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Emkay are happy to announce the planned investment into further expansion of our business. The plan consists of five growth areas;


Over the past few years Emkay have invested into strengthening existing resources and adding further facilities which have helped to develop the services already offered. With Emkay’s customer’s needs becoming more demanding in quantity and more specific in quality, it became clear that a growth plan was the only way forward to meet the specific needs and demands in order to benefit the industries purchasing our materials. A full update will be released soon with details of all growth areas explained upon confirmation of the expansion start date.



This summer Steve King and Leah Sillis travelled to Germany to see our good friends at Evonik in Darmstadt! After a bad start- landing in the wrong airport in Germany -Steve and Leah could start their quest of gaining as much new knowledge and refreshing their knowledge on Rohacell Foam! (Who knew that there were two airports with “Frankfurt” in the name?? Certainly not the person who booked the tickets-not naming any names sssh!).

Leah and Steve were welcomed by  Hameem, Nils, Felix and Dirk who took them through the process of how Evonik manufacture Rohacell Foam from the very beginning right through  to the  end  user product, with a full tour of the site to enable them to see how the process worked for themselves. Many other processes were seen along the way and many a question answered in order for Emkay to improve on their current services to our customers.  

Emkay and Evonik are now working hard together to make the process of purchasing and using Rohacell material easier for all of our UK and International Customers.

Thanks to all involved at Evonik!

From Left to Right- Hameem Yasin, Felix Goldmann, Leah Sillis and Steven King enjoying a traditional German Beer at the end of the day! 



"FSUK - Silverstone The first big event of this summer was the Formula Student UK event at Silverstone. It is something that the team attend every year with our car to compete against other Universities from around the globe. Last year saw us finish ninth overall and within the top three UK teams, so we were eager to retain such a sought after position.  

The event began before we even left, with the challenge of packing up our pit, camping equipment and team into the van and cars – a challenge in itself to fit everything in. Arriving on Wednesday the 8th of July, we soon found our camping spot, and divided the team to pitch tents and the marquee whilst the pit area was assembled. Unfortunately our pits were located far away from scrutineering, but the previous months at the gym had us prepared for all this extra travelling.  

With the pit set up within our new gantry supplied by our sponsor Sedna Lighting, the team made some final preparations for scrutineering first thing in the morning. This year saw all our static events held on Thursday, so an evening of revision and preparations awaited the team, with our business presentation practices being held late into the night as we perfected and polished our presentation.  

THURSDAY With the Business, Costing and Design events all held on Thursday, by mid afternoon the team could solely focus on the Dynamic events for the rest of the week. However, this did mean that there was quite a bit to be done on Thursday, with scrutineering starting and team members having to switch between static events and helping out with scrutineering to ensure that the car complies 100% with regulations for the competition.  

This year saw the static events prove slightly less successful than last year, resulting in 27th in Cost, 34th in Design, but improving Business up to 27th. Despite improving on the quality of our static presentations from 2014 and having a cheaper car for the cost event, the competition improving massively left us slightly behind where we had hoped to be.   

The remainder of Thursday was used to complete checks on the car as scrutineering was not quite finished yet. The scrutineering procedure checks for rule adherences and safety of driver kit, before going on to confirm whether the car has any leaks in the tilt test, confirms to be under 110 dBC at 75% revs and that we can lock all four wheels at once. A logical progression before racing is allowed.  

FRIDAY got off to a fairly smooth start with the third scrutineering sticker being achieved early morning and the car managing to pass the tilt test with no leaks first time. It was then over to the noise test where we started to struggle slightly with the car. This year saw the change from 110 dBA to 110 dBC which is a lot quieter. Thankfully the team were able to adjust the map slightly and with some small tweaks we were able to pass the noise test mid afternoon. With brake test closing in less than an hour, the clock ticked by as we queued up for our chance to lock our wheels. Thankfully on the third attempt the judges deemed our car had passed and the team cheered for joy as our sticker wheel was completed.  

With dynamic events not starting till the next morning, the team retired to the pits to setup the car over the evening for the day to come. Skid Pad and Acceleration events were up first, followed by the Sprint event in the afternoon. Team spirit was high at the camp that evening with a good start to the weekend looking promising.  

SATURDAY Formula Student comes alive on the weekend, with the first of the Dynamic events opening and the cars roaring into life. This is a particularly challenging day for all teams with three events throughout the day, all requiring vastly different car setups. Skid Pad was up first, with the team being first in the queue for when it opened at 9am straight after driver briefing for the day. A decent banker time was set before heading over to acceleration. Sadly, upon the first acceleration run problems were found that had not appeared in testing which resulted in a poor time. The team then returned to the pits and started to troubleshoot the issues which were electrically based.  Early afternoon we managed to get the car running again after a few attempts at fixing it in the hot start area. Despite issues still persisting with the car, the team managed to get  out on track to set a sprint time. With issues still present it wasn’t the time we had hoped for but it could have been much slower and still gave us points. The team continued to work tirelessly that afternoon/evening but couldn’t quite fix the issues that were present when the car wasn’t just idling.  

