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It's time to get moving with Oriri

This september I will be offering a therapeutic movements class at the Victoria West Community Center, which will be held every Thursday at 9am. This class will be inspired by Tai Qi, Qi Gong and Sotai Ho, and will aim to finding ways we can enhance our life, health and reduce the stress around us. In this class, we will learn how to help and support our internal organs and meridian balances via movement, breath and meditation. 

For more information and how you can sign up, please visit: 

or call 250-590-8922

Open to all, no previous experience necessary. 
Drops-in welcomed, space permitting. 

Great Book Recommendation
"Spontaneous Evolution" by Bruce Lipton.

Dr. Lipton's book offers a deep understanding of the individual’s healing process in todays challenging world as well as the one for our planet. 
Here is a quote from Dr. Lipton's book that emphasizes the mental and spiritual healing process:

"In the medical world, we sometimes have a patient who is declared terminal and everyone counts her out. Then something happens, and this individual has a fundamental change in her personal belief through which she expresses a spontaneous remission. One moment, she is terminal and the next totally free of disease.  This shocks many medical practitioners, but it happens frequently, and most people are aware that the phenomenon exists."

And there is another quote about the tumultuous time we happen to live in at the moment:

"Our civilization is presently in a state of disorganization and disintegration. 
We are currently in dire need of evolutionary advancement and don't have time for slow, gradual revolution. 
Interestingly, in light of the crisis we face, it appears that civilization is already in the throes of a punctuation.”

Explanation for the "punctuation”: "The upheavals are punctuation that change the course of the evolution and lead to the whole new forms of life.”

I hope you are able to locate this book at your local library or book store, and find it as enlightening as I do. 
The best thing for a mosquito, wasp, bee, hornet or any bite is... well you each have your own methods and know whats most suitable for you! However, I find moxibustion to be the best. Even just a couple cones of magic magwort plant burned on the bite takes way the pain, itching, swliing and discomfort. 

In a past workshop, I have demonstrated the appropriate way and techniques for the application and use of moxibustion. If you missed out on that, fear not! Frankincense and eucalyptus are essential oils used to neutralize poisons and help with the itchiness.
Are you tired of rubbing your skin raw due to bug bites this camping season? Have you heard of Terrapick? This is a handy new gadget that can neutralize insect poison and ease the burning discomfort within minutes.

This electronic tool is available through me by special order only for the low, one time cost of $25.00. 
It is important to note that in Chinese Medicine we are concerned with cold and damp environments, for their known negative consequences to our health. While camping this season and sleeping in close quarters to the earth, please remember to insulate your tent floor as much as possible from the humidity rising from the ground below. Why is this important? Prolonged exposure to dampness when sleeping can lead to arthritis! So take care of your joints and bring a couple extra blankets!
This is a tincture studied many years by a Polish Jesuit Priest Fr. Klimuszko.
We've already featured the multitude of healing properties of this tincture in our past Newsletters. However, fun to note today that this tincture is great for dealing with bug bites aswell. 

Amber necklaces are traditionally recommended for anyone with asthma, respiratory, thyroid disorders and hormonal issues. We do have these for sale at the clinic. 
For more information of our services and workshops please visit our website at:
Wishing you all stay grounded and balanced in this tumultuous year of the Fire Monkey,

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Katrine B. Hegillman
Post Scriptum:
I have officially changed my name Katarzyna A. Heigelmann to:
Katrine B. Hegillman
Nicknames used in the past: Kasia, Katarinna, Katrianna were not offical names.

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