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Indiana Republican Party
Indiana Republican Party Chairman Jeff Cardwell issued the following statement describing the Indiana GOP's delegate process:

“Let me assure all Hoosiers that your voice will be heard in our primary election on May 3. We look forward to welcoming all three of our presidential candidates to Indiana to provide them the opportunity to present their vision for the future of America to our citizens. We encourage everyone to engage in the process and get out and vote. We strongly believe in the election process and every vote counts.”
A description of our delegate process:
Indiana has a total of 57 delegates; 27 District Delegates (3 per each congressional district), 27 At-Large Delegates and 3 Automatic Delegates (2 for our Republican National Committee (RNC) Members and 1 for our State Chairman).
All of our delegates are bound on the first ballot by the results of our Primary Election. 

Here is an example of the allocation of delegates using some of the past candidates:
If Congressional District (CD) 6 goes for Gov. Scott Walker, then the three delegates from that district have to vote for Gov. Scott Walker on the first ballot.  If CD 1 goes for Gov. Jeb Bush, then those three delegates must vote for Gov. Jeb Bush on the first ballot (and so on).
All 27 at-large delegates represent the state popular vote.  If Indiana votes for Sen. Marco Rubio, then those 27 at-large delegates must vote for Sen. Rubio on the first ballot.

The 3 automatic delegates vote with the popular vote of the state. 
Click here to view a summary of our process, or you can view the process on our website.

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