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EasyPlan Update
17 January 2017
Version 3.111.03

The latest version of EasyPlan version 3.110.02 is available from our website.

This update includes the following information: 
  • Updated and New Airfield Information
  • Updated Nav Aids
  • New and revised IFR reporting points
  • Frequencies updated
We have a new website, please see instructions below to download your update...
Please go to our website: then click on Updates in the main menu, or hover on Updates and click on EasyPlan.

Or click on this link to take you directly to the updates page:
If you clicked on Updates in main menu then click on EasyPlan - see picture below.
Click on big blue box Update
Insert your 10 digit EasyPlan program ID into the white box with the "-" and no additional spaces.
eg: 2xxxx-xxxxx / 3xxxx-xxxxx

Download and run update as usual.

Should you require assistance with downloading the update from our website, please see instructions below, or give us a call.

Please remember to close EasyPlan before you run the latest update.

The EasyCockpit update is still in Apple review and will be released as soon as available for download, we will contact our EasyCockpit subscribers when the update is available.

We thank you for your continued support!

The Aviation.Direct Team:
Andrea, Glynn, Mandy, Alexis, Sean & Stephen

Tel:  +27 (0)11 465 2669
Fax: 086 540 0934
Mobile: +27 (0)72 340 9943
Please click on the email link below for the following:

• Request an invoice to update annual subscription
• Enquire about expiry date of subscription
• Order the Airfields Directory
for Southern Africa Book
• Any other enquiries
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Error Codes that may appear:

Error after you have entered your program ID into the white box (Subscription has expired):
-  Firstly ensure that you have entered your Program ID correctly as shown above with the "-" and no additional spaces.
-  Confirm with Aviation.Direct or check your EasyPlan program to confirm that your subscription is up to date

When installing the Update, you get the error message "Cannot Install", this could be due to:
- Your anti-virus / firewall / internet browser is blocking the installation (an internet browser will warn you about any .exe file - you would need to tell your browser to allow the installation of this file).
- Your subscription has expired
- The new Program Key has not been sent to you, or has not been updated on EasyPlan
- You are installing EasyPlan onto a new computer and the device has not been registered yet

If in doubt or require any assistance, please call us!
Updating your EasyPlan subscriptions:
After you have renewed your annual subscription, Aviation.Direct will e-mail you your updated "Program Key", please use the "Update Program Key" button on the opening screen of EasyPlan.  This will reset your license subscription dates.

After updating it is recommended to download the latest update from our website.  (see above for instructions).

PLEASE NOTE: the software and its data is copyright protected and altering the software or copying information or any part thereof is prohibited by law.
Keep Informed - Stay up-to-date!

Subscription to Updates:
(incl VAT)

EasyPlan (ONLY).... R385.00
EasyPlan & EasyCockpit  (combination) Win/iOS/AN.....
EasyPlan & EasyCockpit & EasyWeather    (all 3 combined)....
 EasyCockpit  iOS/AN (ONLY)....
EasyWeather..... R450.00
EasyWeather  (Initial Activation, annual subs + registration) .....
MGL (subs renewals add to the above) ......

Bank:               NedbankBusiness
Branch:            Northrand
A/C No.:           1469 005 948
Branch Code:  146 905 or 198 765 
A/C Name:       Aviation Direct (Pty) Ltd
Please pay your subscription into the above account.
As Beneficiary Ref. use: 

Email or fax payment confirmation and we will re-activate and send new program key. Make sure we have your valid email address.

Thank you!  

We also have RAM mounts for your iPad/Samsung - please contact us for information.
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