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With the start of the new year comes the responsibility of making sure that your everyday carry and other kit is ready to go. Here are some recommended things to change out and/or inspect:

  • Replace flash light batteries. Handhelds, headlamps and weapon-mounted lights. Take the old batteries and mark them for training use only.
  • Replace smoke detector batteries. Save yourself from fire and and annoyance of the "low battery warning" going off at 02:30.
  • Check tire pressures. Check these and make sure they are still good to go. Rapid changes in temperature can often cause your tires to be down several PSI.
  • Replace carry ammo. The defensive bullets in your pistol MUST go bang when you need them. Constant use can degrade primers and cause bullet setback if regularly chambering rounds. Defensive ammo is cheap given the alternative if it doesn't work.
  • Replace carry magazine. This is the magazine that absolutely must chamber a round every time. It's probably a good idea to replace this every other year and inspect/clean to remove lint, dirt, etc annually.
  • Replace optics batteries. It's hard to "put the dot where you want the bullets to go" if there is no dot.
  • Clean/lubricate weapons. Inspect for wear, check for rust/corrosion, lubricate with Slip2000 EWL.
  • Replace desiccant packs in the safe. Bad things happen to your guns when these get saturated with moisture.
  • Loctite holster screws. Wearing your holster every day has a habit of working the screws loose. If you can move the screws at all, it's a good idea to undo them, clean the threads, put a couple drops of "Red Loctite" on them to keep them secure and refasten the hardware on your holster.

Set yourself up for success in 2019 by taking a few moments to ensure that your EDC and other gear is ready to go.

Transfers/SBRs/Class 3/Suppressors
With the coming changes in things in Washington DC after the election this week, the Hearing Protection Act is dead. If you want cans, SBRs, etc, get your stuff in process now. This way you have it should things change for the worse in 2020.

Click here for information about FFL Transfers.

For suppressor sales, please visit our virtual storefront at

Additional information on our website here.
CCO Podcast
We've started a podcast to bring you more of what we are thinking about. Listen via our website, via the Apple Podcasts App/iTunes, or through the SoundCloud app.

Our second episode is up. Chris and Bryan spend some time discussing optics for concealed carry pistols and AR15s.
Flow Strength
If you are looking for a gym that will help you get stronger, faster and more dangerous without destroying your body visit our friends at Flow Strength.
Federal 147gr HST 9mm Defensive Ammo
Change out your carry ammo in the new year with 147gr HSTs from Federal. 50 rounds/$38

Gently used Sig Virtus Carbine at $1399
This Sig Virtus 5.56 carbine features Sig's MCX piston driven operating system, side folding stock, MLOK rail, ambi controls and gray cerakote finish. Prepare for war today for $1399

Glock Gen5 G26
Gen 5 "Baby Glock" is easily concealable and runs on standard Glock double stack 9mm magazines. It makes a great primary or backup gun. $575
Sig MPX TacOps pistol - $1799
This 9mm pistol features a suppressor ready barrel/handguard combo, ambi controls, flip up sights and PDW style sliding brace. 
EoTech XPS2 Optics now at Cap City Outfitters
Chris is excited to announce that we are now stocking EoTech reflect optics. Take advantage of the large window size and 68MOA Circle with 1MOA center dot for precise targeting. He also mentioned something about crow tasting like chicken with a feathery texture.
Ruger 10/22s are a great way to introduce the family to the shooting sports
Every house should have a Ruger 10/22 to go with the AR15. The 10/22 is a great way to introduce new shooters to the shooting sports with low recoil, great reliability, cheap ammo and the ability to use pistol/rim-fire rated ranges. Choose from 10/22 Takedowns with the Magpul Backpacker or Hunter chassis and blued or stainless actions.
Bawidamann Knives
Some of the finest custom designed, hand-ground, hard use knives are made right here in Central Ohio by Bawidamann Industries. We have an assortment available for purchase. Most are designed for carrying with the included Uber Scabbard.
The SK puts the HK VP9 ergonomics into a smaller, more easily concealable package. Includes night sights. $749.95
Ruger PC9 Takedown for $499
This 9mm pistol caliber carbine is a takedown using a system similar to a Ruger 10/22 takedown. It runs on Ruger mags or Glock magazines via an interchangeable magwell. It makes a great truck gun.
Glock G43 TALO with the Orange Ring of Death Front Sight are back in stock!
This is everyone's favorite spring/summer shorts and a t-shirt pistol. It is exceptionally easy to conceal while still packing a punch and being ready to fight. $529.99
Trijicon Sights for Glock
Trijicon HD XR and Trijicon HD sights both feature the "orange ring of death" front night sight and two dot rear sights. $149.99 for HDs, $159.99 for HD XRs.

Sight install is $20 for Glocks if you buy the sights from us.
Top Shot Ammo is our go to training ammo
9mm 115gr 500/$99.99
9mm 124gr 500/$104.99
9mm 147 gr 500/$109.99
.40 180gr 500/$135
.38 special 148gr wadcutter 500/$135
.45 ACP 230gr 500/$160
.223 55gr 500/$170
BCM AR15 Components/Accessories
We stock a full range of parts from Bravo Company Mfg including Gunfighter Charging handles, PNT triggers, compensators, stocks, grips, rail panels, vertical + angled grips, and rails.
Targets back in stock
We are fully restocked on IDPA and USPSA/IPSC cardboard backer targets. Up your training by using a quality target. $1.25/target.
Personal Defense Items
110 DB personal alarms and pepper spray make for a great every-day-carry (EDC) for when you either are in a non-permissive environment or for someone who doesn't want to carry a gun.
AR15 Accessories
We have everything you need to start, finish or customize your AR15 build including stripped lowers, stripped uppers, barrels, handguards, triggers, stocks, lower parts kits, buffer tube kits, charging handles and more. We stock Magpul, Bravo Company Mfg. (BCM), Daniel Defense, Noveske, Troy, KNS, Spikes Tactical, Midwest Industries, ALG, Geissele, and more.
Your friends,

Chris, Bryan, Roger, Art, Jason and Wolfie

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