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As Salaam -o- Alaykum brothers and sisters;

The Premier of Ontario announced a State of emergency to come into effect on Thursday at 12:01 am. The new modelling they provided, forecasts a significant spread of Covid19 over the next 2 months. We are being told that the health care system is on the brink of collapse. The stay at home order is a desperate effort to prevent a more serious situation.

As with some essential services and businesses, places of worship are exempt from the order provided they meet revised safety protocols. The current procedures for visiting the Mosque are already aligned with these revised requirements. The SMA executive met to discuss the State of Emergency and the desires of many in our Sarnia Muslim community. After carefully weighing both, the SMA has made the difficult decision to keep the Mosque open for those who wish to attend for Salah during this period.

However, we ask that all our members take the Premier’s warnings seriously. If you are in one the vulnerable categories or have underlying health issues we humbly recommend that you do not attend the Mosque. Please continue to observe the safety rules we have put in place to protect each other. Also remain vigilant of your actions when visiting the Mosque as we will now come under closer scrutiny by the authorities and the general public. A single associated covid19 case will be regarded as an outbreak leading to the closure of the Mosque.

If you are registered for Fajar, Isha or one of the Jumma Slat and do not wish to continue, then please let us know via email, or text message to 4033832430. We'll send the text / phone / whatsapp notifications to those who have already registered for Jumma salat to confirm their spot. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation in continuing with our daily operations as per our Lambton Health approved Operation Plan.  

Summary of of our previous communication regarding safety protocols:

· To accommodate 10 people at a time (congregants and Imam included), we will have separate time slots for prayers that at widely attended. These are Fajr, Isha and Jumuah;

· Pre-registration is complete and adjustments are made on request

· Each time slot will have an allocated area in the parking lot. If you arrive early, please remain in your cars until your designated time;

· Please do not enter the Mosque if the maximum capacity sign is posted on the front door.

· Answer the Province of Ontario Covid19 pre-screening questionnaire;

· Those who are sick or medically vulnerable are requested not attend;

· Please wear face masks and use the hand sanitizers at the Mosque entrance;

· Please perform your Wudu at home to avoid congestion in the washrooms;

· Please stand on the taped area on the carpet to maintain spacing of two metres between people;

· Please bring your own prayer mats for use on the pre marked areas;

· Pleases pray Fard salah only at the Mosque. We ask that all Sunnah, Nafl and other optional prayers or Zikr be performed at home;

· Please follow the instructions of the volunteers for parking control and for the orderly entrance and exit of the Mosque and

· Please avoid physical contact with other attendees inside the Mosque, the parking lot and those waiting to attend later prayers.

 - Follow instructions of the responsible person or SMA designate for each salah. 

JazakAllahu Khairun,

Sarnia Muslim Association
Jan 13, 2021

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