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December Newsletter

NSF Approves Renewal of CEDM

We have been awarded a five year renewal by the National Science Foundation with funding for the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making for the next five years!
We would like to thank everyone for their involvement with the center over the last five years and hope to continue doing good work related to climate and energy decision making under uncertainty in the upcoming years.
A new feature of the center will be these newsletters, which you will receive on a regular basis – enjoy! 
Inês Azevedo & Granger Morgan
(CEDM co-directors)

CEDM Researchers and Students Represented at USAEE 2015

With over 25 presentations, 35 attendees, and four of the eleven posters by CEDM students, CEDM was well represented at the recent USAEE Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA. To see the list of sessions along with papers and posters presented, you can visit the conference website.

New CEDM Staff

Elisabeth Bass Udyawar, Administrative Coordinator
Elisabeth will be working closely with the Directors and the Executive Committee to provide dedicated support to the workings of CEDM. As part of her responsibilities, she will act as the hub of information for the center and will organize the many next-stage workshops and seminars that CEDM has proposed to NSF. Elisabeth has been a staff member of Engineering and Public Policy for almost three years as the Faculty Support Administrator for a number of CEDM related faculty. She has worked closely with CEDM students here at CMU over the past few years as well. In addition, many of you may have met her while she assisted with the 2015 Annual Meeting.
Parth Vaishnav, Associate Director for Research, Planning, and Outreach
As a part of the renewed push for greater outreach, we have hired Dr. Parth Vaishnav as our newly created position of Associate Director for Research, Planning, and Outreach. Parth will take over the helm of the SUCCEED program, along with supporting the Executive Directors with other outreach activities. Having received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2015, Parth is a recent graduate of the Engineering and Public Policy department and has been a student with CEDM since 2011.
CEDM Students Out and About
Nathaniel Horner and Erin Mayfield won the USAEE Case Competition on October 28, 2015.
Brock Glasgo won the Best Poster Award at the USAEE conference on October 28, 2015 for his poster based on his paper "Understanding the potential for electricity savings and assessing feasibility of a transition towards DC-powered buildings."
CEDM students, alumnus, and Co-Director attend the BECC Conference in Sacramento, CA.
From left to right: Julian Lamy (CMU, current PhD), Ines Azevedo (Co-Director, CEDM), Alan Jenn (CMU PhD'14), and Vedran Lesic (Univ. of Leeds, current PhD).
If you are a CEDM affiliate and have news to share (papers, pictures, and other news), please send an email to Elisabeth Bass Udyawar at ebass@cmu.edu to be included in future newsletters.
The CEDM Annual Meeting
is scheduled for May 23 & 24. Please save these dates on your calendars. There will be more information to come as we get closer to the dates. 
Recent Publications
"Is rooftop solar PV at socket parity without subsidies?" - S. Hagerman, P. Jaramillo, G. Morgan, Energy Policy, 89, 84-94. [Paper]

"Robust resource adequacy planning in the face of coal retirements" - R. Lueken, J. Apt, F. Sowell, Energy Policy 88 (2016) 371-388. [Paper]

"A New Approach of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Outreach in Climate Change, Energy, and Environmental Decision Making" - F. Faria, K. Klima, I.D. Posen, I.L. Azevedo, Sustainability: The Journal of Record, 8 (5), 261-271. [Paper]

"A comparison of life cycle greenhouse gases from natural gas pathways for light-duty vehicles" - F. Tong, I.L. Azevedo, P. Jaramillo, accepted in Energy and Fuels.

"The realities of risk-cost-benefit analysis" - B. Fischhoff, Science, 350 (6260), aaa6516-1-aaa6516-7. [Paper]

"Adaptation Frameworks Used by United States Decision-Makers: A Literature Review" - S. Markolf, K. Klima, T. Wong, Environment, Systems and Decisions. 2015. doi:10.​1007/​s10669-015-9572-3. [Paper]

"Ice storm frequencies in a warmer climate." - K. Klima and M.G. Morgan, Climatic Change, 133 (2015) 209-222. [Paper]

"How to improve modeling approaches to represent the future costs of energy technologies? Reviewing the findings from learning curves from energy technologies." - E.S. Rubin, I.L. Azevedo, S. Yeh, P. Jaramillo, Energy Policy, 86, 198-218. [Paper]

"Understanding Attitudes and Pro-Environmental Behaviors in a Chilean Community" - N.C. Bronfman, P.C. Cisternas, E. Lopez-Vazquez, C. de la Maza, J.C. Oyanedel, Sustainability, 7 (2015), 14133-14152. [Paper]

"A Heat Vulnerability Index and Adaptation Solutions for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania" - K. Bradford, L. Abrahams, M. Hegglin, K. Klima, Environmental Science & Technology, 29 (2015) 11303-11311. [Paper]

"Regional energy rebound effect: The impact of economy-wide and sector level energy efficiency improvement in Georgia, USA" - X. Yu, J. Moreno-Cruz, J.C. Crittenden, Energy Policy, 87 (2015) 250-259. [Paper]

"A comparison of life cycle greenhouse gases from natural gas pathways for medium and heavy-duty vehicles." - F. Tong, I.L. Azevedo, P. Jaramillo. Environmental Science & Technology, 49 (12), 7123-7133. [Paper]

"Heterogeneity in the response to gasoline prices: Evidence from Pennsylvania and implications for the rebound effect" - K. Gillingham, A. Jenn, I. Azevedo. Energy Economics, (2015). [Paper]

"Environmental risk perception from visual cues: the psychophysics of tornado risk perception" - B. Dewitt, B. Fischhoff, A. Davis, S.B. Broomell. IOP Science, 10 (2015) 124009. [Paper]

"Regional variability and uncertainty of electric vehicle life cycle CO2 emissions across the United States." - M. Tamayao, J. Michalek, C. Hendrickson, I.L. Azevedo, Environmental Science & Technology, 14 (49), 8844-8855. [Paper]
We encourage all CEDM affliates and investigators to disseminate this newsletter to interested people at their institutions to spread the reach of the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making.
Copyright © 2015 Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making, All rights reserved.

Please email our Administrative Coordinator at ebass@cmu.edu if you have any questions.

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