Stormy has crossed over the rainbow bridge
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Stormy Has Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

Stormy was our little "big girl."  Learning to love and be loved by her; watching her love and be loved by hundreds of folks that came to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, is an experience I would not have wanted to miss. Stormy is one special little girl - her legacy will go on forever!  Pictures of folks that loved her along with special memories about our "Stormy Girl" are too many to be included in this celebration of her life on this earth. But we offer a few here and ask each of you that if you have memories and stories about "our Stormy Girl" please share.

On June 21st around 4:00 PM the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine, I had to make a very difficult decision. Thankfully, Cherie Holman was with me and helped me say my last goodbyes to Stormy. The pneumonia she contracted coupled with other health challenges complicated her diagnosis. (See letter from Dr. Likavec - A&M.) The Brazos River flood created a harsh and unfamiliar environment for Stormy and was more than this sweet soul could bare.

Once we knew that the Brazos River had the potential of flooding its banks, and that we were projected to be in its path, I took immediate action to consider evacuation plans. I contacted the Agriculture Extension Service. They offered the fairgrounds for the pigs, dogs, chickens and ducks. And, they had a 50 acre pasture that was being donated by a member of the community where we could move our cows and horses.

Stormy, being blind was confident in her home environment and surroundings, as I taught her the lay of the land as a baby and spent much time alone with her so that she would feel safe. When we evacuated the cows to the 50 acres donated to us, I couldn't let Stormy roam free on 50 acres with the entire herd.  She was always in an environment with a few cows she knew. So, we did what we did in the very beginning of her life here with us--we made her a little manger setting and shielded her from the rain with a tarp on top of her bedding. We went to see her everyday and gave her lots of love and attention.

Sadly, due to all the wet circumstances and more rain, Stormy's immune system collapsed and she went from standing one day to down the next. The pneumonia knocked her down hard and all the other extenuating problems she had from birth exacerbated the condition and she worsened rapidly despite us doing everything in our power to give her a fighting chance. 

Stormy arrived at A&M on Friday, June 17th and we let her go on June 21st. Everyday she weakened in spite of the best veterinary care that Texas has to offer. I was advised by Dr. Huebner before she was transported to College Station (the attending vet in Brazoria County) that she most likely would not make it, but that if we wanted to give her any chance at all (10% he said), that we needed to take her to Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine's Hospital. She was immediately admitted to ICU and aggressive therapy was initiated. Dr. Likavec told me after the 2nd day that she wasn't improving and was preparing me for the worst, but I couldn't give up on her. The thought of losing Stormy was and still is so hard for me. This little heifer was like my own little girl. I loved her deeply and will miss her terribly. What softens the loss is all of you that have shared your memories. She will always be remembered and her story will be told forever! It inspires me to no end to witness how this sweet and innocent soul taught me and so many how to love and be loved.  

Stormy was called for a very special purpose--she was here for a reason. If you have pictures, videos or a story to tell about your experience with Stormy, our blind calf, please submit to me. We are compiling a file that we will put together to educate others on how the life of one cow named Stormy opened hearts and minds not only in Texas, but around the world.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary - Stormy
Precious Memories of Stormy
Spending days with Stormy, teaching her the boundaries of the couple acres that she came to know as safe and as home.
Stormy's first day at Rowdy Girl - The most adorable being I have ever known.
Stormy always went right for the round bales and our daily walks - they were her favorite destination.
Watching my husband bond with Stormy, knowing she would never leave this sanctuary in the red trailer as a commodity was a miracle. 
Caring for Stormy's every need was a gift. To acknowledge her needs and fulfill her touched every maternal instinct inside of me. This flood caused us to have to react with urgency just to save her life. But, I know and she knows that she was loved beyond measure.
Stormy and Nancy, Rowdy Girl's first cherished volunteer.
Stormy in her manger at higher ground after the evacuation.  She went from standing one day to down the next.  No words can suffice.
Right before the flood evacuation, this picture was taken. I remember vividly that Stormy came to the gate and looked at me and mooed. She always knew I would let her in for an afternoon snack.

Volunteers share their memories of Stormy.

Christin Tolentino on the first day she met Stormy - everyone had this reaction upon meeting Stormy.
Christin's little girl Lillian, giving Stormy love at intensive care unit at A&M.  Lillian called her "Story".
Chrissy Maccanello is one of the gentlest and sweetest volunteers we have at Rowdy Girl. Her commitment and love for our animals is profound. The care she takes with every task is so heartfelt - thank you for loving our Stormy girl so much.
Chrissy hanging out with Stormy in a field of wild flowers!
Kate and Stormy - they were so very close - Stormy was the best cuddle bug ever.
Kate spent a lot of time with Stormy as for months Kate was a dedicated volunteer - now she's our first part time employee - RGS is so fortunate to have her here helping everyday.
Stormy getting a milk bath. She didn't mind - She was pure love, noting but pure love!
Our guests easily warmed up to Stormy and she quickly became and easy friend for adults and children alike. Everyone loved Stormy.
Stormy meets Cinnamon, Houdini, Rowdy Girl and Fireball for the first time.  See Video
Stormy as cute as a button on her first day at the sanctuary.
I will always remember moments like this - her smell, the feel of her fur and the sound of her moos - she will always will be "my baby girl"
Saying goodbye to Stormy is like saying goodbye to a daughter I never had. I could not have kids so getting to know Stormy as a baby, and as a vegan has been one of the emotionally charged highlights of my adult life. 

