The FRINGE Centre
The Centre for the Study of Social & Cultural Complexity
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Launch Event

The FRINGE Centre (UCL’s Centre for the Study of Social & Cultural Complexity) invites you to attend the launch of  The Global Atlas of Social and Cultural Complexity.

When: March 17, 2016, 6-8pm
Where: Institute of Advanced Study, UCL, Common Ground, Wilkins Building 

The Global Atlas of Social and Cultural Complexity will be the first multimedia online resource focused on under-researched practices which are often seen as non-transparent or hidden to an outsider. 

The launch will provide a taster of informality, with short introductions that illuminate informal and invisible practices from across the globe.  

Confirmed speakers:
* Claudia Baez-Camargo, Head of Governance Research, Basel Institute on Governance
Tim Beasley-Murray, Senior Lecturer in European Thought and Culture, UCL SSEES.
Peter Berta, Marie Curie Research Fellow, UCL SSEES 
* Akosua Bonsu, PhD Candidate, UCL Philosophy 
* Ellen Filor, Junior Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Advanced Studies
* Fredrik Galtung, President and Co-Founder of Integrity Action.
* Eric Gordy, Senior Lecturer in Southeast European Politics, UCL SSEES
* Udo Grashoff, DAAD Francis L. Carsten Lecturer in Modern German History, UCL SSEES
* Alena Ledeneva, Professor of Politics & Sociology, UCL SSEES 

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What is the FRINGE Centre?

The FRINGE Centre explores the roles that complexity, ambivalence and immeasurability play in social and cultural phenomena. A cross-disciplinary initiative bringing together scholars from the humanities and social sciences, FRINGE examines how seemingly opposed notions such as centrality and marginality, clarity and ambiguity, can shift and converge when embedded in everyday practices. Our interest lies in the hidden complexity of all embedded practices, taken-for-granted and otherwise invisible subjects. Illuminating the 'fringe' thus puts the 'centre' in a new light. 
The FRINGE Centre is an initiative founded and funded by the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies and housed at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies.