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Leading the charge on climate 

Every day, dairy farmers are at the front-line of dealing with the impact of climate change. Many are leading the charge on climate action by adapting their production systems.

So, too, are researchers who hope to run the world’s first carbon-neutral dairy farm by 2026.

Last week’s release by Dairy Australia of an RD&E strategy for investments in climate change adaptation and emissions reduction serves as a timely reminder of the power of research for sustainability.

This month we share stories about what the Australian dairy industry is doing to deliver on a sustainability commitment to meet the challenge of climate change…and so much more. Enjoy!

New RD&E strategy tackles climate

A new RD&E strategy will help dairy farmers adapt and build their resilience to the climate change impacts on profitability, while working towards the industry’s sustainability targets.
Download the DA climate change strategy here

Dairy is committed to reducing its environmental impact
Fonterra NZ set to link milk prices to sustainability targets

A carbon-neutral dairy farm by 2026?

A “smart farm” run by Agriculture Victoria is fast-tracking innovative technology and research to become the world’s first carbon-neutral dairy farm in 2026.
Watch the story here

Australia leads global research to cut agricultural GHGs
Smart farms fast-track cutting-edge tech for agriculture

Global dairy’s low-carbon pathway

Although dairy is responsible for less than 3% of human made GHGs globally, the industry is set to launch an initiative that will encourage the sector to take action to reduce carbon emissions.
Read the full story here

WATCH Net zero, pathways to low-carbon dairy

Engagement “key to profitability”

Dairy farmers who get involved in R&D are better prepared to meet the challenges of a changing business operating environment and drive sustainable growth and profitability.
Read the full story here

Dairy women seize the #IWD2021 #ChoosetoChallenge
Enhancing economic viability and dairy livelihoods

LISTEN Gippsland Jersey talks building value into dairy products

Global dairy seeks food shakeup

The global dairy industry wants a food system that maximises the value of animal agriculture to economies, diets and the environment, while creating greater opportunities for women and youth.
Read the full story here

Does a plant-based diet lead to poorer bone health?
Symposium: What is the role of dairy in future diets?

Carbon impact, dietary guidelines

Food-based dietary guidelines vary greatly from one country to the next – and as a result, so do the carbon footprints of these guidelines, according to new research.
Read about the research here

Australia embarks on review of dietary guidelines
Dairy aims to contribute to better health outcomes

A journey into the best of dairy

A new campaign is urging people to visit and support farmers, producers, and communities in dairy regions. Increasing the resilience and prosperity of dairy communities is a sustainability goal.
Visit Dairy Destinations See why Dairy Matters

WATCH Buy. Support. Enjoy. Aussie Dairy

Also in sustainability news

Don’t miss: Designing our future using the ‘waste’ of the past Sustainability Victoria

Lastly, for an update on dairy sustainability globally, see the latest e-flash from the European Dairy Association and the March/April 2021 bulletin from the Global Dairy Platform.
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