December means it's time for the Holiday Season!

As the month of November came to a close, we were greeted with a new moon that promised frisk breezes and festive cheers... Well, we got snow! 

The Holiday Seasons can be whatever you wish and whole-heartedly desire it to be. While the adversity against the commercialization and materialism of the Christmas holiday is high and alive, you have the choice to support what you have confidence in. 

With that said, while you are thinking about your kinsmen and how you wish to express your gratitude for the present of their presence, I kindly implore that you consider supporting small and local businesses, as we are fortunate to have a myriad in Victoria.

We have many gift ideas!!!
Got stocking stuffers on your mind? we do too! 
Did you know we make some of our own tinctures and products?

Amber Tincture is a staple here at Oriri Acupuncture Clinic. Used almost everyday in the office and treatment room, this is a powerhouse for all types of healing.
Can be applied topically or internally as it is known for its respiratory and kidney healing. Amber Tincture can even fight back against headaches when applied to the temples, back of the neck and wrists.


Oriri's own deodorant made from all organic ingredients [$9]
Himalayan crystal exfoliating scrub infused with essential oils [$18] 

A personal favorite, our Kalancho Tincture! Made from Bryophyllum plants that have been growing in the clinic, this vibrant green tincture contains many phyto-chemicals, important for the well being of our human bodies.
ANTI-fungal-viral-inflammatory.    [$30]

Please buy our RISHI TEA! We have a lot of these tin cans and wish to make space for the new year, along with our current desire to create our own organic teas! 

In the mean time  (while Oriris' Organic Chai and Wellness blends are being prepared) these RISHI teas are certified organic, and sure to please any and all of your friends and family.
[$18 a can, or $28 for Sencha]

& don't forget we have amber necklaces and bracelets that are notorious to pass along their good, positively charged energies to the bearer. We additionally have luscious soaps, coconut oil, many tinctures, organic argan oil from Morroco that feels amazing on your face and hands and essential oils in small, convenient 1 or 2 ml containers from Youg Living and DoTerra. We can order in ear seeds, tiger warmers for moxa, detox food pads, medistik supplies for those interested as well.

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season!

You can purchase a personalized gift card [any sum of money] that will be good towards any treatment offered by Dr. Hegillman and/or the various workshops offered. 
Please call or email for options.

Many workshop will be held in the New Year! 

We will be hosting another workshop for self healing on February 11th 2017.
Please check our website for more details

Movement to Free the Meridians class
Vic West Community Centre THURSDAY MORNINGs @ 9am.

**Only two classes left!**
 Drops in are welcomes and encouraged [$15] the money goes to the rented space, the teacher and your health.

Upper Left: Yin ~ Intent
Upper Right: Zhi ~ Will
Below: Heart 
Intent and Will – Yin – Zhi –
A Seminar on Classics by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée.
I had the honor of participating at a seminar by this distinguish French teacher who has studied Classics of Chinese Medicine for over 40 years.
Listening to all the Classic Passages and their respective Chinese translations, I have realized that those virtues explored are rooted in our physical body. This is why practicing meditation, mindfulness, qi gong, tai chi or yoga not only shapes a strong mind and spirit, but most significantly it is directly related to a stronger physical body.
Both characters for Intent and Will have the heart character inbeded in them.  The Will resides in the Kidney, the Yi Intent in the heart, they have to be aligned in order to be healthy mentally and physically. Ancient Classical Acupuncture and Moxibustion recognizes that there is a fundamental link between these organs and psychology. 
Reminder that one can book online, pay with cash, cheque, E-transfer or using Square for credit cards.
Also please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone with any questions and concerns.
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