Assalaam o Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

This a reminder for those brothers and sisters who still haven't signed up for the Eid salah. There will be three prayers on the Eid day at the following times 

  • First Salah:        at 7:30 am
  • Second Salah:   at 8:30 am
  • Third Sala:         at 9:30 am

We have adjusted maximum limits for brothers and sisters in the first two prayer as per registration trends to date. 

We have reserved few spots for travelers and  those who cannot register for some reasons. These slots will be allocated once all registered brothers and sisters are accommodated. 

Since wearing a mask in public places is declared mandatory, we request everyone to bring their masks. Limited supply will be available at the masjid on request.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the salah time and follow the instructions of the volunteers.


  • 7:30 am (Brothers) - Click here to register  (Limit increased from 50 to 60)  - 30 brothers in main hall, 30 brothers in the basement)
  • 7:30 am (Sisters) - Click here to register     (Limit reduced from 22 to 12)    - All sisters in the main hall)
  • 8:30 am (Brothers) - Click here to register   (Limit reduced from 50 to 42)    - All brothers in the main hall)
  • 8:30 am (Sisters) - Click here to register      (Limit increased from 22 to 30)  - All sisters in the basement)
  • 9:30 am (Brothers) - Registration Complete
  • 9:30 am (Sisters) - Registration Complete
Follow reference guide if you need any help in registration & un-registration.

JazakAllahu Khairun,

Sarnia Muslim Association

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