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Each month we will keep you up to date with the very latest news and releases, provide a behind-the-scenes look into STRUT including the design, manufacturing, marketing and lifestyle.

In this issue we will cover some of the exciting developments that have been going on at STRUT, including the all-new STRUT Jeep Wrangler, some activities across Asia and highlights in the areas of marketing and media. 

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Introducing the STRUT Jeep Wrangler Collection

Jeep has always been regarded as the iconic American off roader.  That signature letterbox grille has remained a relatively untouched constant since the first Willy's Jeeps carried our troops to victory through war-torn Europe in the 1940s. 

And while many aftermarket grille companies have tried to change the appearance of the Wrangler, STRUT recognizes the significance and almost sacred value of that aggressive Jeep front end.  

So how do you please the purists and those who want to give their vehicle a unique and customized look? By combining STRUT and the traditional in perfect harmony. 

The STRUT Jeep Wrangler Collection features a meticulously formed fiberglass outer frame and slot frames that can be either VIN color matched or painted in a contrasting color. A high-grade stainless steel woven diamond mesh provides that STRUT signature look, while a centered 4" STRUT Shield provides the jewel in the crown. 
Matching front quarter panel Shields on either side and rear tailgate Shield tie in the design and let onlookers know from every angle, that this is no ordinary Jeep. 

For the ultimate finishing touch, why not add a set of STRUT IconT Rims - Custom finishes and colors available.

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In the press ...
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STRUT Introduces 2016 Grille Collections for Land Rover and Range Rover Sport::  ... more
STRUT Offers a Slightly More Subtle Grille for Cadillac’s Least Subtle Car: the Escalade SUV
STRUT gains momentum in the Far East
Many people think that the Japanese car culture consists of local brands with body kits, lowered suspension, loud exhausts and go-fast decals. 

That is about as stereotypical as saying everyone in California drives a Woody, wears a Tommy Bahama shirt and listens to the Beach Boys. 
A revolution is happening in Japan, as car owners view western automobiles as a status symbol and the ultimate sign of prosperity and success.

And while many stay with traditional European luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce and Bentley, there is a new group of wealthy looking towards America for their exclusive automobiles.
Cadillac Escalade and Jeep Wrangler are become highly sought after in Asia, with the luxury SUVs providing the perfect blank canvas for local customizers to work their craft.

Two such examples are Japan-based Calwing/213 Motoring and Azzure Motoring both of 
which use STRUT extensively in their builds. 

STRUT visited The Tokyo Auto Salon recently and were extremely impressed with what they saw.
"The Japanese car builders have a unique style that is both individual and very different from what we see elsewhere", Said Simon Trumper, COO at STRUT. "I love sharing shots of the builds on our social media - my hope is that they provide fresh ideas and inspiration for other custom shops around the globe." 

Azzure Motoring recently exhibited in the U.S. at The SEMA Show and LA Auto Show.
Meet the family ...
Carbon fiber is king with the STRUT 2016 Cadillac Escalade
STRUT Tesla Model S - The finishing touch
SportChassis LLC Renews Longtime Partnership With STRUT
SportChassis LLC, manufacturer of the SportChassis line of recreational towing vehicles, has announced a renewed partnership with one of its long-standing suppliers, STRUT LLC. According to SportChassis, STRUT has achieved benchmark status throughout the world for its trendsetting and distinctive wheels and accessories designed for connoisseurs of luxury automobiles. ... more.
Reader's Ride -  Simon Wehr 
Simon Wehr is an Australian who now resides in Southern California.

His pride and joy is an Inferno Orange 2011 2SS/RS Camaro featuring a STRUT Upper and Lower Grille Collection with LEDs and 22" STRUT Icon 5 Wheels.  The Camaro features a forged LS3 by PFAFF Engines and is fitted with a Whipple Supercharger - giving it a very capable 782.5rwhp and 680.7rwtq. 
The Camaro is a multi-show winner and was recently featured in "Maximum Drive Magazine".  And what are the license plates on this American Muscle? ... "STRUTSS"
Five questions with a STRUT owner

What was your first car?
1974 Holden Torana 
What was your favorite car?
Definitely my Camaro - I love this car
Tell us about your best automotive experience?
Some friends and I organized a local "Cars and Coffee" ... it was a great way to meet other car enthusiasts and see some amazing vehicles.
What is your dream car?
A Prius C ... HA! Just kidding! I already own it ... my Camaro ... but perhaps with another $5k put into it for a more bullet proof rear end that can handle the power. (Don't tell my wife!)  Of course a matching big block 68 or 69 Camaro in Hugger Orange wouldn't go astray either.  It would have to be all original so I wasn't tempted to mess with it .. or .. fully pro-stock with a blown big block hanging through the hood, tubbed, and wheelie bars. 
I wanted this car to be a show stopper ... STRUT gave me the ability to color match the grille ... something I have been doing since my very first car.   It's been my "signature look" for over 30 years.

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