CMTS Newsletter September
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Building Project:
The building project has taken a huge turn for the better in the last month. September started out with a CMTS board meeting. In the meeting a plan of attack for the building was discussed and voted on. Since then we have had a land survey completed.  God allowed the funds to come in for the remainder of the supplies. We also have a concrete contractor to help us with foundation work. Please continue to pray for the building project, that God send the people we need for the dirt work, building erection, plumbing, electrical, paving, and interior building work. Also pray about the supplies still needed, concrete pipe for drainage, heating, electrical, plumbing, asphalt, lumber, hardware, doors, windows, and other items we haven’t even thought of.

 Belize Missions Trip:
Please pray as we continue to get all kinds of stuff together for this years Belize trip. This January’s trip is coming together but many items need to be sourced or checked over still. There are many options available to go with CMTS to Belize.  The basic drive down trip starts Friday January 15th, 2016 at CMTS Bernville.  The team driving to Belize spends a few days at the Texas Mexico border working with local ministries and churches. After arriving in Belize, the team will help out for a couple days before returning to the US, around January 29th.  The cost for the basic trip is $1500. Almost any term of stay can be arranged from January 15th to March 18th when CMTS staff returns to PA. For people not interested in driving down, flying can be arranged. The trip is appropriate for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We send teams down in February. For more information call the CMTS office or feel free to ask us. Keep in mind different options may cost differently. So contact us for quotes. CDL drivers are regular drivers are still needed. In the past scholarships have been available; contact us about scholarship availability if money is a prob.
Monthly Ministry Spotlight: Warehouse building project
        So what’s the big deal about this warehouse we are trying to build? With all the huge steps we have made with this project, we figured this is a better time to explain our need for it.
        A large part of our workload is finding, picking up, storing, and distributing goods. These goods are later distributed to churches and ministries domestic and abroad. This includes items like car parts, building supplies, school and office furniture, hospital equipment, tools, etc. etc.
         At the moment when we get donations of items like listed above, we don’t always have end users. So at the moment any item needed to be stored is kept in a handful of tractor-trailers and small buildings. This system makes for long and difficult time dealing with goods. It also creates a difficult situation in keeping like items together and later found for use.
         When we currently pack a shipping container it takes three to five people a week or more to find needed items and stage them for packing. The actual container packing can take as many as 25 people 10-12 hours. This warehouse will solve many problems and streamline our operations. We are hoping that with this warehouse operating at full potential, we can cut those numbers in half.The dimensions of the warehouse will be 80ft. by 120ft, a very nice size. Inside we will have rows of pallet racking, containing all our goods, categorized and ready to ship. There will also be open areas for staging incoming and out going loads. A large loading dock will allow for fast, safe, and organized shipping. We hope this quick overview has been a helpful reminder of where God is taking CMTS. Any further questions can be asked by contacting the ministry. Thank you for your prayers.

Would you consider....

Would you consider signing up as a prayer partner? We know that there is an army of people praying for CMTS, but we don’t know who they all are, except for the few who have encouraged staff  personally by saying so. So as a mission we are asking everyone who prays for CMTS to let us know. If you are not currently praying for CMTS , we ask for your consideration in praying. We would like to complete a list of supporters who are regularly praying to display in a spot at the ministry.  This is a way of encouragement to all staff, volunteers, donators, program recipients, and passers through of what God is doing here.  It's also a reminder to you. You can send CMTS your commitment through e-mail:, phone: (610) 488-6975, or mail: 1119 N Boundary Rd., Bernville, PA, 19506. If you would like to make a commitment to pray but want to be kept anonymous, you can just send us your initials and where you are from.
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