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How to read the EasyWeather overlay

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EasyWeather is a module available in EasyPlan and EasyCockpit and subject to a subscription. It is weather information which can be downloaded onto EasyPlan and EasyCockpit, and which overlays satellite, radar images and wind forecasts.   

Download EasyWeather onto EasyPlan during flight preparation, and onto EasyCockpit before & during flight.

Radar depicts precipitation in the air, which means thunderstorm activities can visibly show on the map.

Satellite Overlays show cloud cover from space.  However, it does not give you cloud bases.

Weather/Wind Forecasts are available on a grid and will give you Wind Speed/Direction, Temperature, Dew point and Cloud Cover at a selected flight level.

METARs and TAFs are shown in coded and decoded text format for the various airports with weather stations.
  • Tip: Apart from downloading the weather onto EasyPlan (and EasyCockpit), it is strongly recommended that you make contact with someone at your destination airfield to confirm the weather conditions and cloud base etc.
    • If temperatures reach below freezing point, the satellite picture might show this layer of cloud.
    • Satellite images do not show fog/mist.
  • RADAR:
    • EasyWeather uses the following colour coding to indicate the strength of the RADAR return
  • Please take note that various atmospheric and environmental conditions can negatively affect radar data and caution should be exercised when interpreting the information.  Some of these effects include:
    • Returns from mountains and other non-meteorological targets
    • Attenuation of the radar signal when viewing weather echoes through areas of intense precipitation (with C-band radars)
    • Temperature inversions in the lower layers of the atmosphere which bend the radar beam in such a way that ground clutter is observed where normally not expected
    • The "bright band" which is a layer of enhanced reflectivity caused by melting of ice particles as they fall over 0C level in the atmosphere and which can result in over-estimation of rainfall
  • METARs & TAFs
    • To view:  select an airfield, right click and select "View". Scroll down, where you will find the METARs and TAFs
    • METARs and TAFs are only available for airfields that have SA Weather Stations
  • Forecast File
    • Forecast files are updated every 24 hours for the successive (following) 48 hour period
      • Hover your mouse over the Weather Circle to view the full forecast including:
        • Altitude
        • Wind Speed
        • Wind Direction
        • Temperature
        • Dew-point
        • Cloud cover
  • Reading the Weather / Wind Forecast symbols
    • The weather/wind forecast symbols are showing on the map grid and can be selected for different altitudes.
    • These symbols, also called Wind Barbs, have three parts:
    • a Circle, visually indicating cloud cover but also showing additional information when hovering over
    • a Vane or staff (indicating wind direction), and
    • Feathers or Flags (indicating wind speed)
    • The end of the vane going INTO the circle is where the wind is blowing TO, the top of the vane shows the direction FROM which the wind is coming
    • Wind direction is shown as a compass degree.  
    • Wind speed is indicated by feathers at the top of the vane.  These feathers show wind speed adjusted to the nearest 5 or 10 Knot. A 50 knot wind is dpicted by a Flag or Pennant.
    • As a quick reference, in EasyPlan the Weather/Wind Forecast Circles also show the Temperature and Dewpoint next to it. So at a glance, you have all the vital information available: Cloud cover, wind direction, wind speed, temperature and dew point. 
Benefits of using EasyWeather on EasyPlan (and EasyCockpit)
  • Incorporate winds onto Flight Log for pre flight planning
  • Shows winds on a grid on your map
  • View weather enroute before you fly
  • Weather overlay covers the whole of South Africa
  • Satellite images are updated approx. every 15 minutes
  • Radar images are updated approx. every 15 minutes 
  • Radar & Satellite images are easy to understand
  • Forecast symbols are easy to read 
  • Decide before you fly if the weather will allow for a safe VFR flight
  • METARs and TAFs in coded and decoded format
  • Once you are activated for EasyWeather, it is valid on both platforms, EasyPlan and EasyCockpit at no extra cost
EasyWeather on EasyCockpit
EasyWeather is also available for download on EasyCockpit for pre-flight and in-flight weather updates, as long as you have a 3G/4G signal.

The tips on how to download weather on EasyCockpit to follow on a separate EasyCockpit tips letter.

EasyWeather Subscription
If you are not already a EasyWeather subscriber or would like to renew your subscription, please find the latest subscription fees:

New Subscription:   R550-00  (Activation and first year subscription)
Renewal:                 R450-00 (subscription renewal fee for 1 year)

For R37.50 per month you can have peace of mind.

Should you require any additional information or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your continued support

The Aviation Direct Team
Andrea, Glynn, Mandy, Alexis, Sean & Stephen
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