Offering educational, social and interactive programs and events that enhance daily life for people with Parkinson disease and other movement disorders and their care partners.

We're excited to have you join us for our robust collection of programs and services offered around Arizona.  With more than 70 events planned for 2016, it's rare to have a week without an event. That's why we're changing how we send out our event announcements.
Last month we piloted sending email notices with multiple events listed on one single email. Our intention was to reduce the number of emails you receive.  Based on your feedback, we learned that most of you prefer one event per email so you can easily sort through the information.  

You will now receive single emails for each event.  Some events will be near you; others will be distant. To make it easy for you to determine which emails to read through, we'll place the location and topic in the subject line so you can quickly delete events that don't interest you.

Please keep in mind that if you click to unsubscribe instead of just delete, you are automatically removed from all lists,not just the topic you are unsubscribing from. If you want to be sure to continue to learn about what's happening in Arizona near you, simply delete (do not unsubscribe).  We have many exciting events coming up and we don't want you to miss them!
Better Than a Brain Game & Much More Satisfying

It's long been hypothesized that people with regular social interaction experience a much lower rate of cognitive decline than those who rarely socialize with others, and research over the last decade has come a long way in proving just that.
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Maria Christina Ospina, MD
Neurologist & Movement Disorder Specialist

One of the important factors for getting a smooth response from your Parkinson disease (PD) medications is recognizing the signs and symptoms of PD that might slowly creep up between doses.
The term, “wearing off,” is commonly used to describe the phenomenon of return of PD signs and symptoms between doses. Wearing off phenomenon is usually due to a gradual decline in dopamine levels in the brain. A dose of Sinemet (carbidopa-levodopa) that used to work for 3 or 4 hours now works only for 2.5 or 3.5 hours. Consequently, about 30 minutes before your next dose you may experience several vaguely defined signs and symptoms that you don't usually experience and wonder why they were happening or what to do about them....
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Do you run a support group or other kind of group supporting people with Parkinson disease? Do you want to start a group? PMDAlliance is committed to maintaining a hub of information about resources, groups and qualified exercise programs in your area.  An up to date list is maintained on our website under In Your Community.

The leaders of all the groups on our website receive our In Sync! newsletter. In Sync!, one of our signature programs, specifically supports the dedicated and hardworking support group leaders serving people in your community every day. Support group leaders receive a special e-news dedicated to their interests and needs - tips, education and an up to date list of events.

To further recognize and assist leaders in their efforts, we conduct a two-day In Sync! conference full of education, hands on experiential learning, shared resources, information from experts, and time to meet other group leaders from across the state and beyond.

This 2-day event will be held on April 29-30 at the Drury Inn Phoenix.  Invitations will be sent in the next few days.  If you lead a group and want to be sure you're on our In Sync! mail list, please contact us at or 928.202.7952.

Education is critical for people impacted by movement disorders.  As a statewide organization serving all of Arizona, we offer Learn. Live. Connect. conferences throughout the state, bringing you the  most up to date information to you.

Our conferences bring experts to you to broaden your knowledge about the disease, treatments and methods to ease symptoms and enhance your quality of life.  Whether you are a person with the disease, a care partner, a family member, a friend or a professional working with people with movement disorders, you will leave our conference with new information, resources and potentially new friends.

Every conference includes a presentation by doctors who are movement disorder specialists or medical providers. Some of the physicians (movement disorder specialists) who partner with us for the conferences are Dr. Maria Christina Osipina, Dr.Virgilio Evidente, Dr. Padma Mahant, Dr. Johan Semanta, Dr. David Shprecher, Dr. Charles Alder, Dr. Katheryn Bradley, Dr. Scott Sherman, Dr. Tanya Lin, Dr. Cynthia Reed, Dr. Ming Jai Liu, and Dr. Shyamal Mehta. 

Keep an eye on our website and friend us on Facebook. to learn about conferences near you.  In the next four months we will be hosting four conferences on Parkinson disease, as well as a conference about dystonia and a conference about tremor. Some conferences require registration; many do not. Tell your friends and family to join our e-news too.  


PMDAlliance offers accreditation for 
facilities dedicated to continued learning and providing high quality care for people with PD. Learn about the Certified Parkinson Disease Care™ Facility Accreditation. 


Part of living well is getting out and staying engaged in your community.  We invite you to join us at one of our four monthly Get Out! events.  Each month we host events in Phoenix East & West, Tucson and Prescott. Join us for a bite to eat and meet new friends.


Learn about tips & strategies to ease the guilt, worry and unique challenges for long-distance care partners and long-distance family members in the latest edition of Neurology Now.  Click to read the full article and subscribe to this free magazine.
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GET OUT! West Phoenix
2nd Mondays, 4-6 PM
GET OUT! Tucson
4th Monday, 4-6 PM
GET OUT! Prescott
4th Monday, 4-6 PM
GET OUT! East Phoenix
4th Wednesday, 4-6 PM


March 18, 2016
Learn. Live. Connect. Parkinson Conference
Green Valley, AZ

April 18, 2016
Learn. Live. Connect. Parkinson Conference
Tucson, AZ

April 23rd
Learn. Live. Connect. Essential Tremor Conference
Sun City, AZ

April 29th - 30th
In Sync! Consortium Conference
Phoenix, AZ

May 7th
Learn. Live. Connect. Dystonia Conference
Phoenix, AZ

May 13th
Learn. Live. Connect. Parkinson Conference
Payson, AZ

June 17th
Learn. Live. Connect. Parkinson Conference
Show Low, AZ

Special events:
DBS Reunion, Tucson- April 2, 2016  11am-1pm
DBS Reunion, Tucson - April 11, 2016  11am-1pm
Spotlight on Medication (Duopa), Scottsdale - May 6, 3-6pm

About PMDAlliance

PMDAlliance is a hub of information about services in your community, education & information on PD and movement disorders, support that enables you to build programs in your community, direct support services for care partners, and opportunities to meet others and have fun!  PMDAlliance relies on the generosity of its program sponsors and individual donors to offer its many events and programs to the thousands of people across Arizona who benefit from them. Unaffiliated with any institution or national organization, we direct 100% of donated funds to services for people in Arizona.

Thank you to our sponsors for making our events possible!

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