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To segregate or not to segregate?

Waste when segregated is a resource but when not, there starts a vicious cycle of damage to both people and the environment. We all know the kind of garbage problems that Bangalore is grappling with. Bangalore generates about 4500 to 5000 tons of waste every day and about 90% of it goes to landfills. The impact on the people living around landfills is catastrophic with air, water and soil getting polluted irreversibly. One visit to the Bingipura landfill which is just at e-city’s backyard will give one a reality check on the extent of damage. All of us especially children are affected by toxic dioxins emitted when improperly disposed garbage is burnt in nearby areas.

All it takes is a quick check to see what is happening within our premises, put systems in place for responsible waste management, create awareness among employees which would ensure their participation and train the housekeeping staff to follow segregation. Follow-up would ensure processes are followed diligently. The ELCITA SWM team is always ready to help and is only a phone call away.

My appreciation to those who have implemented responsible waste management and my piece of advice to those who have not - It is not rocket science. All it needs is will. Make a choice— to be concerned about people’s lives or to be indifferent. To segregate or to not segregate?

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Important Announcement

Power shutdown for Electronics City Industrial Township – Every Monday morning (6 am) till Tuesday morning (6 am) with effect from 2nd November 2015.
(as communicated by BESCOM)
Green Champion

3M shows the way in Sustainable Water, Waste, and Energy Management
* 3M Company at Electronics City
3M, the global firm known for its innovative products (more than 60000 products worldwide) has windmills powering 3M at e-city! It has a manufacturing unit located at e-city. At their Bangalore factory, 85% of the power is procured through windmills - a clean energy source that is wheeled from Gangarakatte Village, Shikaripura Taluk, Shimoga District and distributed through BESCOM Grid. This power does not require any new infrastructure in their e-city campus. The power is supplied through the current BESCOM Infrastructure. This has helped them in reducing the Carbon Footprint of the site.
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ELCITA Works update
* Drain construction at KSSIDC Compound
* Potholes filled near Infosys Edge Verve
  • Construction of 20 feet deep well Rainwater Harvesting Pit at various locations – Completed (West Phase & East Phase)
  • 8 e-Toilets Installed and 4 more e-Toilets installation under progress (West Phase & East Phase)
  • Road Maintenance work – Completed (West Phase & East Phase)
  • Construction of drain and drain cover slab at KSSIDC Complex – Completed (West Phase)
  • Construction of RCC drain with cow trap at IITB – Completed (West Phase)
  • Shifting of Kerbstone and Re-laying the pavers at Y Junction (Curve Improvement) – Completed. (West Phase)
  • Providing and laying WMM Road from C-DoT/D-Mart Road to STP in ELCIA park – Completed. (West Phase)
In progress
  • Construction of Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs
    • From Wipro Gate 5 to Wipro Gate 16 (West Phase)
    • From C-DOT to DMart Road Junction. (West Phase)
    • Along Bhavani Industries Road. (East Phase)
    • Along Quasitum Road. (East Phase)
    • From Tessolve to Edizi Tools. (East Phase)
    • Along KFC. (West Phase)
  • Design, Execution and Construction of 300KLD Conventional STP in Plot No. 3 (P) in ELCIA land. (West Phase)
  • Property Inventory, Asset Management and Development of Web-based GIS Application Software for e-Governance and Management of Electronic City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA), Bangalore. (West Phase & East Phase)
  • Providing and laying WMM Road along HP AVENUE. (West Phase)
Tenders published
  • Providing UGD System to connect 300 KLD STP – Under Evaluation
  • Finalising Technology, Design, Establishment and Commissioning of 400 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Electronics City, Including Operation and Maintenance of the Treatment Plant for a Period of ONE (1) year.
  • Finalising Technology, Design, Establishment and Commissioning of 1 MLD Capacity Sewage Treatment Plant at Electronics City, Including Operation and Maintenance of the Treatment Plant for a Period of ONE (1) year.
Contracts Awarded
  • Providing and laying of Asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen
    • From C-DOT to D-Mart Road Junction
    • From Wipro Avenue 4th cross to Wipro Avenue 5th cross road via Y-junction
    • From Wipro gate 5 to Wipro gate 6
    • From Haritha IT to Fire Station Road
Contracts on the Anvil
  • Providing and laying of Asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen
    • From Fire station to Canara bank road Junction
  • Construction of Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs along
    • TCS Road
    • Fire Station to Canara Bank Junction
    • Radel Industries Road
News updates from Bangalore
DWCCs effective in handling dry waste

While two more landfills at Bingipura near e-city and Laxmipura, off Bannerghata road close down, it is clear segregation at source is key. BBMP Dry Waste Collection Centres have helped in handling a major portion of the dry waste generated across the city, finds a study by the Solid Waste Management Round Table. 2,374 tonnes (13 per cent of the dry waste stream) have been processed in the last seven months.
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Kiosk for waste

Sanjaynagar residents have along with the nearby Vidya Sagar school are setting up a waste kiosk operated by pourakarmikas, to serve as a pilot for neighbourhood waste management.
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BMTC to provide free Wi-Fi, entertainment in 200 Volvos

Focused on IT corridors of Electronic City - ITPB and also Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), BMTC has decided to introduce free Wi-Fi services in 200 Volvo buses.
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Bangalore Literature Festival 2015

The 4th edition is to be held on 5th and 6th Dec at Royal Orchid, off Old Airport Road. There is also a Lit for kids section, Makkala Koota. e-city folks may remember the 3rd edition held at Crowne Plaza in 2014!
Click to know more about the event

I own a restaurant in Electronics City. My native is Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. I am living in Electronics City for the past 10 years and I have seen how the Industrial Estate has improved over these years in terms of infrastructure and security.

I started my restaurant 2 years back and ever since I’ve earned a lot of regular customers. Before 7 years, to get raw materials for business purposes one has to go inside the city. Now, we can get everything we need in Electronics City itself. Also, bus connectivity has improved a lot considering what it was some 5 years back.

Traffic is also much less inside Electronics City compared to the traffic inside city. And it’s a great thing to have 24x7 CISF patrolling around the Industrial Estate.

*e-citizen is a series that portrays different facets of people working in Electronics City.


The roads and pavements in Electronics City Industrial Area are cleaned daily between 6am and 3pm.

25-Dec-2015 Christmas

01-Jan-2015  New Year


Ph: 080-2852 2888 (24 hours helpline), Website:

Electronics City Industrial Township Authority, 7(P) ELCIA Complex, West Phase, Electronics City, Bangalore-100

Office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Saturday (except Second Saturday)
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