Message from the CEO

Dear all,

As you all know, we have been exploring different ways of improving the garbage situation. We had organised a major conference on waste management on 16th of Feb that highlighted the pioneering work to reduce waste, being done within many campuses as well as initiatives from ELCITA.

Our next focus is to eliminate single-use plastic (bags, beverage cups etc), for this has a major impact on the waste generated as well as cost implication for the food and retail vendors.  We invite you to share ideas on how to achieve this.

Waste Management Workshop

Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) organised a workshop on Waste Management on 16th February 2016 at Hotel Radha Regent, Bangalore. The event brought together industry experts and solution providers to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Ramdas Kamath, Head of Infrastructure, Facilities, Administration, Security and Sustainability, Infosys, Ramachandran R, MD, Customized Technologies, Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya, Wipro, Almitra Patel, member, Supreme Court Committee for Solid Waste Management, N S Ramakanth, Member, Expert Committee on SWM, BBMP, Dr. SR Maley, expert on landfill restoration, Nalini Shekar, Co-founder, Hasirudala were the key speakers.

Dr.Maley spoke on how landfill sites can be restored systematically using bioremediation techniques without which there could be fires and leachate discharge, as well as spread of disease causing vectors, occurring at these dumpsites. He also showcased his landfil restoration work using bioremediation techniques at dumpsites at Pahalgam, Gorai and Nashik. He brought our attention to the urgent need to restore the Bingepura dumpsite as it is a ticking timebomb.

ELCITA also awarded companies who have taken initiatives within their campuses to handle waste responsibly.
3M - With about 500 employees, 3M has completely eliminated the use of single use disposables and follow complete segregation of waste.
Pradot - They handle garden waste and food waste in situ. The garden area is used for composting. No use of disposables anywhere in the campus including for drinking water and beverages. 
XSYSYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd - They segregate their waste at source into wet (including garden waste), dry and reject waste. They also further segregate their mixed dry waste as plastic, paper and tissues since they are sent to different recycling agencies. No disposables within their campus

ELCITA encourages more and more companies to set examples on waste management.

ELCITA has created a SWM forum comprising representatives from various companies and communities, including the nearby Panchayats. A notification on SWM for companies is also in the works. ELCITA is also exploring how we can support the landfill restoration at Bingipura.

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ELCITA Works update
* Fire station to Haritha IT Park Road
* Bus Stop below the flyover
  • Improvement work – Bus stop for BMTC below fly over – Completed (West Phase)
  • Kerbstone Painting from NHAI to Siemens junction
  • Providing and laying of Asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen
    • From Haritha IT to Fire Station Road (West Phase)
    • From Wipro Avenue 4th cross to Wipro Avenue 5th cross road via Y-junction (West Phase)
    • Below Flyover for BMTC Bus Stop (West Phase)
  • Construction of 20 feet deep well Rainwater Harvesting Pit at various locations – Completed (West Phase & East Phase)
  • 12  E-Toilets Installed (West Phase & East Phase)
  • Construction of Drain and Drain cover slabs along Svenska (West Phase)
  • Construction of Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs from Tessolve to Edizi Tools (East Phase)
  • Construction of foundation with MS fencing for Relocated RMU at Wipro Gate No 15 (West Phase)
  • Extension of  Existing column to raise the gate at the new drain level at Wipro Gate No 15. (West Phase)
In progress
  • Construction of Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs
    • From Wipro Gate 5 to Wipro Gate 16 (West Phase)
    • From C-DOT to DMart Road Junction. (West Phase)
    • Along Bhavani Industries Road. (East Phase)
    • Along Quasitum Road. (East Phase)
    • Along Cyient (West Phase)
    • From Fire Station to Canara bank Junction (West Phase)
  • Design, Execution and Construction of 300KLD Conventional STP in Plot No. 3 (P) in ELCIA land. (West Phase)
  • Property Inventory, Asset Management and Development of Web-based GIS Application Software for e-Governance and Management of Electronic City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA), Bangalore. (West Phase & East Phase)
  • Supply & Erection of Steel shed for SWM at KIADB land (East Phase)
  • Construction of Compound wall at Wipro Gate no 12 A (West Phase)
  • Construction of Compound wall at Wipro Gate no 5 (West Phase)
  • Construction of Compound wall next to Shriram properties (West Phase)
  • Installation of 4 E-Toilet at various location of Ecity (West Phase & East Phase)
Tenders published
  • Providing and laying of asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen along
    • Velankani & HP Avenue Road
    • Café Corner & JP IT Park Road
    • Bhavani Industries & Quasitum Road
    • Fire Station to Canara bank Road
  • Providing and laying Concrete Pavements along Doddanagamangala Village Road
Contracts Awarded
  • Providing and laying of Asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen
    • From C-DOT to D-Mart Road Junction
    • From Tessolve to Edizi Tools Road
    • From Wipro Gate 5 to Gate 16
Contracts on the Anvil
  • Providing and laying of Asphalting using 60/70 grade bitumen from HP Avenue to RHS
  • Construction of Drains, laying of Pavers, Kerb stones and Drain cover slabs along TCS Road
  • Finalising the design and alignment of UGD to connect industries in cluster 2 & 3 to the 300 KLD STP
  • Construction of 500 KLD STP in Electronics City East Phase
News updates
Update on Bengaluru‬ suburban rail: Waiting continues
The State government has proposed a suburban railway system connecting Mandya and Kengeri, Tumakuru and Yeshwantapur, and Whitefield and Byappanahalli (in Bengaluru) in the first phase.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru’s suburban railway got a one-line mention in Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu’s speech on Railway Budget 2016-17. “Bengaluru, the technology hub of the country, warrants a comprehensive suburban system. We will partner with State Government in this endeavour,” he said.

However assurances on commuter railway are not new to Bangaloreans. From 2011 Railway budget by Mamata Bannerjee, to the D V Sadananda Gowda’s budget in 2014, commuter railway has been talked about without seeing any progress on the ground.
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Fixing ‪Karnataka‬'s and Bangalore’s Water Woes
ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation is to help the government identify villages with surface water sources through satellite mapping. Based on the data, the government will take steps to conserve and augment water resources. It will also take measures to drill borewells in the areas suggested by ISRO.

Meanwhile, Public Policy expert Ashwin Mahesh has proposed "another Cauvery" for the city, listing the various sources for procuring water.

I’m working in a digital marketing agency at Electronics City for the last 2 years. I stay at Neeladri Nagar and come to work everyday by walk. I feel that Electronics City is a calm place away from the bustling traffic of Bangalore.

I feel good and happy with my job. Ever since I started working as an accountant 3 years ago, it has been an incredible learning experience. As an accountant, I’m responsible for updating books of accounts and ensuring compliance with tax laws.

My hobbies are reading books and I enjoy travelling in the weekends. I love Electronics City, and the roads in the industrial estate are well maintained. I can also now see more e-Toilets coming up in Electronics City, which is a really good step towards a better township.

* e-citizen is a series that portrays different facets of people working in Electronics City.


The women-only buses between e-City and Central Silk Board, is the first-of-its-kind service.

07-Mar-2016  Maha Shivaratri
25-Mar-2016  Good Friday

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Electronics City Industrial Township Authority, 7(P) ELCIA Complex, West Phase, Electronics City, Bangalore-100

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