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This past Sunday evening in Greenwood, Indiana a 22 year old responsibly armed citizen successfully resolved an active shooter situation in approximately 15 seconds.

The good guy, Elisjsha Dicken, got his girlfriend behind hard cover in relation to the terrorist. Dicken then positioned himself behind a strong-side barrier and using it for support to make 8 out of 10 hits on the terrorist from 43 yards. Based on video analysis, the first two shots were effective in causing the terrorist to change his behavior and disengage. Dicken continued to engage the terrorist until he was fully out of the fight.

Some important take aways from this incident aside from the obvious being that a good guy with a gun who is willing to engage is the fastest way to stop a bad guy with a gun. This incident was over before anyone was able to effectively communicate with 911.

The good guy in this case was 22 years old and carrying under his Constitutional Carry rights in Indiana. While many of the bad guys recently have been young men, there are also good young men out there who are capable and committed to doing the right things for their family, friends, team and tribe. Constitutional Carry means there are more good guys with guns where they can be put to use in stopping evil quickly.

The second take away was that Dicken was able to immediately begin solving the tactical problem and using the terrain to his advantage. Given the distances involved and the number of things made from concrete, a mall food court has more in common with "fighting outside" than it does CQB. Dicken was able to get his principal, i.e. his girlfriend, behind hard cover and then move to proper hard cover himself. Based on the security camera footage, the terrorist never knew what took him out of the fight.

The third major take away is that the shots were accurately taken at 43 yards. This is also related to the notion that this incident was more about "fighting outside" than the typical notion that handguns are only for up close work inside 10 yards. Eight out of 10 is outstanding marksmanship when compared with national law enforcement hit rates which include many more data points in the up close ranges. When the pistol is all you have, being able to use it effectively at any and all distances you are likely to face is important. For responsibly armed citizens and LEOs, this should regularly include training from 30-50 yards and beyond.

While we mourn the three innocent civilians who were murdered by the terrorist, we take great comfort in knowing that far worse was prevented by a responsibly armed citizen who did not hesistate to do the right thing and kinetically solve evil when it arose.
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Pepper spray for back to school, campus, and other uses.
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