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PMDAlliance - YouTube! Channel
When we say we're statewide, we mean it.  In fact, not only do we consider utilizing innovative tools to reach across the entire state when planning our services. We take into account the many people who live in Arizona part time, have family members in Arizona, as well as our other partners across the country

We're excited to launch our PMDAlliance YouTube Channel.  Click here to visit our channel and view one of our educational videos.  While you're there, take a moment and subscribe to the PMDAlliance YouTube channel so that you can receive videos as soon as they are loaded on our site. We'll be adding more educational videos with original content that will include the newest information from our partners - movement disorders specialists partners, advisors and contributions from a variety of other experts.

Much like working in a test kitchen, we constantly create new methods that you can use to improve your mind, body and spirit as a person with PD or another movement disorder, a family member or a care partner. In the next several months, watch for our launch of new programs laser-focused on achieving on our mission:  learning, living well, and connecting.  Stay tuned!

Get involved.  Be a part of our community.  Live fully! 

Sarah Jones, MPA, MS Strategic Design
Executive Director
Are you a spouse, family member, friend or care partner of a person with Parkinson's disease or another movement disorder?
This retreat is for YOU!

For more information and to register for the Renew! Retreat, click here.

EXERCISEjudy headshot
It’s Important for Care Partners Too!

Judy Talley, MA Gerontology
Program Director, PMDAlliance

When a family member has Parkinson disease or another movement disorder, care partners focus on their loved one’s health and care, often setting their own health and wellbeing needs aside. Over time, care partner become increasingly concerned by the well known risks that come with aging (heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s). They wrestle with the stressors of increasing responsibilities for managing medical, financial and household activities.

Right about the time when most of us think we’re going to be able to take it easy, reduce daily stress and enjoy retirement, a diagnosis of PD or another movement disorder can change everything.  Care partners find themselves multi-tasking, prioritizing, analyzing, evaluating options and making decisions they probably never anticipated.  They need all the brain power they can muster. Fortunately, there’s one activity that care partners and the person with PD can share that will help them both.

Read more


"It takes courage to continue reaching out for support once physical symptoms or mobility are bad/  You must believe in your own worth as a human being, and continue to reach out to and encourage others as well.  Volunteer -- even if online.  Call people who are grieving or in pain - or email if you can't be heard clearly on the phone. Stay connected - fight to do so! The work of PMDAlliance in Arizona is really a help in this area of social support."
Anna Wilkenson, Tucson, AZ

Do you have words of encouragement to share?  We would love to include them.

MOVE IT!  Join a Parkinson's Based Exercise Club!


PMDAlliance's Move It!™exercise clubs provide group-based exercise for people with PD who ,in underserved communities, may be homebound, or are part-time residents.  Club members will access a Parkinson's based exercise class three times per week and also have the opportunity to participate in a facilitated discussion group after class once per week.

Unlike exercising to a DVD, which lacks community engagement, socialization or feedback, and relies entirely on self-motivation, our Move It!™clubs offer active, real-time exercise using internet technology. People with PD interact with each other, develop a sense of community, and participate in an exercise program that is specific to their needs.

Maria Christina Ospina, MD

There are many positive advancements in the treatment of PD.  Much research is underway to understand the process and progression of PD.  As physicians, we are excited about the changes and will stay informed about upcoming participant opportunities.  It is important to participate in research opportunities near you,

PMDAlliance has links to local research on their website.  Research trials are our only path to learning what not only has the potential for research, but also what is truly effective. Sometimes information comes out ahead of supporting science, so when you hear about a new treatment, it is important for you talk to your doctor before taking any action. 

Stem cell research has received recent attention, but the research results are still preliminary. To learn more about this research, click here
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Still, we ask that you please partner with us to serve you better by updating your subscriber profile.  Our goal is to have all subscribers updated by September.  

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To register for any conference, please send an email to or call 800.256.0966. Be sure to indicate which conference(s) you'll be attending and the date(s).

August 19 - Learn. Live. Connect. Parkinson's Conference. Flagstaff

August 20 Live It Up! Community Education & Celebration. Prescott

September 17-18 - Renew! Retreat for Care Partners. Westward Look, Tucson (also includes daytime activities and programming for people with PD)
Every conference includes a presentation by a neurologist who is a  movement disorder specialist or an expert medical provider. Some of the movement disorder specialists who partner with us for the conferences are Dr. Maria Christina Osipina, Dr. Virgilio Evidente, Dr. Padma Mahant, Dr. Johan Semanta, Dr. David Shprecher, Dr. Charles Alder, Dr. Katheryn Bradley, Dr. Scott Sherman, Dr. Tanya Lin, Dr. Cynthia Reed, Dr. Ming Jai Liu, and Dr. Shyamal Mehta. 

Visit our website and friend us on Facebook to learn about conferences near you. Some events require registration; many do not. Tell your friends and family to join our e-news and invite them to attend with you.  


Nearly everyone with PD has or will have a care partner. Care partners need support and care too! Our 
signature Renew!
 Retreat, September 17-18th,  at the Westward Look Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ, promises to honor, support and invigorate
 sending everyone home more relaxed, less stressed and feeling good.
 To learn more click here!


PMDAlliance's mantra is you first, then the disease. Knowing that you are more than your disease, we host monthly Get Out! casual dinners in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott.  These events include a time to connect with new and old friends.  Get Out! events are about more than fun; they're based in science that demonstrates how important socializing is for aging brains.
There are many decisions that you make as a care partner.  This article in Neurology Now has some helpful hints to protect you and those you love.  

Stop the Scam: Elderly parents or family members with cognitive impairments are especially vulnerable to financial abuse. Safeguard your loved ones with these strategies.  Click here to read the article.
Mary Ganapol
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wilhelm

In Memory of Wayne Squires
Larry & Debra Rogers
In Memory of Richard Martell
Want to attend an upcoming event?  View our calendar here.

Additional information related to 
details, logistics
and dates of events beyond September are available
on the calendar at



GET OUT! West Phoenix
2nd Mondays, 4-6 PM

GET OUT! Prescott
4th Monday, 4-6 PM


GET OUT! Tucson
1st Wednesday, 4-6 PM

GET OUT! East Phoenix
3rd Wednesday, 4-6 PM



August 19th
Learn. Live. Connect. Parkinson Conference
Flagstaff, AZ

August 20th
Live It Up! Community Educaton & Celebration
Prescott, AZ

September 17-18
Renew! Care Partner Retreat
A special retreat for care partners,
and a separate activity-based program
held concurrently for people with PD and/or dystonia

Tucson, AZ - Westward Look Resort

About PMDAlliance

PMDAlliance serves as a hub of information about activities occurring in your community. We offer direct support services, programs and events that enhance the daily lives of people with Parkinson disease and other movement disorders and their care partners. Our services assist others in building local community programs and offer opportunities to socialize and have fun!
PMDAlliance relies on the generosity of its program sponsors and individual donors to provide its many events and programs to the thousands of people across Arizona who benefit from them.

We direct 100% of donated funds to services for people in Arizona.  If you like what we're doing, please consider a donation today.

Thank you to our sponsors for making our events possible!

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