MP3 Audio Role Play of an Insurance Agency Production Forecast Meeting: Click here to listen
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Use a Production Forecast/Training meeting to take back control of your business.

MP3 Audio Role Play of an Insurance Agency Production Forecast Meeting: Click here to listen

In the kid's movie Wall-E, technology made humans in the future lazy and unproductive. Unfortunately not only can over use of technology make you lazy when it comes to operating your small business, it can also decrease or eliminate the human interaction side of running a small business.

Often I see small business owners that are clueless when it comes to the knowledge base of their staff; completely unaware of the frustrations that team members are feeling about their job; and offering little to no training support to the very people they depend on to keep the business operating smoothly. FYI . . .giving orders and complaining about performance is not training

If you have a high employee turn over rate, It usually has a direct link to a lack of training, accountability, and support. Staff doesn't come in to the office wanting to fail and often they will quit before that get too deep into a failing culture.

Business owners: Don't just rely on your team emailing you their results, at least once a month (We recommend weekly!) conduct an in-person (face to face or phone) Production Forecast/Training Meeting and take back control of your small business.

Here is a short excerpt of a production review meeting that should occur in an insurance agency. If you are not an insurance agency, simply modify the conversation for your industry.

Click here to listen to the role play. 


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Is it time to pull your head out of the clouds when it comes to operating your insurance agency?

A business is a promise to consumers that your company will deliver certain products and services in a professional, knowledgeable, and efficient manner. 

A business without a business plan is a business that is making promises that it has spent very little time preparing to keep. 

An insurance agency that doesn't live up to its promises not only fails as a business, but it endangers the quality of life of every customer that depends on the guidance and expertise of the insurance agent that sold them the policy.

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