SUNDAY is reserved for the Endurance event, where most of the competitions points are up on offer with 40% of all points available. Unfortunately, despite working tirelessly to try to fix the issue that occurred on Saturday the fault was found in the ECU which could not be fixed by us. With a strong competitive car in practice, the team were naturally tired and disappointed with the overall result of 11th UK team, 36th overall out of 97 teams. Work has already begun to repair the issue and prepare the car for our European events later in the summer.  The team would like to thank all our sponsors for their help this year and apologise for the lacklustre performance so far. We are still positive for a much stronger finish at the European events and are keeping our heads high for the result we deserve.  

With Silverstone now over we look forward to more testing time and our European road trip to take in, many other team visits and both Formula Student Czech and Formula Student Italy competitions.” 
Since this update Cardiff Racing came in fourth overall in the Czech Republic competition which is the team's the best position to date. This made them first amongst the UK teams that entered. The team are now off to the Italy competition and will send us an update once it is over!  

Well done Guys!


Human powered sub success for Bath students... 
The University of Bath’s human powered submarine team was named the highest ranked UK team at the International Submarine Race competition, recently held in Maryland USA. 

BURST (Bath University Racing Submarine Team) is made up of students from the University's Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic & Electrical Engineering who each year design and build a human powered submarine, to compete at different competitions around the world. 

Top UK team 
The 13th International Submarine Race (ISR) competition welcomed 27 submarine designs from 16 countries. The Bath students were joined by UK teams from the universities of Warwick, Plymouth, Southampton and Newcastle, and overall finished ahead of their compatriots taking home the crown of the best performing UK team. 

The teams competed for various awards including best overall performance which was won by OMER 9 of Ecole de Technologie Superieure (Canada); innovation, won by Godiva of Warwick University; speed by category, with 7.42 kts achieved by WASUB 5 of Delft University of Technology (Netherlands); as well as best use of composite materials and spirit of the race. 

New 'Salacia' design 
This year, BURST launched their new submarine named ‘Salacia’ after the wife of Neptune, the Roman god of water. After a number of adjustments the design passed the wet test and the team were able to complete a full run from their first attempt. Overall, out of a possible seven attempts, the team successfully completed four full runs, each improving in speed and reaching a maximum speed of 3.78 knots. 

BURST took home the crown of the best performing UK team. 

Commenting on the success of their design, MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering graduate, Mark Bleakley said: “I am really pleased with how our design performed in Maryland. Whilst we weren't able to beat the previous BURST speed record, to come away as the top placed UK team is a great achievement. 

“We would like to thank our sponsors, without whom there would have been no way in which we’d have built the submarine we did. Our primary sponsor BP provided the funds necessary for us to purchase materials and subsidised the team’s and submarine’s flights to and from the race. Atlas Elektronik were also crucial to the endeavour, providing funds and expertise surrounding the electronic feedback system for the pilot, while pledging further support towards the team’s aim of a fully electronic control system for the European Races. 

“Also, Rolls Royce provided the expertise surrounding the propellers, whilst a number of other sponsors provided material and technical guidance, including BMT Defence, C12 Composites, Akzo Nobel and Vac Innovations.” 

The ISR was conceived as an engineering competition to foster engagement in the ocean engineering and science disciplines by young students. 

Each team must develop a one or two-person "wet" submarine. Crew members breathe underwater using SCUBA diving breathing tanks carried aboard the submarine. Each sub is unique, designed from scratch, and relies upon novel techniques for propulsion and guidance. 

'A great achievement' 
Academic lead and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr Stuart Macgregor added: “The team have worked very hard to build a submarine of which, they and the University should be proud. To finish as the top UK team is a great achievement and sets a high standard for teams to follow. This year the team have introduced some very innovative design concepts which will provide a solid foundation for future teams to build on.” 

BURST will now look ahead to the European International Submarine Races which will next be held in June 2016 at QinetiQ's Ocean Basin testing facility at Haslar, Gosport, England. 

Watch the run 
The team’s first valid completed run using a GoPro camera mounted on the top of the rudder can be watched below. 

89 per cent of the research carried out by our Department of Mechanical Engineering was ranked ‘internationally excellent’ (3*) and ‘world-leading’ (4*) by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), an independent assessment of UK university research activity.” 

Take a look at some underwater footage of the burst team here!

Well done to all involved with BURST!

New Sheet Sizes!

We are happy to announce we can now supply our customers with 1/8's (630mm x 630mm) of a standard Rohacell sheet (2600mm x 1350mm) The 1/8's are available to be cut from IG-F and IG-UF


Emkay have two payment methods available. You can choose whichever suits your company best!

Option 1:
Over the phone PDQ system payment on ordering

Option 2:
30 Days at end of month payment account



Please contact us to request a price list. 

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