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May 2022


As the UK’s only nationally funded research infrastructure for curating and providing access to social science data, our data skills training, resources and practices, especially around data curation and secure access to data, are influential across the world. 

We reflect on how we enabled rapid-research throughout the pandemic and launch our latest undergraduate dissertation award.

Listen to two new podcasts showcasing our training expertise and qualitative data series, Pioneers; and read how we are widening secure access to data in the UK and Europe. 

Use the links to browse, find and access data more easily; or book upcoming data training. Read our Data Impact blogposts on how the menopause affects women's careers; how older generations benefit from volunteering; and the ethics of using Twitter data.
Gemma Hakins, Director of Communications, UK Data Service

Focus feature

Vanessa Higgins
Vanessa Higgins, the Director of User Support and Training, talks about the value of the datasets in the Service 

In our latest podcast, she explains how her training team helps researchers make the most of data that can influence government policies on big issues relating to our health, social care strategies and the economy.

Latest datasets and editions 

Search our data catalogue for further information about the datasets in our collection.

Users can also filter our online news stories to find the latest datasets and editions added to the data catalogue.

Additionally, you can follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date on when the latest datasets are released.


Dissertation Award 2022
Dissertation Award 2022

Are you proud of how you or your students are using data in a dissertation this year? We are now looking for entries for this year’s undergraduate dissertation award. Three winners will receive a prize of £300 and have their work featured on our website. 
Two Years of Covid-19 data since the first lockdown
Two years of Covid-19 data since the first lockdown

The UK Data Service has adapted well to meet the needs of researchers and data users seeking information about how Covid-19 has impacted our society. We take a tour around the new pandemic related datasets in our collection.
The Smart Energy Research Lab: FAIR on fuel

Researchers at the Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) have focused on making household smart meter data available for cross-disciplinary research, which could help tackle urgent issues, such as fuel poverty.
Celebrating female social scientists
Celebrating female social scientists 

Dr. Neli Demireva, a co-author of the book: Pioneering Social Research: Life Stories of a Generation with Paul Thompson, talks to the UK Data Service about the female pioneering Social Scientists who have fought for gender equality over the years.
Instant access to open datasets

A large amount of our data available under an open access licence can be accessed and analysed by anyone without the need for registration or authentication. To celebrate Open Data Day this year, we brought together a number of our open datasets with some resources to help you get started with using them.
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Finding and accessing data from the UK Data Service

Do you want to find and access data from the UK Data Service, but feel unsure about where to start? In our Find data section, you can browse data by theme, data type and discover our latest teaching datasets. The search tool can also be used to search through our collections for data that matches a key term, date, topic, type, access level or time period.

For help with how to search, access and download data, watch our videos on how to use the UK Data Service catalogue search tool and how to access and download data.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, our help pages have FAQs with advice on topics, such as registration details, information for new users, plus guidance on how to get and deposit data and use the SecureLab. 

Improving access to controlled data

The UK Data Service is committed to making sure users have access to as much data as possible. Read more about how we are making this possible.
Marking 10 Years of UKDS SecureLab

The Director of the UK Data Service, Matthew Woollard, takes us through the origins of the SecureLab – and his hopes for its future.
IDAN: The UK Data Service makes selected UK controlled data available to researchers abroad

In February, as a first step towards international data access, selected SecureLab/controlled datasets from the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) and the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS)  became available via a Safe Room access point at one of our IDAN Partners.
The SafePod Network: Progress so far 

Last year, we celebrated the launch of the SafePod Network - a new service that provides standardised safe settings across the UK to enable researchers to work with data that requires secure access. We explore the success the network has had so far. 

Data Impact blog highlights

How do menopause symptoms and early menopause affect women’s careers?

Women entering the menopause are often at the peak of their careers. Disruption in their working lives affects their promotion prospects, salaries and pensions. The negative consequences for individual women is also a matter for the economy. 
Why do older generations benefit more from volunteering?

It has been estimated that volunteers contributed £15bn to the UK economy in 2018, yet when taking into account the wider social value of volunteering, the impacts are considerably greater. 
Twitter data
The ease and ethics of utilising Twitter data (mini-series)

A fascinating mini-series by Joe Allen, formerly of the UK Data Service, examining the challenges and ethical implications of using Twitter data in research.
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Case studies

The UK Data Service provides access to a world-class collection of social, economic and population data. Explore examples of how the data are used to inform research, influence policy and develop skills in many areas through our collection of Case Studies. 
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Upcoming training, events and webinars online

The UK Data Service's Training Series Workshops
Various dates

There is still time to book for the remaining workshops in the spring training series. To help you get the most from our service, we run free introductory level online workshops every spring and autumn to introduce different aspects of the UK Data Service. 

Family Finance Surveys User Conference 2022
5 July 2022

The annual Family Finance Surveys User Conference features a mix of updates from data producers of the key UK surveys on family finances and research presentations based on analyses of the data. 

Health Studies User Conference 2022
12 July 2022

Do you want to know the latest developments in health data from social surveys? Would you like to understand more about the impact of COVID-19 on these studies and their outputs? Are you interested in research using health data? The annual Health Studies User Conference is a one-day conference organised by the UK Data Service in collaboration with UCL and NatCen Social Research. 
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Media Watch: The UK Data Service in the news

New tool shows how much women could earn if they were men
From - 15 March 2022

"Women still earn less than men on average across the country, here’s a new tool to show you exactly what the gap is in your area."

This article references data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, available from the UK Data Service collection.

Dawn Butler MP: 'We can’t allow levelling up to be seen only in geographic terms'
From - 9 March 2022

"There is a danger that in our discussions about levelling up, London is presented as a city whose streets are paved with gold, while the rest of the country is underfunded."

This article references research using data from the Family Resources Survey, Households Below Average Income, Understanding Society and the British Household Panel Survey, available in the UK Data Service collection.

On class, ethnicity and the natural world: 'Nature means something different to every one of us'
From - 9 March 2022

"In a six-screen video installation at the heart of the National Gallery this winter, Black Londoners play clapping games and trek through an ice-white Norwegian landscape."

This article references research using data from the Family Resources Survey, Households Below Average Income, Understanding Society, British Household Panel Survey, available in the UK Data Service collection.

Time now to look at ourselves as a nation and take stock: Covid has changed Britain
From - 28 February 2022

"When the pandemic started, most of us naively assumed it would have an end: if not a formal declaration of victory over Covid-19, with pubs running dry and strangers kissing in the street, then at the very least surely a sense of relief."

This article references research using data from the British Social Attitudes Survey, which is available in the UK Data Service collection.

Social tenants forced to live in damp, mouldy homes 'left with breathing problems and skin conditions'
From - 25 February 2022

"Social housing tenants forced to live in damp, mouldy homes say they have been left with serious health problems as latest figures show they are twice as likely to live in sub-standard conditions"

This article references data from the English Housing Survey, available from the UK Data Service collection.

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