Dear Michigan Libertarians,

By any measure, the upcoming August 7 primary election is historic for the Libertarian Party, and for Michigan.  In “The Historic Nature Of Our Libertarian Governor Primary” Greg Stempfle explained that this is only the sixth time since the primary election law was changed in 1932 that a political party other than the Republicans and Democrats qualified to hold a primary election.  And the Libertarian Primary will be the first time in Michigan history a political party other than the Republicans and Democrats will hold a contested primary election for Governor.

But aside from taking part in history, why should YOU bother to vote in the August 7 Libertarian Party primary?  And why should you make it your personal mission to urge all the Libertarian activists and friends you know to vote in the August 7 Libertarian Party primary?

  • To support your favorite candidate for the Libertarian nomination for Governor. In appearances across the state, media reports, and on their websites, and, Bill Gelineau and John Tatar have demonstrated their individuality, emphasizing different principal campaign issues, different life experiences and different campaign styles.  These gentlemen have been working hard since last year to garner your support.  Come show it.
  • To support the 41 other candidates on the Libertarian primary ballot. While the other Libertarians on the primary ballot will advance to the general election, they still need your vote to legitimize their nomination. Please support them in return for all the groundwork they have laid for their general election campaigns.
  • To help elect the many Libertarian precinct delegates running across the state. These are your representatives to the local affiliate conventions to be held August 14-18 to elect delegates to our August 25 statewide candidate nominating convention in Romulus. And it’s not too late for you to run as a write-in candidate for precinct delegate.

In order to qualify as a write-in candidate for precinct delegate, you must fill out this form, called a “Declaration of Intent” (, which must be notarized. Then file the form with your city or township clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 3. You can also file the form with your board of election inspectors on the day of the August primary any time prior to the close of the polls. For more information, email

  • The media, and public, will be watching. Participating in the primary has gained the LP and its candidates unprecedented media and voter attention.  The more votes cast in the Libertarian Party primary, the more seriously the media, and the public, will take our candidates in the fall general election. We need a strong showing of people voting the Libertarian primary ballot to continue to make the point that the LP is NOT just another third party, and deserves the same attention accorded the Rs and Ds.

A couple additional notes about the August 7th primary.

  • Don’t split your ticket! At the polls, you will be given a ballot listing the candidates from all three primary qualified parties, Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian. You may only vote for candidates from one party. If you cross over and vote for candidates from more than one party, your ballot will not be counted. 
  • Write in Tim Yow for US Senate! While the LP does not have a US Senate candidate listed on the ballot, LPM Vice chair Tim Yow has filed as a declared write in candidate for this office. Advancing to the general election won’t be easy for Tim. He will need 14,825 write in votes to make it to the November ballot so please spread the word to anyone you know who is planning to vote in the Libertarian primary. 

This is a chance for the LP to demonstrate it deserves to be treated on par with the Republicans and Democrats.  Don’t miss this chance to send a message that it is no longer “politics as usual.”  There is a real choice.  Vote Libertarian on August 7!


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