Merola
...Dr. Burzynski's gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970's called Antineoplastons.

ntineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer.... 
What are Acupuncture Points? - Dr.Daniel Keown  M.B. Ch.B., Lic. Ac
My own brew! Dr. Klimuszko Recipe Amber Tincture - made from ground amber stone and macerated with 90% alcohol. This remarkable remedy has been researched by this doctor and well documented in use for respiratory and kidney conditions. -Now Available-
It's Cold and Flu season.
Acupuncture can help!

    Don't want to get sick?
Acupuncture can help you get through winter illness free by strengthening and balancing your immune system.
    Already Sick?
Acupuncture can help ease those pesky systems and get you feeling well sooner.
    You were sick?
Can't seem to fully recover from last weeks illness? Acupuncture and Herbs can help boost your foundational health, eliminate any residual illness and get you on the path to full recovery.
Cordyceps sinensis Our favorite Immune boosting herb. This herb acts by boosting the energy of the Kidney and Lungs. Chinese Olympic runners use this herb for stamina as it increases cellular oxygenation. 
A Reminder that the Package Special and Referral Bonus are still available until the end of the year! Please take advantage of these before 2016.

What is the big fuss about using antibiotiotics?

Well… the overuse of antibiotics has led to the very same bacteria developing immunity to these antibiotics. This is serious, as now if a patient gets infected with bacteria that are antibiotic resistant it could be fatal or lead to amputations, says an article recently posted on Dr Mercola website. Click here for link

The Master Nagano Immune point or seven tonsilar points are very very effective for a lot of bacterial infections. Even pressing them daily will increase your immune strength. These points not only treat but also prevent “attack of external pathogenic factor” as we call it in TCM. We see it again and again in the clinic being incredibly effective from strep through to flu, to long-term immune weakness treatment.
Facial Acupuncture for keeping you looking gorgeous and healthy too!

Recently I was asked by a patient if I perform Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture. My answer was yes, I have completed a course with Virginia Dorran from NYC in Facial Rejuvenation. This is a great opportunity to work on physical appearance as well as the bodies nagging symptoms at the same time. Also, in turn the facial complexion and lines reveal which meridians and organs need a boost.
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