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Autumn 2022


As we move into autumn, another Prime Minister moves into Number 10 and the UK Data Service continues to provide trusted training and long-term access to quality data. Evidence-led research has never been more important and continues to inform sustainable economic and social policies ahead of ideology or rhetoric from all sides of the political spectrum. 
Home to the largest digital repository of economic, social and population data in the UK and world-leaders in data curation, we call for papers for our Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys User Conference 2023, as well as our 2022-2023 Dissertation Award. We also announce the winners of the 2021-2022 Award
We've listened to lecturers and are proud to provide student web pages in the Learning hub and free online events throughout October and November to help new researchers and undergraduates use our data collections and dissertation resources more effectively.  
A recent Impact case study looks at difficulties of monitoring and tackling homelessness in the UK. Plus Hungarian and Icelandic have been added in the latest release of the CESSDA ELSST Thesaurus, making it now available in 16 languages.
Contrary to what national media prefers to tell us, data reveals that the quality of family relationships are more important than their composition, whilst cites the 2021 British Social Attitudes Survey for confirming the majority of UK public have socially liberal attitudes.
Finally, the new 2021 Census data is released for England, Wales and Northern Ireland as we say a fond farewell and thank you to Professor David Martin, who has retired as a Deputy Director of the UK Data Service. In his Impact blogposts, David recalls the early days of his PhD trying to build a mapping system for healthcare data, and his innovative role in helping to establish the prototype of the super output areas in the 2001, 2011 and 2021 censuses, which became important when monitoring the pandemic.
Gemma Hakins, Director of Communications, UK Data Service

Focus feature

New 2021 Census data released for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Data from the 2021 Census in England and Wales, featuring new information about population growth and other changing trends in our society, can now be accessed through the UK Data Service, in addition to the first and second releases of the Census 2021 data for Northern Ireland.
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Rachel de Souza
Research reveals quality of family relationships more important than composition 

The Children's Commissioner for England, Rachel de Souza, recently published her Independent Family Review, which attracted extensive media coverage of the finding that 44% of children in the UK have grown up outside of a two-parent family since 2000. Key data used in the report, which can be found in our collection, provide deeper insights into what the findings tell us about changing family dynamics.

Winners of the UK Data Service Dissertation Award 2022

Open to students at UK universities, the UK Data Service Dissertation Award celebrates undergraduate dissertations based on the use of archived data available through the UK Data Service.
Vanessa Higgins, UK Data Service's Director of User Support and Training, has collaborated with partners on two prestigious papers

One of the papers examines the effects of ethnic density and area-deprivation on central obesity among ethnic minority people in England. The other paper, published in IASSIST Quarterly, explores how data services and data fellowships play a significant role in creating data skilled social researchers.
CESSDA ELSST Thesaurus – two new languages added
UK Statistics Authority launch updated and improved ethics self-assessment tool
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Finding and accessing data from the UK Data Service

Do you want to find and access data from the UK Data Service, but feel unsure about where to start? In our Find data section, you can browse data by theme, data type and discover our latest teaching datasets. The search tool can also be used to search through our collections for data that matches a key term, date, topic, type, access level or time period.

For help with how to search, access and download data, watch our videos on how to use the UK Data Service catalogue search tool and how to access and download data.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, our help pages have FAQs with advice on topics, such as registration details, information for new users, plus guidance on how to get and deposit data and use the SecureLab. 

The UK Data Service is committed to making sure users have access to as much data as possible. Read more about how we are making this possible.

Data Impact blog highlights

Professor David Martin: A pioneer of population modelling

Professor David Martin, who recently retired from the UK Data Service, has led the way in modelling populations in geographical information systems. His career with the UK Data Service and its predecessors has been a long and rich one. In the first of two blog posts, we catch up with him to talk about his key achievements and contributions to the field.
Tying together the worlds of business and data science: It’s all about asking the right questions

In our ongoing series about how the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) brings students together with business, Sandra van den Poll introduces the vital work of the impact team in involving businesses in the educational programmes.
Spotlight on… Reproducibility
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Case studies

The UK Data Service provides access to a world-class collection of social, economic and population data. Explore examples of how the data are used to inform research, influence policy and develop skills in many areas through our collection of case studies. 
The Homelessness Monitor and Homelessness Projections

Homelessness has presented a threefold challenge to policymakers in the last decade. Firstly, despite ostensible goals to reduce or even end some forms of homelessness, the actual scale of the problem has continued to increase (particularly in England) or to remain stubbornly high.

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Upcoming training, events and webinars online

Computational social science drop-in
8 November 2022

Finding and accessing data from the UK Data Service
10 November 2022

Data management basics: Ethical and legal issues in data sharing
14 November 2022

How to become a computational social scientist
22 November 2022

Data in the spotlight: Census and population studies
29 November 2022

Crime Surveys User Conference 2022
7 December 2022

Teaching with census data
17 January 2023

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Student resources
Planning your dissertation? Discover our new resources, events and Dissertation Award for 2022-2023

To those final year students about to embark on their dissertation projects, the UK Data Service is delighted to welcome you to our new section for students.

Call for papers

Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys User Conference 2023
Call for papers: Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys User Conference 2023

Submissions are now open for the Labour Force and Annual Population Surveys User Conference 2023.

Media Watch: The UK Data Service in the news

Five scams to avoid as Britons lose billions to fraudsters - 'block the number'
From - 17 October 2022

"Some £1.3billion was stolen in 2021 as fraudsters use the cost-of-living crisis to target Britons."

This article references data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, available from the UK Data Service collection.

Britain is becoming a more liberal and open society. But we are ever more divided too
From - 13 October 2022

"The ‘woke’ outlook on national identity, national sentiment and immigration now tends to be the more popular."

This article references data from the British Social Attitudes Survey, available in the UK Data Service collection.

Amount of people in Northern Ireland on a payroll decreases for first time since August 2021
From - 13 October 2022

"The number of people in Northern Ireland on a company payroll has decreased for the first time in over a year, new statistics have revealed."

This article references data from the Labour Force Survey, available in the UK Data Service collection.

The cost of caring: poverty and deprivation among residential care workers in the UK
From - 13 October 2022

"Around 1 in 5 people in the UK live in poverty. They may be deprived of food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials."

This article references data from the Households Below Average Income, available in the UK Data Service collection.
The British public are actually quite nice, according to new study
From - 10 October 2022

"The 2021 British Social Attitudes survey found that the majority of UK public hold liberal views on issues such as race and sexual identity Turns out the British public aren’t so bad after all: a new poll has found that the majority of people have socially liberal attitudes towards issues such as racial equality, immigration and sexual identity."

This article references data from the British Social Attitudes Survey, available in the UK Data Service collection.

Innocent drinks expands range of super smoothies for kids
From - 7 October 2022

"The new addition to the innocent kids super smoothie range is made from crushed fruit and veg with added vitamin D, Iron – and no added sugar."

This article references data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, available from the UK Data Service collection.

Landlords could ‘pass on’ rising mortgage costs to renters and spark homelessness surge, charity warns
From - 5 October 2022

"Landlords could “pass on” the costs associated with rising mortgage rates to renters, heightening the risk of a surge in homelessness, a leading housing charity has warned."

This article references data from the English Housing Survey, available in the UK Data Service collection.

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