Requiem to Creativity?
Why am I not using Chat GPT to write this?
The purpose of my work is to give a voice to technology. Given the remarkable progress made in the field of artificial intelligence, I am faced with a question - should I have utilized ChatGPT in composing this newsletter? Refraining from doing so would seem to go against the principles I hold so dear, as it would not align with my efforts to champion the use of technology in all its forms.
Mankind has always sought to extend its capabilities and enhance its achievements through technology. Machines are tools that humans use to master and control their environment, and by extension, their own fate.
Through technology, we aim to create a world that is more predictable and less subject to the forces of nature, which can make us feel more in control of our own existence.
Vitruvian Man  2020 / 78 x 78 inch /oil on linen, Augmented Reality 
Is it inevitable that artists and writers will mutate
into "artists-engineers" or “writers-engineers”..? 
Technology can also provide us with a sense of transcendence and a connection to something greater than ourselves. In his book "The Denial of Death," Ernest Becker explores the human need to leave a legacy. He posits that culture, including art and technology, provides a way to overcome our own mortality and ensure that our legacy lasts beyond our lifetime. Thus, the development of machines reflects our collective aspiration to create something that will survive us and offer a sense of immortality.
Creating a legacy is a fundamental aspect of an artist's mission
as well as a universal aspect of the human condition.

It's not surprising that I have a fondness for working with robots and sometimes find their company more comforting than that of humans. Despite visiting numerous technology firms and interacting with engineering teams, my introverted nature leads me to appreciate solitude and solitude is my preferred mode of operation in the studio. However recently, I made the decision to bring on interns for the first time, which has been a departure from my usual solitary work environment. I am grateful for the opportunity to mentor and guide them in their career journey, and I am continuously impressed by their hard work and dedication. I am proud of what we have accomplished together and look forward to continuing to grow and learn alongside them. This newsletter was written with their help.

With my interns, Charlie, Anusha and Basia in the New York studio.

Lately, the importance of human collaboration has become particularly evident to me. At present, I am involved in a major museum exhibition that necessitates reaching out to specialists in different fields across various countries and continents. Constructing a project of such magnitude as this exhibition cannot be achieved solely through the utilization of technology, but rather through the combined efforts and collaboration of individuals.

Human collaboration has proven to be the cornerstone of this project. By bringing together a diverse group of experts, we are able to tap into a wealth of knowledge and skills, and work together to overcome challenges and bring the exhibition to life. The shared sense of purpose has created an environment of creativity and innovation and has fostered a sense of community, strengthening relationships and inspiring teamwork.

The process of collaboration helps people to see their work as part of a larger, more meaningful narrative. Creating a legacy is a fundamental aspect of an artist's mission as well as a universal aspect of the human condition. This can lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and a deeper understanding of the lasting impact on the world. 

While machines have allowed me to create and produce my work at a high level, they can only do so much. It is the human element that adds depth and meaning to art. People bring their own experiences, perspectives, and emotions to the table, which can result in a more engaging and impactful body of work.

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