Thanksgiving 2020 style will be different for sure,
but I LOVE thanksgiving any style.


We do Thanksgiving a lot of different ways chez nous, modern family different and friendsgiving style.   I don't even know who's coming next week for sure -  but I can't wait.

A few years ago, my boys decided turkey is way overrated.   We now have Thanksgiving veal chops (order them here).   But I missed the turkey sandwich with cranberries and stuffing, so I make a turkey breast a few days ahead, and have it for lunch all week.  Who's had the gobbler sandwich from Humphrey's on Martha's Vineyard?  SUBLIME!  I used to pick up gobblers for our entire crew on the Round the Island race, which is probably why I kept getting invited back onto the boat each year.   (Hint hint, if any of my old skippers are reading this).

My college roommate Nanny could write a book about Thanksgiving fun, and last year I copied her brilliant idea - a post dinner Yankee swap.  (Rules here)  I can't tell you what's in the big swap event this year, but some winners from last year are linked below.  

And some gravy friendly and less friendly Thanksgiving dresses.  I am so thankful for all of you.  Thank you for reading.

Happy Thanksgiving,
xxx  Meg
Grilled Veal Chops with basil mustard butter
D'Artagnan has fabulous veal (and most everything else).   Use this basil mustard butter recipe (which is also delicious on swordfish).
Yankee Swap fun
Nanny suggested to reinvent the rules a little, and purchase all the prizes yourself.  (More ideas for prizes here).   I though this turkey hat  would be the booby prize last year, but it was turned out to be quite sought after.   The trick is to include some good things and some losers so the evening will get competitive and contested.   I thought the Icy Hot patches would be a booby prize too, but they were popular too.   As was the lottery ticket.
When you're doing some serious cooking, you need something you can throw in the wash, (or maybe even throw away).   How cute is this from Zara and on sale.   And perfect with my new Oak Leaf pearl drops.
My favorite sandwich in the world = The Gobbler, from Humpheys on Martha's Vineyard.  My favorite cranberry sauce is from Stonewall Kitchen.
More Yankee Swap gift ideas
Starbucks gift cards,   Chocolates,  Cocktail kit  or miniatures.   Try some things that would be a winner for one group but losers for another (lipstick, dog toy).   If your Thanksgiving table has different political persuasions around it (duh), have some fun and remind them of their good sense of humor (candidate specific hats, toilet paper, socks, etc.)  Ebay is a great source.   The more competitive your group is, the more fun this will be.
Or maybe this
For cook's night off, I love this dress from Tuckernuck, and especially love it with my new Jack Frost earrings.    And either of these will work with my new Stewart Weitzman birthday boots - now on sale.
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Copyright © 2020 Meg Carter designs, All rights reserved.  

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