She and I would spend quality time together everyday. I got to know her nuances and could read her little mind and body language. I could call her and she would come to me. She was my baby girl. Stormy was so resilient.  She loved life and she loved to snuggle. We spent many days just laying in the pasture together while she chewed her cud and I sang to her. 

I will always remember the way she felt, the sound of her moo, and the smell of her sweet body. I loved her kisses and there is not a day that goes by that I don't tear up and cry out loud over losing her. She taught me and so many others how to love unconditionally. 

One of the biggest lessons she left me and I'm sure countless others is the clear message that she was a cherished friend, not food. There is no way after bonding with Stormy that anyone could ever look at cow flesh as food. Stormy taught us that she was indeed someone and she will be remembered forever. 

I love you my Stormy Girl........sweet peace my angel.      

Love, Renee (your mama)

Caring for sanctuary animals is indeed like caring for your own family. The vet bills, shelter, equipment, labor and food is costly and never ends. We are a 501c3 and need your tax free donations more than ever at this time because Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is determined to not only bounce back from the flood, but we are committed to being stronger because of it.

Stormy's memory will be remembered forever. She was born in a storm, she died because of one, and there is a storm brewing in the ethereal world that will have Stormy's signature all over it.

Stormy was definitely born for a purpose and it isn't realized yet but I can feel her presence still with me. Her remains from the Rainbow Bridge came today in a beautiful brown wooden urn. It has her name on it and inscribed below is "Our Little Rowdy Girl". She will rest beside me in my office, inspiring me to fulfill her destiny. If you can donate to our sanctuary during this time, we need it more than ever.  Please help.
Click the DONATE button below and specify "flood crisis" when you donate. 

Peace out, from Rowdy Girl.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stormy at the recent festival at the sanctuary. I had been vegan for one year at that point. I had never been very close to a cow in my life and certainly had never touched or pet one. So what a treat it was for Stormy to have been my first.

My heart swelled and tears flowed. They were tears of joy of course - but of sorrow too. As I talked sweetly to Stormy and rubbed and loved on her, I felt intense guilt that I ever played a role in causing the suffering of other animals in my lifetime.

Stormy will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only because of her calm and tender presence, but because of what that moment of meeting her represented for me. An apology for what was and a promise for what will be.

Rest in peace beautiful girl.

Christin Tolentino


Chrissy is a cherished volunteer at Rowdy Girl - her sensitive spirt, hard working nature and vegan heart is a valuable asset to all our furry friends.
Stormy holds a special place in my heart... She's the first cow that I ever met. I was lucky enough to get to bottle feed her that day and as I did tears of joy ran down my face. 

I was so humbled and honored just to be in her presence. I was also blessed to get to know Stormy more and more... To witness her calm nature, her strong will and her fighting spirit. 

Stormy is an inspiration to us all to never give up no matter what is thrown our way. I will never forget our special girl.

Chrissy Maccanello
Feeding stormy at evening time was always so special for everyone.  All you had to say was - "ready for your baba?"  And she would come runnin
Stormy was the first animal at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary that I grew a deep bond with. She touched my heart, my mind, and my soul. I always looked forward to having one on one time bottle feeding her, so I could talk with her.

Seeing her run towards me every day as I called out her name made my heart melt and gave me pure joy. Stormy always knew how to make me smile, even when I was having a rough day. She gave the best hugs and the sloppiest kisses but I loved them all.

Stormy is part of the family and will continue to always be, even when gone.

I love you Stormy! You are missed everyday, gone but never forgotten!!

Kate DiGiacinto


Stormy was one of the sweetest girls I've ever had the honor and privilege to know. She was the first cow that I ever had the pleasure of hugging. She sparked a joy in me that no other has ever done. She was a Strong little girl with the heart of a big one. I was with Stormy when she took her last breath. She knew we were there to see her off to a world much brighter than ours. To my sweet sweet stormy, may your soul be in heaven shining down upon us. May your life and passing give us strength to continue to spread the message of love and compassion. You will forever and always hold a huge place in my heart.

Love always, Cherie

Here are just a few of the videos featuring Stormy.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary- Stormy
One of our dedicated supporters, Dolly Ahuja recorded this video the day she brought her family here for a birthday party.  I am so glad we have this.
Stormy learning to walk the fenceline - she knew her boundaries and she loved her home.  She was the rowdiest little girl of all.
Cinnamon, Rowdy Girl, Houdini and Fireball all came to welcome Stormy when she first arrived at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
Stormy getting her baby bottle
Stormy arrives at Rowdy Girl, mid August 2015
Dr. Likavek, DVM - Attending Veterinarian during Stormy's Care at TX A&M
There will be another Brazos River flood update next Tuesday.  We are in the process of working as hard and as fast as we can to get all the animals comfortable again.  The cows and horses as of this newsletter are still off premises as the pastures are still underwater in many areas.  We are hopeful to start bringing them home a little at a time very soon.  In the meantime please donate and help us rebuild.  We are very displaced and spending money everyday because of the evacuation hardship.  Our vet bills have been very high the past couple weeks.  We appreciate all you can do keep Texas vegan proud.
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